Don’t believe it! Tooth decay is contagious through kissing or kissing | Health System Insights

Tooth decay is transmitted through kissing or kissing. It’s false information! What diseases to watch out for can be attached through saliva In the event that someone posted that Tooth decay is transmitted through kissing or kissing. The Anti-Fake News Center conducted a fact-check byInstitute of Dentistry, Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health … Read more

Focus: Is the torture of civilians organized on a large scale, Kherson under Russian military occupation | Reuters

KHERSON, Ukraine (Reuters) – Oksana Minenko is a 44-year-old accountant living in the southern Ukraine city of Kherson. She said she was detained and tortured many times during the Russian military occupation of the city. On January 12, Oksana Minenko is a 44-year-old accountant living in the southern Ukraine city of Kherson. He says he … Read more

One by one the insights are proven, what are Hard Gumay’s predictions for 2023?

SUARAMERDEKA.COM – Hard Gumay known as a fortune teller who likes to predict things that will happen. Even Hard Gumay recently predicted the scariest thing in the year 2023. Not even a month yet 2023 walk, apparently some prediction Hard Gumay associated with a number of facts that occur. Hard Gumay on the YouTube channel, … Read more

Aegon AM expert shares insights into the future of sustainable living

With the current energy crisis and the shift to hybrid working models since the pandemic, households are becoming more tech-centric and smarter by the year. Coupled with a decline in affordable housing and a shift in the way we work and live, these issues have resulted in a realignment of consumer demand, with many realizing … Read more

Angle: Electric power support to Ukraine in winter, Eastern European countries holding the key | Reuters

Vilnius/Warsaw (Reuters) – A giant transformer built in Ukraine in the 1980s and now disused is being dusted and ready to leave here in Lithuania. He will probably head to Romania in the next few weeks and from there return home to Ukraine. On December 21st, a giant transformer, built in Ukraine in 1980 and … Read more

Thai men should not overlook “Prostate Cancer” | Insights into the health system

from the case of an actor who died of prostate cancer The evil cancer that every man should not overlook. When abnormal conditions occur, you should consult a doctor. prostate cancer can be detected quickly have a chance to heal and can return to normal life Dr. Wirawut Imsamran, Deputy Director-General of the Department of … Read more

Fake news! Sweating baby turns on a fan at risk of pneumonia | Insights into the health system

Turn on the fan and aim at the child to not cause pneumonia. But what factors make the child sick? How to protect and care for children Prevent pneumonia in the winter According to health advice about the issue of turning on the fan to children at risk of pneumonia. The Anti-Fake News Center has … Read more

People with cancer should not eat “meat”. Should they choose to eat vegetarian food? | Insights into the health system

Is food and cancer really related? Why don’t you eat charred grilled food? Should cancer patients choose to eat vegetarian? Nowadays, there is a lot of information online. Recommend a diet for cancer patients to reduce the symptoms of the disease. Some information suggests choosing a diet to avoid cancer in the body. Does food … Read more

IF weight loss trend Is it true to cure irregular menstruation? | Insights into the health system

truth! Determining the eating period or IF can everyone do it? What precautions are there? Nowadays, there are many tips and information about weight loss. One of the most popular methods isIntermittent Fasting or IF (IF) timing of eating Divided into times when you can eat and times when you don’t eat. By the time … Read more