Possible cause of working memory impairment discovered, opening a new page for biological aging research | GeneOnline News

Working memory is the key to our ability to grasp and use information in a short period of time. Although the working memory of many people will decline significantly as the brain ages with age, in fact, nearly half of the people cansenescenceAffects and sustains healthy working memory. In new research published in Frontiers in … Read more

What is Dementia, Memory Impairment Not Only Experienced by the Elderly, Recognize the Symptoms & Causes

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – Dementia is a disorder that affects memory, cognitive and social abilities to the point that it interferes with daily life. This condition can occur because the nerves are disturbed so that the brain has problems. However, the causes and symptoms will vary according to the part of the brain that is being attacked. … Read more

British study|Childhood nightmares often increase the risk of cognitive impairment in the elderly by 85% – Sky Post – Health – Brain Neurology and Mental Health

Do you often have nightmares?british recentlya study pointed out,often in childhoodsaddreamspeople who are elderly with dementia orParkinsondiseaserisks ofIt is 85% higher. Experts believe that there is a chance that it is related to genetics, but it may also be caused by frequent nightmares that affect sleep and then affect the rest of the brain. Added … Read more

Visual impairment in old age: A third more affected

Visual impairment in old age: A third more affected KKH offers new early detection of age-related macular degeneration Hanover, March 10, 2023 – Excessive smartphone use, frequent screen work, increased UV radiation – factors that put increasing strain on our eyes. This is especially noticeable in old age. Due to the demographic development, the KKH … Read more

loss of balance predicts cognitive impairment – Corriere.it

The problems of equilibrium they could be a telltale sign of a mild cognitive impairmenta condition characterized by small changes in cognitive abilities, which can sometimes lead to Alzheimer. A new test can accurately measure useful parameters and serve as a screening for the population. The discovery A nutrigenomics research group at the University of … Read more

Is it normal to forget things? When should I seek medical attention? | memory loss | brain | cognitive impairment

[The Epoch Times, December 22, 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Chen Juncun) People will more or lessforgetThings like forgetting to turn off the lights or lock the doors, and sometimes even forgetting how to drive home.Well, like thismemory lossIs the situation normal? When is it serious enough to see a doctor? Oliver Baumann, an assistant … Read more

Newly discovered mechanism could explain memory impairment in epilepsy

People with chronic epilepsy often suffer from memory problems. Researchers at the University of Bonn have just found a mechanism in mice that could explain these deficits. The German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) also participated in the study. The results are published in the journal Brain, but a preliminary version is already available online. … Read more

A ‘yellow spot’ warning from a specialist in visual impairment

Ophthalmology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Sadullah Keleş has visual impairment ‘yellow dot’ Drawing attention to his disease, he recommended that a comprehensive retinal examination be done in addition to the routine eye examination. Photo: AA While some eye diseases are congenital, some may develop later. Follow-up and control of eye diseases by specialist physicians is of … Read more

Julius Baer records further impairment related to Kairos

The goodwill on its investment in its Italian asset and wealth management subsidiary Kairos Management will be further impaired. The latter should lead to a pre-tax charge of 57 million francs. The Julius Baer banking group announced on Monday that the goodwill of its investment in its Italian asset and wealth management subsidiary Kairos Management … Read more