A moment of horror. The Swiss Caviezel was taken by helicopter to the hospital after a rough fall

Spectators and others present experienced moments of fear after Caviezel’s ski cut into the snow and after a heavy fall, his lifeless body was stopped by safety nets. After about ten minutes, Caviezel got to his feet with his face bleeding from the scrape, but was still airlifted from the track to a hospital in … Read more

THE BALL – Fernando Santos on Danilo’s injury: «It’s one of those moves that nobody understands» (Portugal)

Fernando Santos, national coach, explained under what circumstances the injury to Danilo Pereira occurred, who fractured three ribs in training last Saturday. ′′ It’s one of those bids that nobody understands. We were training defensive dead balls, in the middle of a mess Danilo shouted and we went to see what was going on. He … Read more

Violence in football. A flare injured two children, a fan broke the corner flag against the goalkeeper

Such scenes really do not belong in football. About the 19th minute of the match between Goztepe and Altay was played, when a flare flew into the home sector from the side sector. She seriously injured one man in the face and chest. The “fans” of the visitors were so cunning that they lit a … Read more

Index – Football – Football World Cup 2022

As it is Index also reported, Brazil at the World Cup in Qatar richarlison with double 2–0defeated Serbia, but the South Americans could not be completely happy, because the team’s biggest star, Neymar, injured his ankle. The Brazilian genius broke down in tears after being replaced by national team captain Tite in the 79th minute … Read more

Blow for Milan: Kevin Pangos has suffered a serious injury

According to the Italians, the Canadians have torn ligaments in their right knee. K. Pangos will not appear on the court this year, it is assumed that he will be forced to spend at least six weeks without basketball. The defender suffered the injury during the match against “Fenerbahçe” of Istanbul, he has already started … Read more

Broken jaw, broken bones, internal bleeding – the most brutal injury of the 2022 World Cup

Saudi Arabia produced one of the surprises of the 2022 World Cup, turning Argentina from 0:1 to 2:1to achieve victory against one of the favorites of the tournament. Unfortunately for the Arabs, they were martyred during the “albiseleste” feat. Defender Yasser Al Shahrani suffered a serious injury after being brutally kneed by goalkeeper Al Owais. … Read more

New news about Neymar’s injury. The coach of the Brazil national team spoke M¦

Brazil defeated Serbia 2-0 in the first match Group H of the World Cup in Qatar. Both goals for the team led by Tite Richardson scored. The Tottenham striker’s second goal, in particular, was of particular beauty as he struck from a roundhouse in the penalty area and gave Vanja Milinkovic-Savic no chance to save … Read more

The match of life ended in a sporting tragedy. The Saudi defender finished the tournament

The World Cup in Qatar is most likely over for the Saudi Arabian footballer Yasir Shahrani. The 30-year-old defender paid for an unsparing hit from his own goalkeeper Muhammad Uvaís, who inadvertently hit him with a knee to the head. Experienced player needs surgery. A huge surprise was born in the match between Argentina and … Read more

Do not ignore it.. Back pain indicates 3 types of cancer • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Experts revealed that back pain may be a symptom of three forms of cancer, including bladder, lung and spine cancer. Experts pointed out that pain in the lower back may be a sign of bladder cancer, as the organ is located in the lower abdomen, which stores urine, and tumors can appear anywhere … Read more