The CIA is increasingly interested in China

Loading player American intelligence – the CIA, the main foreign intelligence agency, but also other organizations – is progressively redirecting resources and personnel from counter-terrorism to espionage operations, mainly aimed at China. It is a change of orientation that the American government has been planning for some time, after the last twenty years, with the … Read more

Moscow is increasingly dependent on India and China for oil exports

China is the world’s largest importer of oil, while India is the third largest. Western countries limited the import of Russian oil after the beginning of February’s invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops. According to Reuters, there are signs that India and China’s interest in Russian oil has peaked. In July, Russia exported 1.85 million … Read more

“I thought the increase would stop, but it just doesn’t.” For example, Marten Schoenmaker from Winschoten is bracing for an increasingly higher energy bill

We have to take significantly higher energy bills into account, warn Nibud and Vattenfall. Marten Schoenmaker (40) had expected his own to go down, thanks to insulation and solar panels – but he sees the fixed costs for his family only increase.

Car manufacturers are increasingly focusing on hybrids: what benefits do drivers get?

Several different choices A synonym for hybrid cars can be considered “Toyota Prius” model. Back in 1997, the Japanese introduced the first generation Prius, the first mass-produced car with a modern hybrid drive. However, the biggest breakthrough was made by the second generation of Prius, introduced almost two decades ago. The huge interest in hybrid … Read more

Being Putin’s ‘Follower’, This Country Is Increasingly Dependent on Russia

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Since Russia’s attack on Ukraine in February, Belarus has become one of the countries that are pro-President Vladimir Putin’s military policy. Now, the country led by President Alexander Lukashenko has completely depended on the Red Bear Country. According to the latest information released by the British Ministry of Defense, Lukashenko has … Read more

British Interview About Lukashenka: Increasingly Dependent On Russia. “It does not exist without Putin” | World news

British military intelligence reports that Alyaksandr Lukashenka becomes more and more dependent on Russia. In the daily report on the war in Ukraine, the British focused on the role of this politician and Bia³orusi in the war in Ukraine. Watch the video The Foreign Intelligence Agency intercepted the Russians’ conversation: The soldiers know about the … Read more

Staff shortage is increasingly a problem for entrepreneurs in the industry | NOW

At the beginning of the third quarter, more than a third of entrepreneurs in the industry were faced with a staff shortage. It is the first time since 2012 that the share has been so high, reports statistics office CBS Thursday. The mood among entrepreneurs in the manufacturing industry improved somewhat in July. Companies in … Read more

Employment Service: The European labor market is increasingly affected by the war in Ukraine

Gas disruptions and other consequences of the war in the old continent continue to negatively affect the labor market. The main labor market indicator from the European Network of Public Employment Services and the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) remains strong, but fell by 1.1 points over the month to now stand at 101.9. “The … Read more

Health, files increasingly “crazy”: “I pay for a visit never made”

Citizens’ reports are multiplying, money also requested from those who have already paid their bills Reports “rain”, just like the “crazy folders” that for a couple of weeks have been clogging the mailboxes of citizens of Lodi. The first cases were reported in the columns of our newspaper by some citizens of Casalpusterlengo, but in … Read more