New smartphone stands out for its improved screen for outdoor visibility | News

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Volkswagen Golf 8th generation facelift: New look, modern technology and improved hybrid

It will soon be four years since the premiere of the eighth generation Golf. So it’s time for a facelift, and we already know what important changes it will bring. How is it possible? Volkswagen didn’t bother to mask the test prototypes too much, so the spy photographers’ captures reveal practically everything essential. The rejuvenated … Read more

Car safety has improved significantly: what has changed the most?

It has come a long way and fundamentally changed the concept of vehicle safety. However, the aforementioned two security elements have remained the same, so what has changed in all these years? Three decades ago, modern western cars started rolling on the roads of our country cars. However, even as Lados disappeared from the streets, … Read more

Pixel 8 series brain ‘Tensor G3’ significantly improved performance? CPU layout change

It has been predicted that the performance of the ‘Tensor G3’ processor, which will be installed in the next Pixel 8 series that Google will release this fall, will be significantly improved. On the 3rd (local time), foreign media cited tipster Kamila Wojciechowska and reported that “Tensor G3 processors are expected to undergo significant upgrades … Read more

Preparations continue – the Ukrainians have improved their positions at Vuhledar, a port has exploded in Berdianske

“; document.getElementById( “article_top” ).parentNode.className += ” b_ads__seznam”; console.log(“article_top”, “launching”, id); } } else { } }); The Russians advanced a few meters in Marjinka, the Ukrainians advanced near Vuhledar. An explosion in the port of Berda. Ukrainians enjoy revenge for 2014 and mock the Russians. The SBU caught a Russian agent in its own army. … Read more

The Improved WhatsApp Alternative

WhatsApp Plus v2.9.00 is a modified version of the original WhatsApp instant messaging application. It was developed by independent programmers who added additional features and customization options not found in the official version. WhatsApp Plus offers users the ability to customize their chat experience according to their individual preferences. WhatsApp Plus v2.9.00 Features Personalization Options … Read more

Toyota has improved its bestseller, which is also produced in the Czech Republic, and it can become an even bigger hit

Toyota has improved its bestseller, which is also produced in the Czech Republic, and it can become an even bigger hit 1.6.2023 | Petr Prokopec / Photo: Toyota In recent years, it has regularly appeared at the top of the European sales charts, and as such the Yaris already has more than 10 million registrations. … Read more

Logitech improved the iconic MX Keys keyboard, finally printed the Czech diacritics and added a beautiful mouse – Živě.cz

Logitech has just introduced the latest additions to the premium Master series, which has become the benchmark for quality office equipment in recent years: keyboard Logitech MX Keys S mouse Logitech MX Anywhere 3S and for the first time also a set MX Keys S Combowhich includes the new MX Keys S keyboard and the old … Read more

New Opel Corsa: Improved electric Corsa-e, better hybrid, internal combustion engines and entertainment

Prcek from Rüsselsheim has a more modern look and new technology from the Stellantis concern. The sixth-generation Opel Corsa was introduced in 2019, so it’s no surprise that the brand has now opted for a mid-life upgrade. The smallest model of the brand, which was the first to receive the technology of the Stellantis concern, … Read more

Veloretti unveils new e-bikes: this has been improved

Veloretti’s sleekly designed e-bikes were already convincing two years ago. The Dutch brand now has the new versions of its electric misuse unveiled, with mostly minor improvements and refinements. Article continued after ad Our e-bike tester David tested in 2021 Veloretti’s first e-bikes, the Ace and Ivy. He was immediately charmed by the beautiful appearance, … Read more