The only monkeypox vaccine was created out of fear of bioterrorism

PEDRO BEYOND MAUPAIN Aarhus (Denmark) Updated Tuesday, July 26, 2022 – 01:50 The 9/11 attacks and information that the virus had escaped from a Russian laboratory led the Danish company Bavarian Nordic to start the process A health worker administers the monkeypox vaccine in London.H. A.GETTY infectious Vaccines against monkeypox, complications in the traceability of … Read more

“They are more like the flu, that’s why they affect more people”

Las new subvariants of Omicron are much more contagious than the previous ones and although its effects are milder than before “the booster dose in the fall” of the vaccine against covid-19 “nobody takes it away from us”. This is what Dr. Vicente Soriano believes, a specialist in infectious diseases and professor of the Faculty … Read more

Marburg virus attacks more countries. Two people died

The Marburg virus is believed to be responsible for the two deaths in Ghana It is a pathogen that causes hemorrhagic fever, similar to e.g. Ebola According to WHO, Marburg may have an epidemic potential, and therefore get out of control, just like the coronavirus More current information can be found on the Onet homepage. … Read more

What is a Zoonotic Disease? – There are various types of diseases in the world, some of which are contagious. One kind infectious diseases called a disease zoonosis. What is a zoonotic disease? Definition of zoonotic disease According to World Health Organization, zoonoses are disease or infection that can naturally be transmitted from vertebrate animals to humans. Zoonotic pathogens … Read more

“Comparing Covid vaccination in the US with Spain is embarrassing”

It is highly probable that, when reading these lines, you have been the recipient of a vaccine based on the Messenger RNA for Covid-19. This cutting-edge biomedical therapy allows the cells of the immune system to be supplied the “instructions” to encode protein S –Spike or spike- of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and produce an effective … Read more

vaccines improve, but Covid subvariants are faster

Spain is living the seventh wave of Covid-19 since the pandemic officially started in March 2020 in our country. is the wave quietest of all, given that the current protocols do not allow medical tests to be carried out on everyone as in the past. But it is no less important for that: patients tend … Read more

Deteriorated corona situation in Porvoo – cases of infection in the care ward and two nursing homes – Östnyland –

The number of corona cases has increased in Porvoo in the past week. – The amount of infection seems to be increasing. Not terribly fast, but eventually in any case, says Jeff Westerlund, doctor responsible for infectious diseases and assistant chief physician in Porvoo. Last week, ie week 26, 202 coronavirus infections could be detected … Read more

A study suggests that the flu vaccine reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s by 40%

Updated Monday, June 27, 2022 – 20:25 For four years inoculated people and others who had not received the injection were evaluated A person holds a vaccineEUROPA PRESS Coronavirus Pfizer’s micron vaccine produces a “high immune response” against this variant of Covid A study carried out by researchers at UTHealth Houston (United States), and published … Read more

Monkeypox Case Detected in Singapore, Recognize the Symptoms – Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) Singapore announce one case monkey pox or monkeypox in that country. The patient is a visitor who transits at Changi International Airport on his way to Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, Australia. Initially, the male visitor flew on June 1 from Barcelona, ​​Spain, and arrived in Singapore on June 2. … Read more