Several patients from Lyon-Sud contaminated by a resistant bacteria

There are 14 patients currently affected by a “vancomycin resistant enterococcus” (EVR); in other words, bacteria resistant to antibiotics. According to Le Progrès, three departments of the Lyon-Sud hospital in Pierre-Bénite are concerned by the EVR: hepato-gastroenterology, nephrology and geriatrics without, however, the condition of any of the patients causing a particular concern. The first … Read more

Covid-19: the Institut Pasteur confirms that anosmia can last several months –

Researchers at the Institut Pasteur have found that loss of smell or commonly called anosmia, one of the first identified symptoms of Covid-19, can last for several months. A study of 11 patients and golden Syrian hamsters This symptom affected 85% of patients in the Covid-19 and for a quarter of them, theanosmie lasted after … Read more

The legend Bob Marley, Africa and the daughter of Omar Bongo

#Gabon : Africa is a totem with Bob Marley, who died 40 years ago: yet the prophet of reggae only played there twice, the first time invited to Gabon by a daughter of Omar Bongo, a of his girlfriends, says a recently released book. On the cover of his album “Survival” (1979), we see 48 … Read more

Vaccinated? Receive your vaccination certificate – La Pause Info

After the covid-19 vaccination, it is now possible to obtain a certificate. Since Monday, May 3, you can download your certified vaccination certificate on the TousAnticovid application or keep it on paper. This certificate states that you have been vaccinated against covid-19. This document contains a single, certified statement. It prevents fraud and responds to … Read more

“I’m in the worst shape of my life”: Will Smith reveals his significant weight gain (photo) – Wit FM

The complexes? Will Smith Do not know ! While he has always displayed an athletic and muscular body, the American actor now aged 52, has just published a photo of himself with a new silhouette. In the program ? Vbetween paunchy and slippers on the feet. “I’ll be honest with you it’s the worst form … Read more

Sancho, Haaland, Ntcham (OM), Van de Beek, Bissouma: The 5 mercato info of the weekend

Zorc discusses the Sancho and Haaland cases Asked by the ARD channel on Saturday evening, Michael Zorc, the sports director of Borussia Dortmund, mentioned the case of Jadon Sancho. The leader hinted that the Briton was on the move. On the other hand, he cut short the rumors concerning Erling Haaland. “We have a ‘gentlemen’s … Read more

COVID: towards a vaccination of adolescents to get by? – Voltage

The idea is gaining ground, especially for high school students, in whom the Covid-19 virus is transmitted more than in elementary or kindergarten students, and who are as contagious as adults. If they are less likely to develop a severe form, their vaccination will slow down the transmission of the virus. By “protecting myself, I … Read more

THR 2021 When is Liquid? Check the complete info here

Jakarta – Eid is 2 weeks away. About THR when is the liquid huh? According to the Circular of the Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah Number M / 6 / HK.04 / IV / 2021 concerning the Implementation of Religious Holiday Allowances (THR) in 2021 for Workers / Laborers in Companies, THR is disbursed no … Read more

Well-being: the duration of sleep necessary for the rest of our brain –

A study on the hours of sleep in people between 50 and 70 years old was carried out and published in the journal Nature Communications. A study carried out for years For more than 25 years, nearly 8,000 British adults have been the subject of a sleep necessary for the brain to rest.In order to … Read more