Flavia Laos “none” Patricio Parodi and “praises” the influencer with whom he traveled to Cusco

Flavia Laos generated surprise when she was caught with a mysterious young man at the Jorge Chávez International Airport, who shortly after it was learned that he was an influencer named Jay Alvarrez, with whom he spent a few days in Cusco. Upon her return to the capital, the young actress was approached to give … Read more

MavaChou, the suicidal influencer after months of online insults and threats following the separation

The insults had rained down on the 32-year-old French from former fans who had begun to take sides between the two ex. An investigation into his death for instigating suicide. Insults and accusations of all kinds, including those that compared her to pedophiles, but also threats of all kinds, including those of death, is what … Read more

“YouTube? You’re outdated, I’m a Geppetto Influencer” [Digital+]

The avatar of ‘Rangi’, a popular creator active on the Naver metaverse platform ZEPETO. When asked for a picture, he replaced the real ‘I’ with the avatar ‘Renji’. [사진 제공 = 렌지] As the metaverse, which combines the virtual and real worlds, penetrates into our daily lives, a new job called ‘metaverse creator’ is emerging. … Read more

Ivory Coast / Debordo Leekunfa in a new media war with an Ivorian influencer

Ivorian artist Debordo Leekunfa has been in the middle of a new media storm for several hours. Used to throwing threats at the place of his presumed adversaries, this time it is blogger Ivorian as the artist on business. Debordo Leekunfa made threats against the blogger for referring to him in an unpleasant post. This … Read more

Lucas Digne, who is the goal full-back of Inter: ex Roma, his influencer wife, fitness, the contested tattoo

Lucas Digne, Everton left-back with a past at Roma (2015-2016 season), the new goal of Inter, who – with Dimarco increasingly central defender – is looking for a last piece on the left as an alternative to Perisic: the right man to complete an almost perfect squad. As reported by the tabloids, the player born … Read more

Conditional cell Turkish influencer for ‘glorifying sex toys’ Amsterdam

A Turkish influencer has been given a five-month suspended prison sentence for a photo with sex toys made in the Sex Museum in Amsterdam, she reports. her own Instagram page. Merve Taskin is a well-known influencer in her home country with over half a million followers on Instagram. Last year she came to Amsterdam to … Read more

Who is the influencer with whom Rusher King would have cheated on María Becerra

María Becerra separated from Rusher King and Agustina Kogan is the one designated as the third in contention Last weekend a scandal broke out between Maria Becerra and her boyfriend, Rusher King. It all started in Twitter, when the popular singer stopped following him and, immediately, posted explosive messages. “Son of re thousand p … … Read more

Viya, the Chinese influencer with 110 million subscribers, disappears from the internet

Beijing was fined a record $ 210 million for tax evasion, before it disappeared from social media. The newspaper Time Placed her on the list of the 100 most influential people of 2021, influencer Huang Wei was a real star in China. Known under the pseudonym Viya, she was one of the emblematic figures of … Read more

Influencer Riccardo Simonetti is in hospital because of a “terrifying” illness

PublishedDecember 22, 2021, 11:32 am With an emotional Insta post, the moderator announced on Tuesday that he has been struggling with health problems for weeks and is currently in the hospital. 1 / 6 An unusual sight: Riccardo Simonetti reported from the hospital on Tuesday without make-up, with puffy eyes and in a hospital gown. … Read more

Chinese ‘Influencer’ fined 180 million euros for tax evasion

Famous Chinese influencer Huang Wei was fined 1.34 billion yuan (180 million euros) on Monday for tax evasion, China Daily reported on Tuesday. According to tax authorities in eastern Zhejiang province, Huang avoided paying 703 million yuan ($98 million) during the 2019-2020 period, so they decided to impose a fine that includes taxes due, late … Read more