FM: Price increase for food and energy resources in July raises inflation to 21.5% – Economy, finance

photo; The latest data from the Central Statistical Office confirm that inflation continues to accelerate, following the trends of other European Union countries. In July 2022, the consumer price index increased by 2.2% compared to June, which is very high inflation within one month. Disregarding the data of January of this year, when consumer … Read more

The increased base interest rate is not stopping consumption yet

On July 21, the ECB raised key interest rates by half a percentage point, and they may be increased even more in the fall. However, it is difficult to say whether such a policy affects spending, as neither banks nor real estate sellers feel changes in consumer behavior. However, bank customers are more actively interested … Read more

From wheat to gasoline, the race in commodity prices stops: goodbye inflation?

The FAO report First signs of a trend reversal for the prices of raw materials, food and non-food. To provide a first indication of this turning point with respect to the inflation dynamics, which have accompanied us in recent months, the FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. In the latest report, … Read more

In the fight against inflation, Germany plans support measures worth ten billion euros :: Dienas Bizness

In April of this year, prices increased by 2.2% compared to the previous month. On average, in the previous 10 years, prices in April increased by only 0.4% on a monthly basis. Monthly inflation in April was lower than in March (3.3%), but there has been another “abnormal” rise in prices, pushing annual inflation from … Read more

Why did central banks fail to anticipate the inflation shock?

of the world central banks made one of the biggest forecasting errors, woefully underestimating the biggest in decades inflation the extent and duration of the jump. As a series of charts of the G7 economies shows, most central banks have been repeating the same mistakes and have been forced to constantly revise their users price … Read more

Stock prices mostly fall ahead of the release of US inflation data :: Dienas Bizness

In May of this year compared to April, consumer prices in Latvia increased by 4%, but during the year – in May of this year compared to May of 2021 – consumer prices increased by 16.9%, according to the data of the Central Statistics Office. At the same time, the 12-month average level of consumer … Read more

China won’t stop practicing! ready to counter the US debtors prepare Rising interest I TNN Know about investment I 08-08-65

China won’t stop practicing! ready to counter the US debtors prepare Interest has risen I TNN Know about the investment I 08-08-65 Live: TNN program Know about the investment Monday, August 8, 2022 Time 15:00-17:30 #Jirathiti #Thitikon summarizes the daily conditions of the Thai stock market after the market close, along with news for investment … Read more

Inflation in emerging and developing countries: 9.8% increase in the second half of 2022

The timid post-Covid 19 global economic recovery, the war in Ukraine which led to high inflation and China-Taiwan tensions do not bode well for the global economy. The World Bank’s report on the outlook for the world economy, updated last July, suggests a dark and more uncertain horizon. The situation in emerging and developing countries … Read more