60 recruits infected with COVID in South Korea

SEOUL (AP) – Sixty recruits at a South Korean training camp have tested positive for the coronavirus, the largest focus of the military. The Defense Ministry reported Wednesday that they were undergoing basic training at a military unit in Yeoncheon, near the border with North Korea, at the start of 18 months of mandatory military … Read more

8% of those infected by covid in Aragon have required hospitalization

More of 5,200 Aragonese with covid, 8.2% of the 64,113 diagnosed since May 10, have required hospitalization, a figure that far exceeds the 5.6% registered at the national level. 0.6% (360) have been admitted to intensive care units and 1,205, 1.9%, have died, a percentage that doubles 1% of the average for the entire country. … Read more

Princess Michael of Kent, the cousin of Elizabeth II infected with coronavirus who is persecuted by the controversy

23/11/2020 – 13:26 Updated: 11/23/2020 – 13:27 The princesa Michael de Kent is the wife of one of the cousins ​​most loved by the Queen isabel II and, as such, a member of the British royal family. But has lived surrounded by controversy since her arrival at the Windsors. And the news about her contagion … Read more

A gym trainer with Covid-19 exposes 50 people, but not one is infected by a change in ventilation

Gyms were one of the places most affected by the coronavirus pandemic: they are closed places, where people breathe hard … but if some measures are taken, they can also become safe areas. This is what happened in a gym in Virginia (USA), where 50 people were exposed to a trainer with Covid-19, but not … Read more

USA approaches 12 million infected by COVID-19

The United States reached this Friday 11,895,876 confirmed cases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and 254,297 deaths from the COVID-19 disease, according to the independent count from Johns Hopkins University. This balance at 20:00 local time (01:00 GMT on Saturday) represents 197,215 new infections and 1,878 additional deaths compared to Thursday. The United States set an … Read more

Covid-19 outbreak at a wedding causes 177 infections and death of six people who did not attend the event

The celebration of a wedding with 55 guests in a Maine town, in United States It caused several outbreaks of covid-19 in the local community, and in other counties of the North American country. At least seven people have died. In total, 177 confirmed cases of Covid-19 have been linked to the celebration of marriage, … Read more

Does COVID-19 cause infertility? A new study showed new consequences of the virus in some infected men

A new study suggests that the male reproductive tract, specifically the testes, may be targets for COVID-19 infection (Reuters)The scope of the new coronavirus seems to be unknown, almost a year after the virus made its appearance in Wuhan, China. Now, researchers at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, found that COVID-19 can … Read more

This is what happens if you become infected with covid-19 as an immigrant

Digital Millennium California, United States. / 16.11.2020 13:50:42 The government of California reiterates its commitment to the population, even as immigrant communities. exist Benefits Y medical rights for anyone who needs it. If it is necessary to perform the test in case of suspicion, there are two types: polymerase chain reaction tests These detect the … Read more

British prime minister isolated after contact with a covid-19 infected

Boris Johnson was seriously ill with covid-19 in April, when he was hospitalized for a week in London, including three days in an intensive care unit. afp_tickers This content was published on 15 November 2020 – 20:45 15 November 2020 – 20:45 (AFP) British Prime Minister Boris Johnson decided to isolate himself after having been … Read more

Boris Johnson Performs Self Isolation, Is He Again Infected With Covid-19?

Suara.com – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson isolates himself after coming into contact with someone who tested positive for the coronavirus. The Prime Minister himself managed to survive a severe case of Covid-19 earlier this year. He receives intensive care at a London hospital after contracting Covid-19 during the peak of the pandemic. Now, he … Read more