Haruna Kawaguchi’s white innocence is “too beautiful to stop thinking” Chimu-Dondon is steadily adding viewers to the wedding scene: J-CAST News[Full text display]

Actor Haruna Kawaguchi will appear in the role of Yoshiko, the eldest daughter of the NHK TV series “Chimu-Dondon” broadcast on May 27, 2022. She showed off her shiromuku appearance and caught the eyes of her viewers. Haruna Kawaguchi (Photo: Pasya / Afro) From the NHK “Chimu-Dondon” Instagram (nhk_chimudondon) “Haruna Kawaguchi’s white innocence was beautiful … Read more

Family of marine suspected in police death accuses PSP of violating presumption of innocence – Portugal

The family of marine Cláudio Coimbra, who was preventively arrested following a fight that killed agent Fábio Guerra, accuses the PSP of violating the principle of presumption of innocence to protect its agents. In a press release this Tuesday released and signed by the parents of the Navy marine, two press releases issued by the … Read more

Innocence will be adapted into a television series

News By: Samuel Moreno | 21-03-22 A television series of A Plague Tale: Innocence has been officially announced, courtesy of the French portal Allocine. The production will be 100% French and will follow the story that we saw in the first installment. A Plague Tale: Innocence follows two brothers in France during the 14th century … Read more

A Plague Tale: Innocence gets live-action TV series – Gaming – News

Adventure game A Plague Tale: Innocence is getting an official TV series. Frenchman Mathieu Turi will direct the series. He previously worked as an assistant director with Quentin Tarantino on Inglourious Basterds. No release date for the series has yet been announced. The A Plague Tale: Innocence series will have the same main characters as … Read more

Doosan family daughter-in-law Jo Su-ae and her husband on a cafe date, innocence and beauty TEN

Enter 2022.03.14 05:15 Edited 2022.03.14 05:15 Jo Soo-ae, a former JTBC announcer, told the news. Jo Soo-ae posted two photos on her Instagram on the 13th without any comments. In the published photo, Jo Soo-ae is sitting in a cafe and looking at the camera. Meanwhile, Jo Soo-ae married Park Seo-won, the eldest son of … Read more

Luis de Llano: That’s how it was when the producer took away the innocence of Mexican Rock

In recent days, the name of Luis de Llano Macedo has appeared repeatedly in different media due to the fact that new details of the controversial relationship he had with Sasha Sokol when the Timbiriche singer was 14 years old and he was 39, however, it will not be this delicate situation that we will … Read more

Model friend of the “Tinder swindler” Kate Konlin publicly emphasizes his innocence

publishedFebruary 23, 2022 at 5:06 am Simon Leviev is said to have cheated several women out of millions of francs. His current partner Kate Konlin doesn’t seem to care – the 24-year-old sticks with him publicly. 1 / 15 Sticks to the innocence of the “Tinder swindler”: his girlfriend Kate Konlin (24). Instagram/kate_konlin The 24-year-old … Read more

Gillmore’s frustrations and murdered innocence – Dagblad Suriname

Last week, the Court of Justice confirmed the sentence of 12 years in prison and a fine of SRD 500,000 against former Finance Minister Gillmore Hoefdraad, which can be replaced by 12 months in prison in the event of non-payment. Of course, the former minister who had already fled months ago was not present at … Read more

IU, a bold see-through dress… Innocence more beautiful than flowers [N샷]

Singer and actress IU / Photo = IU’s Instagram © News1 Singer-actress IU exuded a dazzling beauty. On the 19th, IU posted a picture on her Instagram along with the words, “I am well-received by ivory.” In the photo, IU wearing an ivory see-through dress is posed with flowers in the background. IU catches the … Read more

A new patent from “Xiaomi” for the fingerprint

India Today said that Xiaomi has registered a patent for a new technology to unlock the smartphone via an under-screen fingerprint reader. It is true that this feature is common in Android phones, but what is new in this technology is that it occupies the entire screen area, which means that the user can unlock … Read more