Roger del Águila announces that he will be the new host of Habacilar 2022 | Instagram | Raul Romero | entertainment | SHOWS

HE SAYS HE’S BACK. Roger del Águila announced on his Instagram account that he will be the new conduit for Habacilar, in the expected return of the contest program that marked an entire generation of young people in the country. YOU WILL BE INTERESTED: SHEYLA ROJAS SAID ‘LEAVE ME LAME, OTHERWISE NEXT’ IN TALKING LUGGIES … Read more

Instagram now lets you create a digital avatar

Social network Instagram has added the function “Avatars” – an analogue of Apple’s Memoji. You can make a personalized avatar if you open the settings, go to the “Account” section and click on the “Avatars” button. Photo: Instagram In the character’s appearance settings, you can choose the color of the skin, eyes, hair, choose a … Read more

The 5 things that make Lina Tejeiro “rabona” and the hot photos she uploaded to her Instagram | movie theater

Lina Tejeiro returns to the cinema from this January 27 with “A tail with a heart”, film made by Dago Garcia Productions that revolves around Cheo, an undesirable neighbor whom everyone calls a “rabón”, since he makes life impossible for those who live in a building. Lina plays Carolina Rico, a striptease dancer, who will … Read more

Ernesto Pimentel was discharged after a hip transplant and his son gave him a warm welcome | shows

Ernest Pimentel is already at home completing the rehabilitation process after the hip transplant that he underwent days ago. The actor underwent surgery on January 6 for a necrosis avascular which he suffered for eight years. In their social networks, the characterizer of the Chola Chabuca He shared a video about the reception he had … Read more

Breeders Muceniece and Priluchniy have gone on a joint trip – Celebrities

Muceniece and Priluchny were once considered one of the most beautiful couples in Russian show business. The actors got acquainted with the reception area of ​​the series “Closed School”. Mutual sympathy grew into a stormy novel that ended with a wedding. The couple had two children – a son, Timopheus, and a daughter, Mia. However, … Read more

Karin gave birth and immediately ran her daughter Instagram: This is following the followers!

From an ex-pharmacist Karin Hegedüs Dvořáková is a new mother! On January 16, the beauty gave birth to the expected girl, to whom she also gave an instagram account immediately after giving birth. She had already managed to speak to her fans in her daughter’s name. The contestant Farms 10 it is known that the … Read more

Kimutaku & Koki, “dating smell”? 280,000 likes on “common points” of father and daughter Instagram: J-CAST News[Full text display]

Actor Takuya Kimura has become a hot topic on Instagram on January 17, 2022, with his second daughter and model Koki, smelling a “date”. Koki, san From Takuya Kimura’s Instagram (@ takuya.kimura_tak) From Koki,’s Instagram (@koki) The common item is Am-chan, my dog. In a post, Mr. Kimura reported that he was shopping for the … Read more

Lela Ceter knew Vémol on Instagram: But at first glance, it wasn’t love

Model Lela Ceter may be perceived by many as a stupid blonde who just likes to show off her ostentatious lifestyle and strengths on social networks. But there is much more to it behind the gold tinsel. Few people know that the mother of two children, born to MMA wrestler Carlos Vémol, has a college … Read more

Leni Klum is on Instagram about her acne and impure skin

publishedJanuary 17, 2022 at 11:35 am Heidi Klum’s daughter is an advocate of skin positivity and calls for more reality on social media. On Instagram she shows her acne. 1 / 8 Most of the time we see Leni Klum (17) like this: top styled with flawless skin. Imago Images/APress On Instagram, however, the daughter … Read more

Tony Succar stirs up his fans after introducing his daughter and reveals her name Farándula NNDC | TVMAS

Lima, January 16, 2022Updated on 01/16/2022 05:54 pm Tony Succar He is going through a great moment in his life after becoming a father for the first time. The percussionist celebrated his daughter’s first week of life by presenting her to his thousands of Instagram followers. The ex-juror of “La Voz Perú” sharing photos and … Read more