Recycling: Video games are increasingly making new out of old

Recycling Video games make more and more of the new out of the old Publishers re-adapt cult games released in the 90s/2000s with current technologies. Published21 mars 2023, 07:39 “Resident Evil 4”, the latest episode of the video game franchise to benefit from an overhaul. Capcom More than a trend, an acceleration: “Dead Space”, “Resident … Read more

Ganjar Increasingly Popular, Outperforming Prabowo and Anies

CNN Indonesia Wednesday, 22 Mar 2023 13:42 WIB Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo is a PDIP cadre. CNN Indonesia/Andry Novelino) Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The results of the latest survey by Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting (SMRC) found an increase in the level of popularity of the Governor of Central Java who is also a … Read more

LTOK president D. Gudzinevičiūtė warns – the Russians receiving support are increasingly entering international competitions

Such a decision was made at an extraordinary congress of the FIE, which took place online. When voting on the decision to return Russians and Belarusians to international fencing competitions, 89 delegates voted “for” and only 46 voted “against”. “Yes, it is a shock, but it must be said that there are many such pro-Russian … Read more

The Path of the Prima Party to Be a Participant in the 2024 Election, which is Increasingly Open…

JAKARTA, – The opportunity for the Adil Makmur People’s Party (Prima) to become a participant in the 2024 Election is increasingly open following Prima’s lawsuit against the General Election Commission (KPU) by the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) in a dispute decision hearing, Monday (20/3/2023). Bawaslu chairman Rahmat Bagja assessed that the KPU was proven … Read more

In Ushakova’s new case, KNAB suspects an increasingly wide circle of persons, between America and Jakrina

Photo: Eddy Palen/LETA Andris Ameriks (photo – from the left) and Nils Ušakovs. In the new case of the member of the European Parliament (EP) and former mayor of Riga Nilas Ušakov (S), the Bureau for Prevention and Combating of Corruption (KNAB) suspects also the member of the European Parliament and the former vice mayor … Read more

Increasingly expensive fruit and vegetables, consumption plummeting in Emilia-Romagna: -3.9%

BOLOGNA – We eat fewer apricots, plums and aubergines, but we pay more for them. Or, in other words: also due to inflation (but not only), the people of Emilia-Romagna are forced to cut fruit and vegetable consumption. According to data processed by CSO (Centro Servizi Ortofrutticoli) Italy, in 2022 each family bought 215 kilos … Read more

The HP Apocalypse is Increasingly Real, Cell Phone Creators Reveal Instead

Eqqi SyahputraCNBC Indonesia Tech Sunday, 12/03/2023 16:15 WIB Photo: HP Electronics Store (CNBC Indonesia/Andrean Kristianto) Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The life of mankind which is filled with sophisticated and futuristic tools today is not just imagination in movies science fiction mere. More than that, this sophistication is even predicted to accompany humans in the real … Read more

Increasingly Disturbing, Cases of Measles and Rubella in West Papua Continue to Increase

Measles and rubella (MR) immunization coverage is low in 2022, the Ministry of Health found 469 children with symptoms of measles and rubella in Central Papua. Of the 469 cases of children with measles and rubella symptoms in Central Papua, only 145 samples could be examined in the laboratory. Of these, 48 children were found … Read more

The most used drug in the world is increasingly under scrutiny (and you will notice it too!)

Researchers come with bitter news: the current climate crisis now really threatens to affect the coffee yield. We have known for some time that coffee is under serious threat. The bad guy? The changing climate. Climate change-driven increases in temperature and changes in precipitation are driving coffee farmers into a corner. You probably haven’t noticed … Read more

Young people are increasingly overweight: ‘It’s not just because of the parents’

More and more young people are overweight and obese. A major problem that is not easily solved, says professor and pediatrician Anita Vreugdenhil. “Everyone who plays a role in a child’s life should help,” explains the professor. Young people between the ages of 13 and 17 will soon be able to undergo a stomach reduction … Read more