Shareholders are demanding an increasing share of national income, at the expense of workers

Workers in an industrial bakery. The CPB predicts a sharp fall in the labor income share for this year and next.Image ANP / ANP A bombshell was hidden in the new economic forecast of the Central Planning Bureau (CPB) on Tuesday. The planning bureau predicts a sharp fall in the labor income share (aiq, see … Read more

Lucky zodiacs of December 2022 planets transit will give financial gains promotion and job opportunities to these 4 zodiacs | ​Planets Transit 2022: Transit of Planets; In December, there will be big changes in the income and work of these zodiac signs

Grah Gochar 2022: Transit of planets will take place at a certain time every month. It will affect some people badly and some will be good. It’s been a week since the month of December. Mercury has entered Sagittarius on December 3rd. And Venus is moving in Sagittarius right now. Sun will move into Capricorn … Read more

Maroc Leasing: net income declines at the end of September

Maroc Leasing achieved a net result of 44.06 million DH at the end of last September, a decline of 10% year-on-year. This decrease is due to the establishment of a provision for risks and charges, specifies Maroc Leasing in a financial press release. In total, the net banking income (NBI) reached 240.16 million DH over … Read more

“For a second residence on the coast with a cadastral income of 1,000 euros, you will be taxed on 2,608 euros”: these are the tax rules for owning or selling homes | Michael Maus

Whoever owns a property pays two types of taxes based on the cadastral income. But there are a number of things that you should take into account. Our tax expert michel maus gives advice and explains where the catches are. michel maus 28-11-22, 09:02 Latest update: 01-12-22, 10:56 Free unlimited access to Showbytes? Which can! … Read more

Housing allowance 2023: Fundamental changes to the allowance will bring, for example, 2 seniors with an income of CZK 30,000 and housing costs of CZK 18,500 an increase of the allowance by CZK 2,000.

Fundamental changes in housing allowance approved by the government in mid-November and anticipates an accelerated discussion in the Chamber of Deputies so that the amendment applies from January 2023. From the new year, normative costs usually increase housingbut this time it should be a more complex adjustment housing allowance – for a change division normative … Read more

Ronaldo would agree to Saudi annual income of 200 million euros | Football

30 nov. 2022 in FOOTBALL Cristiano Ronaldo. Ⓒ AFP Cristiano Ronaldo is close to a striking and especially lucrative move to the Saudi football club Al-Nassr. According to the Spanish newspaper Brand the 37-year-old attacker has reached an agreement on a two-and-a-half-year contract. In that period, the Portuguese star, who has been without a club … Read more

Building Passive Income: How to Grow Your Non-Salary Income | Personal Finance | Money Management

Building Passive Income: How to Grow Your Non-Salary Income A small village has no water source, so residents often have to go to the river three kilometers away to fetch water. There are two workers whose daily job is to go to the river to carry two buckets of water and sell them to the … Read more

Giorgia Meloni: «The maneuver keeps its commitments, the income can help undeclared work. The lawsuit against Saviano? I don’t pick it up”

The first Giorgia Meloni give an interview to Corriere della Sera to talk about Budget Lawof Basic incomeof the Ong and also of the lawsuit towards Roberto Saviano. According to the tenant of Palazzo Chigi with the manoeuvre, the government «has given clear signals with the taxation of productivity bonuses, the tax authorities for the … Read more

How Bitcoin Can Help Fix Income Inequality

Cryptocurrency has changed the global financial ecosystem like never before. Bitcoin is currently the largest digital currency by total market volume and has attracted a lot of attention from users and the expert community at large. This cryptocurrency is also the most successful in history, and the technology continues to open more and more avenues … Read more