Ukraine’s computer systems infected with destructive software – VG

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kiev. The data attack caused the government’s website to lose its internet connection. At the same time, the country’s computer systems have been infected with malicious software. Photo: Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs via AP / NTB Many of Ukraine’s computer systems are infected with destructive software that … Read more

Salmonella outbreak in Norway – 16 infected

16 people in six different counties have been infected by a salmonella outbreak, samples taken since November 2021 show. Salmonella bacteria under a microscope. Photo: Janice Haney Carr / CDC / Reuters / NTB Published Published Yesterday 12:34 It is unknown what is the source of the infection, writes National Institute of Public Health in … Read more

3rd dose for infected people: Quebec did not follow the INSPQ’s advice “for the sake of efficiency”

Quebec has chosen “for the sake of efficiency” to allow people infected with COVID-19 to receive a 3rd dose of vaccine as soon as their symptom ends, even if its experts do not recommend it. • Read also: LIVE | The latest developments on the coronavirus “It is better to give a booster dose to … Read more

Take care of each other! Negen, Krubeer, infected with Omicron strain

Ne Ngoen Jetrin Srisang and her girlfriend Kru Beer Nutiya informed the news through their personal Facebook. I myself was infected with COVID-19. Omicron species by money He posted, “The test result from Phayathai Nawamin Hospital has been released. #Positive result (both of them) I apologize to everyone who is close to us. who is … Read more

Covid-19: How to avoid getting infected by Ómicron? UNAM issues recommendations – El Sol de México

The arrival of the Ómicron variant in the middle of the winter season increased the number of infections in the world and at the same time the people’s concern about catching the virus or being reinfected. For this reason, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) issued a series of recommendations so as not to … Read more

Vaccinated and still infected with corona? These eight factors play a major role

©  Tim Dirven Why is it that despite their vaccination some people still contract a corona infection and become (seriously) ill, while others are not bothered by anything? That’s the answer researchers from the National Institutes of Health (USA) were looking for. They found eight determining factors. Paul Demeyer Yesterday at 17:00 .

Neither bat nor mink! What animal was the Omicron infected with? Origin of virus revealed

Finding the origin of Omicron, which has become the dominant variant in the world, is of great importance in the fight against the epidemic. A new study done in China showed that Omicron is a result of reverse zoonosis. Scientists have shown that Omicron, which evolves 3 times faster than previous variants of the coronavirus, … Read more

What animal was the Omicron infected with? Origin of virus revealed

The Omicron variant is showing its effects in Turkey as well as all over the world. While there was an explosion in the number of cases due to Omikron, the process of obtaining information on the subject accelerated. Recent work to investigate the origin of the Omicron has revealed important information. Omicron has its origins … Read more

Covid-19: Last minute of the coronavirus in Spain, live | Spain exceeds eight million infected throughout the pandemic after registering 162,508 new cases | Society

Argentina reaches another new record with 139,853 new cases of coronavirus Argentina reached another record for new cases of coronavirus this Friday, registering 139,853 infections in one day for the first time since the start of the pandemic, in the context of a third wave marked by the emergence of the omicron variant. According to … Read more

Mexico has received 200 million vaccines against covid-19; thanks international support

One year after the supply of vaccines against covid-19, The Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon, led the event in recognition of the various entities that made it possible, including the laboratories that collaborated with Mexico for its supply and packaging, as well as the countries that supported efforts to achieve the agreements and … Read more