Pakuwon’s income has decreased by 44.8 percent to Rp. 3.9 trillion

JAKARTA, – PT Pakuwon Jati Tbk book income net in 2020 amounting to Rp. 3,977 trillion, or down 44.8 percent from the previous year which reached Rp. 7,202 trillion. EBITDA also decreased by 48.6 percent to Rp 2.051 trillion from the previous Rp 3.992 trillion. Director and Corporate Secretary Pakuwon Minarto Basuki said that, … Read more

Here comes the deadly sentence on citizenship income

It is one of the most unspoken and least discussed side effects of the Citizenship Income which, in addition to collecting bankruptcies as a measure in itself, is increasingly becoming a problem to manage for the Municipalities. As the Useful projects for the community (CAN I). The aid that should have “abolished poverty”, it should … Read more

During a pandemic, there is a growing interest in insuring the risks associated with a loss of income

As data from insurance companies suggest, the spread of covid-19 and related government measures is clearly reflected in the insurance market. In general, people are more interested in various insurance products in difficult life situations, and this is confirmed even now during a pandemic. Statistics from the Czech Insurance Association show that the insurance segment … Read more

In the JBR show, Gudelis revealed the amount received from the FIBA ​​Champions League and the lost income due to the pandemic

This week, the chairman of the club’s board visited the JBR show dedicated to the current issues of Vilnius Rytas Darius Gudelis and Founder of the Capital Basketball School (SKM) Andrius Cherries. “There have been disagreements between Vilnius basketball schools in recent years. The transition of young talent from one school to another has caused … Read more

Can’t afford to die. Funeral expenses in mainland China are the second largest in the world, accounting for 45.4% of annual income | Tomb | Cemetery

[Epoch Times News on April 3, 2021](Reported by The Epoch Times reporter Liu Yi) A copy of the British life insurance company SunLifeFuneral expensesThe survey report shows that the average funeral expenses around the world is about 10% of the annual salary of the locals. And funeral expenses in China accounted for about 45.4% of … Read more

Emergency income, from 7 April 2021 the questions will start: here are the first INPS instructions

16/16 © LaPresse In particular, iREM recognized to families is not compatible: with the Covid-19 allowances provided for by article 10 of the Sostengi Decree, with pension benefits, direct or indirect, with the exception of the ordinary disability allowance and civil disability treatments; with income from employment, whose total gross salary is higher than the … Read more

Rebenok’s biggest income last year was provided by the company he founded last year

In total, Rebenok earned 410,760 euros last year, including 200,000 euros in dividends from Verdorff. Last year, Rebenoks received 89,000 euros for the work of a sworn advocate, he earned 86,363 euros as the chairman of the council of Olainfarm, and he received 34,360 euros for his work in the Freeport of Riga Authority. Last … Read more

What to look out for when filling out income and expenditure reports

Only income and expenditure from self-employment are reported in the income and expenditure reports, no other income is included in the reports. The overviews for the health insurance company and the district social security administration are different, as in some respects the calculation of social and health insurance differs. “In the 2020 reports, annual premiums … Read more

Disposable income increased in 2020 and a quarter of it went into the piggy bank | NOW

The disposable income of Dutch households was 2.4 percent higher last year than in 2019, according to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics on Friday (CBS). However, the corona pandemic made it difficult for them to spend that money, which meant that households put almost a quarter of that in a savings account. A … Read more