The new samba player .. Richarlison’s most prominent numbers with Brazil “Info Graf”

Brazilian star Richarlison, the English striker of Tottenham, made a good start for Silicao in the current World Cup, which will be held in Qatar and will last until December 18. Richarlison leads the Seleçao attack on Switzerland, which is scheduled to take place at six in the evening today, Monday, at the “974” stadium … Read more

pleasantly surprised, some French supporters denounce a “Qatar bashing”

No respite for our Blues who will play Saturday at 5 p.m. against Denmark. In the meantime, the supporters who have come to Qatar take advantage of it and are surprised. They had been predicted an overpriced Arabian Peninsula and poor reception conditions, but they are pleasantly surprised. Some supporters do not hesitate to shout … Read more

here are the RER and metros of the future in Île-de-France

New Generation RERs. These new trains should make it possible to improve user comfort as well as the reliability and regularity of public transport in the Ile-de-France region. Alstom presented Tuesday the RER and metros which will run in a few years in Ile-de-France, which despite serious budgetary difficulties does not intend to stop what … Read more

OFFICIAL: Here’s all the info about next week’s Chapter closing Fortnite event

The developers have released the most important information. Epic Games announced a few days ago that the end of the current season also means the end of the Chapter. It seems that the company may switch to annual cycles, as Chapter 3 just debuted in early December 2021. Up until now, changing Chapters has always … Read more

6 p.m. news – A study shows the extent of “invisible” sexual violence

A large survey was conducted by the Ministry of the Interior on sexual violence. 120,000 people were interviewed, and the results show that the facts are still rarely reported. Among those surveyed, 92% of victims of sexual assault within their family before the age of 15 never stated the facts to the police or the … Read more

Matthieu Jalibert, the game-changing joker

Par David Reyrat Published on 11/20/2022 at 7:46 p.m., Update yesterday at 12:19 Matthieu Jalibert, pierces the Japanese defense, Sunday, at the Stadium of Toulouse. LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP The UBB opener, replacing Romain Ntamck, shone this fall despite limited playing time. Without waiting, the joker sprang from its box. It’s been four minutes since Matthew Jalibert … Read more

Alzheimer’s: this gesture would increase the risk of developing this disease

A study on Alzheimer’s disease was carried out by Australian researchers. They spotted a link between picking your nose too often and the development of the disease. A real risk Professor James St John’s teams carried out a study on the disease ofAlzheimer. Note that he is the director of the Clem Jones Center for … Read more

Application for Early Detection of Psychosis – FKUI Health Info

#LiputanMedia Until now, mental illness is still a problem both at the global level and in Indonesia. Based on data from the World Health Organization (WHO) for 2022, there are 23 million people suffering from mental illness, namely schizophrenia or psychosis. However, of these, only 31.3 percent received specialist mental services. Meanwhile in Indonesia, … Read more

Big laughter between Olivier Schoonejans and Sabrina Jacobs during RTL INFO 1 p.m.: what caused the hilarity (video)

Hard hard to hold back from laughing especially in full live. This Tuesday noon, during RTL INFO 13H, a laughter broke out between presenter Olivier Schoonejans and journalist Sabrina Jacobs. It was following the images of the day, before Sabrina Jabobs presented the weather forecast, that the two animators were taken with a laugh. Each … Read more

Index – Domestic – It happened for the first time: Klára Dobrev headed the Shadow Government Info

According to the background material sent to the press the shadow government proposes immediate measures in three respects – tax policy, budget and exchange rate stability, as well as steps to protect the population and businesses. By March 31, 2023, the VAT rate for a narrow range of basic foodstuffs must be reduced to zero … Read more