“WHAIR” open for sale of capital increase units Knocking price not more than 7.20 baht/unit

#ThanHoon – WHA Industrial Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust or WHAIR Trust proceeds to sell additional units. Existing unitholders prepare to exercise their right to subscribe to trust units. Between December 2, 6-9, at the ratio of 1 existing trust unit to 0.1303 new trust units. while general investors Subscription between 14-16 Dec. The highest … Read more

Hospitals see a sharp increase in the number of aggressive patients and visitors | Interior

29 nov 2022 om 05:00Update: 14 uur geleden Hospitals throughout the Netherlands are increasingly seeing aggressive patients and visitors. And there is more to it than the ‘short fuse’ that we have left over from the corona pandemic, spokespersons say. This is evident from a tour of NU.nl along several large hospitals in the Netherlands. … Read more

New increase confirmed for social benefits and civil service salaries

Inflation dipped slightly in November, but the central index was once again exceeded. The slight dip in inflation is mainly due to the less sustained rise in inflation for energy products. It stood at 36.07% in November, against 63.03% the previous month. Core inflation, which does not take into account the evolution of the prices … Read more

They launch an “app” to increase physical activity in young people

With regard to the World Cup in Qatar, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Ministry of Public Health of Qatar and FIFA have launched a new digital application designed to help increase physical activity and improve health and well-being. Of the youngs. «GenMove Season1″ is a gaming app that uses advanced motion tracking combined with … Read more

Energy bill even higher due to increase in transport costs | Money

ACM is aware that the rising tariffs come at an unfortunate time. Board member Manon Leijten nevertheless calls them ‘necessary’: “We tested the proposed tariffs on the basis of the method that stimulates network operators to be more efficient and that offers room for investments in the energy transition. Because the rates comply with this, … Read more

The Institute of War predicts an increase in the intensity of hostilities in Ukraine in the coming weeks

US experts say that Ukrainian and Russian reports from the front lines in eastern and southern Ukraine, including from Svatove, Bakhmut and Vuhledar, indicate that operations on both sides are currently being hampered by heavy rain and mud. However, meteorologists predict that temperatures will drop and the ground will freeze in Ukraine next week, which … Read more

Weekly horoscope: Aries catches up with the past, Scorpios expect a salary increase and Capricorns conflicts at work

Currently Roman Garden 27. 11. 2022 Advent started at the weekend, and in the week from November 28 to December 4, Advent time will help us to get to know ourselves more. Situations will reflect what we can handle and what we still have reserves for. They say you only get as many tasks as … Read more

“The sectarian phenomenon has not ceased to increase for twenty years”

And if the victims were also active in the process of alienation that is sectarian influence? This is the hypothesis on which leads the psychologist and psychoanalyst Delphine Guérard in her recent work Sectarian influence (Dunod, 208 pages, 24 euros). Specialist in a phenomenon on which she has been working for twenty years, particularly within … Read more

To prevent polio, the government is asked to increase immunization

Jakarta – Member of Commission IX DPR RI from PKS Fraction Netty Prasetiyani asked the government to use the findings of polio cases in Aceh as a momentum to maximize surveillance of acute flaccid paralysis or observation of acute paralysis cases. “This surveillance is important so that we can ascertain whether or not there are … Read more