Vision, prostate, intestine… focus on Nutravya innovations

Small everyday hassles such as bloating, a need to urinate frequently, tightness in the eyes or joints that lack flexibility are markers that can alert you to the body’s state of health. The body reacts easily depending on the quality of life, but also on the food it ingests. So how do you promote your … Read more

Amid Boom, Microsoft Dissolves Team on AI Ethics – Innovations

Microsoft is currently in the process of building text-generating artificial intelligence into a variety of its in-house products – from Teams to Word and Skype. Starting this month, however, the company will continue the AI ​​boom, which Microsoft itself has fueled significantly, without a significant team. Internally, the Ethics and Society team should ensure that … Read more

Ubisoft to Share Latest Trends and Innovations in Game Development at Game Developers Conference 2023 – Bahamut

Ubisoft announced today that it will participate in the Game Developers Conference (GDC) held in San Francisco, California, USA from March 20-24, 2023, and will bring more than 15 selected speeches. The Game Developers Conference provided a platform for attendees to network with Ubisoft’s cross-disciplinary experts to learn more about the company’s innovation and social … Read more

Tencent Games signs up to show its latest innovations in video game development at GDC 2023

18 sessions and its own stand at the event will show the latest video game technology and new development tools Tencent Games, the world’s leading game development, publishing and exploitation platform, is pleased to announce its presence at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2023, from March 20 to 24. With a record number of 18 … Read more

Revolutionary vaccine against bacteria. The latest innovations and contributions from Israel

Jewish Link – Like every week, Enlace Judío brings you the most recent innovations and contributions in technology and health from Israel, the Start Up Nation. mRNA vaccine against bacteria Researchers at Tel Aviv University and the Israel Institute for Biological Research developed the world’s first messenger ribonucleic acid, or mRNA, vaccine effective against bacteria. … Read more

The market of electric mobility networks is expected to grow by 2030. will exceed 173.98 billion USD, and the CAGR from 2022 to 2030 will reach 31.62%; Key innovations in electric vehicle technology and charging infrastructure driving market growth

SkyQuest Technology Consulting Pvt. Ltd. SkyQuest has recently conducted a comprehensive study of the Electric Mobility Networks market, which provides comprehensive and comprehensive insights into market valuations, growth dynamics, segment analysis, market trends, and profitable business opportunities. The report was created using a sophisticated methodology that uses various evaluation tools including technology assessment, SWAT analysis, … Read more

Including the Monopoly game and bulletproof material.. 10 inventions achieved by women throughout history

Whether you use wireless networks (WIFI), car windshield wipers, or dishwashers, some women are credited with these inventions that have helped advance technology in many areas. 10 innovations you probably didn’t know women were behind, what are they: Credit: CNN ILLUSTRATIONS/GETTYIMAGES Monopoly game Legend has it that Charles Darrow, an unemployed salesman, invented the game … Read more

Hofer announces innovations in all 530 branches – economy

By 2025, all Hofer branches should be equipped with an innovation that will probably leave no customer untouched. As early as autumn 2021, the REWE Group, Hofer and Co., together with the beverage industry, spoke out in favor of the mandatory introduction of a one-way deposit in order to reduce the flood of plastic, increase … Read more

Innovations in smart devices: artificial intelligence will help you save – AINA at the event held for the first time

At the end of February in Frankfurt, the technology campaign Samsung Electronics held the first European Samsung Summit, where it presented the latest range of products for audio, television and smart home appliances. At the meeting, the manufacturer introduced the latest devices that can be connected to each other, thus ensuring their more convenient and … Read more