“This fall we expect improvements in vaccines that may be key to the evolution of the pandemic”

One of the most promising projects for an intranasal vaccine against Covid has been developed since 2020 at the CSIC National Center for Biotechnology and by one of the greatest experts on coronaviruses, the virologist Luis Enjuanes. In a telephone conversation with The Independentthe expert explains how his project is going, a spray drug based … Read more

Battlefield 2042: Update 1.2 for Season 1 brings further improvements

Battlefield 2042 didn’t start nearly as well as hoped and had to struggle with a number of problems. Since then, the developers at DICE have been working diligently – and are now delivering the next improvements via update. With version 1.2, the DICE team released the next update for the first season of Battlefield 2042 … Read more

They compare the remake of The Last of Us with the original showing its improvements

The Youtuber El Analista De Bits has compared both games where new details can be seen compared to the one from 2013. Naughty Dog and PlayStation published yesterday some excerpts from gameplay of The Last of Us Part I. That has served the youtuber The Bit Analyst to establish a comparison between what was seen … Read more

The Last of Us Part 1 Receives Long New Trailer With New Features and Gameplay Improvements – That’s Gaming

The Last of Us Part 1 got a new trailer today. The trailer consists of new features and improvements to the gameplay. Lately, there have been many leaks regarding the upcoming remake of the game. Today, Naughty Dog and Sony released a long trailer so you can see it all. Check out this trailer below: … Read more

Marvel’s Spider-Man for PC premieres trailer and specifies minimum requirements and main improvements

The title goes beyond PlayStation consoles and will be released on computers on August 12. Our friend and neighbor Spider-Man has enjoyed great success on PS4 and PS5, but this superhero is now preparing to bring your adventures to pc. This was revealed in the State of Play last June, and the community has not … Read more

Nikon Z 9: minor improvements with firmware 2.10

Nikon has made version 2.10 of the new firmware available for download for its mirrorless full-frame flagship «Z 9». It gives the camera minor improvements in autofocus and helps reduce unwanted effects in shots with filming light objects and lighting. Launched in fall 2021, the Nikon Z 9 (Photointernally reported), is the fast, robust professional … Read more

Samsung Galaxy A53 Receives Update With Security And Camera Improvements

Samsung has rolled out another update. This time it is an update for the Galaxy A53. Among other things, the update brings camera improvements and installs the June 2022 security patch. Users of the Samsung Galaxy A53 can now download an update that brings the latest security patch. After the installation of the update, the … Read more

The first beta version of Python 3.11 is available and comes with better error handling, support for toml and improvements for asynchronous programming

Better error handling Python 3.10 gave us better error messages in various ways, but Python 3.11 aims to improve them even more. Some of the more important things that are added to error messages in Python 3.11 are: Exact locations of errors in retraces Until now, in a trace, the only information you got about … Read more

Telegram reaches 700 million users and announces improvements

They launched the premium version that will allow paying users to have access to various features. Telegram became one of the top five most downloaded apps in the world in 2022 and now has more than 700 million monthly active users. The app took the opportunity to launch Telegram Premium, a subscription that allows you … Read more