Crepes cannelloni with ricotta and spinach, let yourself be surprised with simple ingredients

Today let yourself be surprised with simple ingredients by preparing the Cannelloni of crepes with ricotta and spinach, an original and quick dish perfect for the summer. We will prepare a specialty using a few ingredients, in a few minutes and without any effort, let yourself be surprised by the Cannelloni of crepes with ricotta … Read more

Various Health Tips, Pineapple Can Be A Powerful Medicine To Overcome Torturing Gout, Just Combine It With Some Of These Ingredients Various health tips. Experience gout is one thing that is very detrimental. Uric acid can occur due to accumulation of gout crystallized in the joints. As a result, uric acid will cause unbearable pain in the joints. Not always with chemical drugs, uric acid it can be prevented by using simple fruit that we … Read more

6 Cough Medicines for Phlegm from Natural Ingredients, All in the Kitchen

Jakarta – Who said cough medicine had to make you sleepy? Some cough medicine with phlegm can be made from natural ingredients, effective and free from side effects. Coughing up phlegm is a condition in which the lungs become infected and produce too much phlegm. Often, people have to take cough medicine with phlegm to … Read more

Anti-Cancer Diet Therapy Eat three meals a day with immune-boosting ingredients | Suppress cancer | Enhance immunity | Cancer risk

Author: Jiyang Takaho Editor’s note:Conventional therapy seeks to completely kill cancer cells, while the treatment also harms healthy cells. “Jiyang stylecancer-fighting diet“Emphasis on nutrition and metabolism, helping patients to fundamentally improve their immunity from being beaten by cancer cells, and blocking the nutrients that cancer likes. The best anti-cancer countermeasures are actually three meals a … Read more

Hey pictures: ‘ingredients’ we rely on for vision that could help us find alien life!

As we become more efficient at exploring our solar system and studying exoplanets, the prospect of finding simple life is moving from the realm of creative science fiction to planning concrete missions. With the day of the hoped-for discovery approaching, it’s time to ask: What would this potential life look like? A team of researchers … Read more

Chia, acai, turmeric… Dictionary of healthy food

MADRID If you follow a healthy and balanced diet, the following terms will sound familiar to you: chia, turmeric, bimi, acai… since they are the culinary names of the moment when it comes to healthy eating. Coinciding with World Health Day, which is celebrated this April 7, Nanas & Co brings you the most complete … Read more

5 Powerful Ingredients to Relieve Omicron Cough-Flu, Available in the Kitchen

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Health problems such as fever, cough, and runny nose, have been considered as a common and frequent minor illness. However, during this pandemic, some of these diseases could be symptoms of the Covid-19 virus, including the Omicron variant. To relieve it, there are a number of herbal ingredients that are considered … Read more

Blender Beef Meatball Recipe, Chewy without the use of special ingredients – Blender beef meatball recipe You can follow this for chewy and crisp results without using special chemicals. The ingredients for making this beef meatball are made from lean thigh meat, ice cubes, sago flour, salt, and water for boiling. Apart from the simple ingredients, how to make beef meatballs This blender is also … Read more

These are 5 Powerful Ingredients for Reducing Cough-Omicron Flu, Many in the Kitchen

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – There are several visible symptoms if someone has the Omicron variant of Covid-19. Two of them are those who are infected will get coughs and colds. To relieve it, there are a number of herbal ingredients that are considered effective. These ingredients are also easy to make yourself at home. Here … Read more

The Number of Calories of Salted Eggs and Other Ingredients that are Good for the Body

The protein content in duck eggs is quite high, namely 13.1 grams per 100 grams (chicken egg protein is 12.8 grams). In addition, duck salted eggs also contain vitamins in it. The vitamins contained in duck eggs include vitamins A, D, E, B12, thiamine, and riboflavin.