Bring back your lost hair with only 2 ingredients! Mask recipe to make your hair thicker

There are many factors that cause hair loss. Stress, seasonal changes, chemical products, hormonal changes, thyroid diseases, malnutrition are among the factors that cause hair loss. The right masks to apply to your hair can make your hair thicker. It is very important to massage your scalp frequently to make your hair thicker, to consume … Read more

Stomatitis that comes only during the holidays, 3 ingredients that heal quickly

When it comes to holidays, there are people who get sick without fail. Inflammation in the mouth is called stomatitis, and when stomatitis occurs, pain is felt even when eating, talking, and even when standing still. It usually heals spontaneously in about 7 days, but in some cases it lasts longer. Here are the foods … Read more

You only need five ingredients to make this super fluffy cake.

Acredit. You will want to replicate this recipe from nutritionist Helga Teixeira. This tangerine cake will make your days sweeter. Read too: The wet chocolate cake you can eat without ruining your diet Ingredients:4 eggs200g peeled tangerines200 g of oats100 g of brown sugar1 table spoon of yeast Preparation method:1- Cut the tangerines into pieces, … Read more

Study associates ingredients with improved intestinal flora. Know which ones

MICROBIOTA: Composition of gut bacteria is an indicator of overall health Thinkstock/VEJA/VEJA add a handful of peanut or about a spoonful of herbal tea and spices to your diet can affect the composition of your gut bacteria, a general health indicator, according to new research from Pennsylvania State University in the United States. In two … Read more

5 Herbs to Overcome Diabetes, Easily Obtainable Ingredients, Effective in Lowering Blood Sugar

GALAMEDIANEWS – Herbal is a type of plant that has properties and is used as a medicine drug to overcome disease–disease certain. There are several herbal capable together diabetespotent take it down blood sugar and material for drug experience this too easy to get. Usage herbal as drug certainly has a lot of goodness and … Read more

He receives an empty McDonald’s wrapper after ordering a burger with no ingredients

And American said on Tuesday on Twitter how he paid $15 to have a package delivered McDonald’s empty. The Internet user had indeed ordered a cheeseburger from the fast-food chain via the DoorDash home delivery service. However, he had specified that he wanted his sandwich without mustard, ketchup, onions, pickles, cheese, salt, round bread, or … Read more

the fittest chocolates on the market have carcinogenic ingredients – NiT

Bad news: the fittest chocolates on the market have carcinogenic ingredients Dark chocolate is considered the most beneficial for health. But after all, it may not be the best option to include in your diet. In moments of tension, anxiety and stress, many seek refuge in chocolate in search of some comfort. After all, it … Read more

6 Food Ingredients to Lower Cholesterol, Tasty and Healthy

Jakarta: Cholesterol is a waxy substance that travels through the bloodstream as part of two different lipoproteins, namely low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and high-density lipoproteins (HDL). People sometimes refer to LDL cholesterol as “bad” cholesterol because it causes fatty deposits in the blood vessels. These deposits can block blood flow and cause a heart attack or … Read more

Influenza virus inhibitory effect found in lotus leaf-derived ingredients

The Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine announced on the 13th that it has confirmed the efficacy of isoquercitrin, an ingredient derived from lotus leaves, to suppress the flu-causing influenza virus. Isoquercitrin is a flavonoid component contained in many natural products, including lotus leaves, and has been shown to have the effect of suppressing various viruses … Read more