Microchip implants that allow you to pay with your hand – News Technology – Technology

Every time Patrick Paumen pays for something in a store or restaurant, he causes a stir. This 37-year-old doesn’t need a bank card or his cell phone to pay. Instead, he simply puts his left hand near the contactless card reader and the payment is made. “The reactions I get from the cashiers are priceless!” … Read more

Microval pelvic implants under surveillance, you will know it!

Certain implantable medical devices from Microval’s Safire, Swift-Sling, Smile, Prolafix, Procur, S-Swift and Gyne-Pro ranges are suspended because they did not have the regulatory CE marking, according to a press release. “This suspension is not related to a security issue”, pointed out the agency, which did not “To date, no risk to the health of … Read more

why has the ANSM suspended the sale of several implants?

THE ESSENTIAL Urinary incontinence, which is the involuntary loss of urine through the urethra, affects at least 2.6 million people over the age of 65. But it can also affect younger people. Genito-urinary prolapse is essentially a disease of women. The risk of a woman being operated on for “organ descent” in her lifetime is … Read more

A former Big Brother explained why she removed her breast implants: “What I did was a delusion”

Zacanti flower Florence Zaccanti, the model who became popular for her participation in Big Brotherdecided to undergo surgery to remove the breast prostheses. In her official Instagram account, she explained the reasons that led her to go through the operating room with an extensive letter and a photo in which he appears in the room … Read more

Giselle Blondet follows in her daughter’s footsteps and removes breast implants

Mezcaliente Until recently, the existence of a disease that attacks a percentage of women who get breast implants was unknown. evil, called Breast Implant Disease (BID), It causes a series of symptoms that affect the health of those who suffer from it, impacting their quality of life. Sleep disorders, migraine, joint pain, fatigue, hair loss, … Read more

Ex-Playmate Crystal Hefner has lost thousands of followers a day after breast implants were removed

publishedJan 13, 2022 at 9:57 p.m After the death of her husband Hugh Hefner, Crystal Hefner underwent a change and was less revealing from then on. This cost her many fans, as she now reveals. 1 / 6 Crystal Hefner started out as a Playmate in the late 2000s and in 2012 became the wife … Read more

Giselle Blondet made the decision to remove her breast implants due to health problems

The host Giselle Blondet announced through her Facebook page that she will soon undergo surgery to remove breast implants for health reasons. “I made a very important decision for me and I want to share it with you because it seems to me that it can be beneficial for many women,” she said. “In a … Read more

Swedes are developing implants with the health pass: “I feel like I have even more control”

A smartphone, a quick scan and you’re done. In a few seconds, the information is displayed on the screen. The data comes from an implant no larger than a grain of rice. “So I have a chip implanted in my arm and I programmed the chip so that my health pass is on it, explains … Read more

Tonight at EenVandaag: our collective action against Allergan because of their sickening breast implants

ÔÇťAllergan brand breast prostheses can cause a rare form of lymphatic cancer. Bureau Clara Wichmann stands up for women’s rights and is now going to court on behalf of 60,000 women to hold Allergan liable. Reed is one of them. They have been banned since 2018: the Biocell breast implants from pharmaceutical company Allergan. In … Read more