Samsung smartphone cheap at Lidl: Discounter sells strong Android insider tip

With the A series, Samsung offers its customers a significantly cheaper alternative compared to the S or Note series, which has to accept compromises in terms of hardware compared to the high-end devices, but is mostly still for users without the very highest Claims a good to very good performance. A representative of the series … Read more

Weather app insider tips: Recommendations from the CHIP editorial team – CHIP

“What I particularly like about the WetterOnline app is the weather radar. That way you know relatively exactly whether you should set up the pavilion for the barbecue evening.” CHIP editor Patrick Hannemann has been using the App WetterOnline and relies primarily on the weather radar. You shouldn’t go crazy about what the app says … Read more

Jouska Case, Duh … Could it be Insider Trading

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Capital market players suspect there are elements insider trading (insider trading) and tendencies moral hazard for the case of investment losses suffered by a number of financial planning company customers PT Jouska Finansial Indonesia (Jouska). In simple terms, practice insider trading This is a sale or purchase transaction of shares carried … Read more

Will PS5 cost more than Xbox Series X? New rumors from the RE8 insider

I’m not satisfied with the media hype aroused by his latest rumors about hypotheticals PS5 difficulty in the Resident Evil Village framerate, the now well-known insider Dusk Golem says he is certain that PS5 will cost more than Xbox Series X, according to what his anonymous sources explained to him. Based on the indications offered … Read more