4 things you should know about deposit protection Increase people’s confidence – TheReporter.asia

constantly evolving There are many options for money management. Whether investing in debt instruments, equities or cryptocurrencies. But it is undeniable that depositing money at a financial institution is still the easiest and safest way to save. for people who deposit money Have understood their rights to receive deposit protection Today, the Deposit Protection Agency … Read more

Fed pauses interest rate hike hopes to increase major indexes to open higher | Anue tycoon-U.S. stocks

Major U.S. stock indexes opened higher on Thursday (23rd) after the Federal Reserve signaled it was close to pausing interest rate hikes as turmoil in the banking sector could lead to a severe recession. before the deadline,Dow Jones Industrial Averagerose more than 220 points or 0.7%,Nasdaq Composite Indexrose nearly 150 points or nearly 1.2%,S&P 500 … Read more

Rozbresk: YES to Fed on dovish rate hike and NO to Yellen on 100% deposit guarantee

The US Federal Reserve refused to admit to panic and raised interest rates by another 25 basis points. However, it was an attempt to raise interest rates in a dovish guise, as the Fed in the new macro-forecast expects “only” one rate increase (to the level of 5.0-5.25%). And that’s a big change from two … Read more

Valorization of pensions from June 2023: the newly approved June valorization rules will increase the current pension of CZK 8,000 by 6% and the current pension of CZK 20,000 by 4%.

In January 2023, a proper valuation of all pensions took place, during which both parts of the pension were increased, i.e. both the basic and the percentage amount. The basic amount of the pension, which is the same for all pensions, increased to CZK 4,040 and the percentage (merit) portion of the pension increased by … Read more

Vehicle sales | Toyota and its strategy to increase its market share this 2023 | ECONOMY

David Caro, Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager of Toyota del Perú, told gestion.pe that they seek to continue strengthening their product offer with diverse alternatives. “This year we estimate that the market can close around 182,000 units and as Toyota we want to aim to achieve around 38,000 units to achieve an estimated 20.9% market … Read more

Increase in many infectious diseases in 2022 — Public Health Agency

In 2022, the number of reported cases of many infectious diseases increased compared to 2021, which was particularly evident during autumn and winter 2022. The increase is judged to be due to contacts between people and travelers gradually returning to levels similar to those before the pandemic. However, the total number of cases remained lower … Read more

This is the reason why Moderna will increase the price of its anticovid vaccine

The executive director of the pharmaceutical company Moderna, Stéphane Bancel, justified this Wednesday before the US Senate his company’s decision to quadruple the price of the covid-19 vaccine this year, alleging that the complexity of the market has increased. His appearance before the Committee on Health, Education, Work and Pensions of the Upper House occurred … Read more

Hong Kong Economic Journal – Highlights – Hong Kong dollar’s overnight interest rate breaks through 4.1%, the strongest increase in 17 years

March 22, 2023 The bond market crisis triggered by Credit Suisse fermented, and the market was worried about capital outflows. Adding quarter-end factors, the Hong Kong dollar offered interest rate (HIBOR) rose sharply yesterday. Among them, the overnight interest rate soared by 2.52595% to 4.14286%, the largest one-day increase since Bloomberg began to compile data … Read more

Does oral bacteria increase the risk of heart disease?

Written by Fatima Yasser Monday, March 20, 2023 12:00 AM Infection with bacteria that cause gum disease and bad breath may increase the risk of heart disease, according to medicalxpress. The study points to another possible risk factor that doctors may screen for to identify individuals at risk for heart disease. It may also suggest … Read more