The beauty and history of the Rivadulla pazo, recognized on national television

Facebook 0 Twitter 0 WhatsApp 0 What are the most emblematic gardens in Spain? Where is the greatest landscape richness housed? In his search there is a new television program of La 2, Gardens with history, carried out in collaboration with the Time Zone production company, which visits fifteen locations to publicize the jewels of … Read more

Tabata Jalil leaves his followers breathless with photos in a bikini and enjoying the sea: PHOTOS

Tabata Jalil She is one of the most beloved conductors in the medium, at 41 years old she is very active in her social networks, from where she shares a great variety of photos and always has beautiful words for her millions of followers, whom she leaves breathless with attractive Photos. Even though he’s over … Read more

When we used to like girls

When we liked girls, that is, in the ninetiesWhat separated us from them was a very great distance: the word. Now, boys and girls are only separated by the Civil Code, practically. Before, there was a lot of obsession with the word, the lip, what to say. Movies were made on what to say, manuals … Read more

Instagram wellness influencers and pro-Trump protests: a dark relationship

One of the most searched terms on Wikipedia throughout all of 2020 was QAnon. This current of the conspiracy had a great impact in recent months by defending that there is a shadow pedophile ring made up of Hollywood stars, Democratic Party politicians, and high-powered businessmen who in turn also planned to carry out a … Read more

The Apple application that will improve your Instagram stories

Today, one of the most famous applications is, without a doubt, Instagram. This has caused many applications to look for a way to incorporate improvements so that the content that you go up looks your best. It is from this idea that the application is born Mojo, a means, medium with thousands of templates at … Read more

Nothing to the imagination: Christina Aguilera and some photos that will pralize your heart

After turning 40 last December, Christina Aguilera looks as or more beautiful than ever. With more than 7 million followers on the camera’s social network, Christina often keeps her fans happy with the content she posts on her account. The little girl who got all the applause at Mickey Mouse Club for her enormous volume … Read more

Mery Turiel wears the jeans of a lifetime that our mothers wore and that we will not want to take off in 2021 (and on top of it reduced)

Do you know those old jeans our mothers wore? Yes, those that feel good to all of us and that always solve those days of ‘I don’t know what to wear’ or ‘I don’t have anything in the closet’, a phrase that is always a lie. Well those Cowboys that you are imagining are the … Read more

The famous designer Daniel Casalnovo, in a critical state: “I doubt he will get away with this”

Daniel Casalnovo He surprised his followers this Saturday by sharing a video where he recounts his difficult situation after being infected with coronavirus. “Good afternoon. I’m sorry to tell you that I am hospitalized, I went to work on the coast and caught Covid-19, with such bad luck that I have arrhythmia in my heart … Read more

Chicharito: At West Ham they didn’t give me the chances they promised me | Mexicans abroad

By: MIGUEL CABALLEROJanuary 16, 2021 – 17:58 Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez revealed that during the two seasons he wore the West Ham United from Premier League, did not have the playing opportunities that were promised. Through a series of questions and answers with his fans on his Instagram account, Hernández Balcázar assured that he enjoyed his … Read more

This celebrity has surpassed Jennifer Aniston on Instagram

Gregg DeGuireGetty Images Rupert Grint has decided to join Instagram 10 years after this social network was founded and, how could it be otherwise, has snatched the Guinness record for ‘likes’ in less time from Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston says she recently thought about retiring to pursue another profession When Jennifer Aniston He joined Instagram, … Read more