″grip and great discomfort″ trips on the Porto metro

João Nogueira 28 November 2022 at 07:30 Full compositions lead passengers to despair, even because there are those who cannot enter. Company advances with measures to increase supply. “There are days that I almost can’t get in, and when I do, I’m always standing and tight”. The words are those of Carina Remelgado, but they … Read more

16-year-old teenager confesses to murder in video on Instagram | Abroad

Officers in Bensalem, Pennsylvania received a call Friday from a concerned mother. She had heard from her daughter that she had received a rather sinister video call. “During the video chat, the 16-year-old stated that he had just killed someone,” the police said in a statement, according to the American news channel. “He then reversed … Read more

Forgot to turn off live Instagram, Denise Chariesta caught insulting Dewi Perssik: Her mouth is really tacky

Hops.ID – Denise Chariesta once forgot to turn off Instagram live so the chat was insulting Peach Goddess heard by netizens. The live was recorded and uploaded by Uya Kuya on his YouTube channel. At that time, Astrid Kuya’s wife was also at odds with Denise Chariesta. In the live, which seemed to have forgotten … Read more

Russia called the meta-terrorist organization again Meta | Russia | Facebook

Moscow – Facebook’s parent company Meta has been listed as a terrorist organization by the Russian Ministry of Justice, according to news agency Reuters. The Reuters report quoted a Russian media outlet. This is the latest in a series of moves by Russia against Meta. Last month, META was listed as a terrorist group by … Read more

Laurita Fernández showed how the “ecofriendly” balcony of her apartment turned out

Laurita Fernandez She is one of the most beloved figures in the middle, since she has not only managed to win the support of her fans for her great talent in front of the screens but also for her good vibes that characterizes her on social networks. It has even been on Instagram where the … Read more

Jennifer López disappears from Instagram and sparks suspicions of breakup with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez She is one of the most famous and successful singers who, at 53, continues to achieve success in her career. The famous is not only shooting new movies, she also got married this year, forming a beautiful family with Ben Affleck and their children. However, it is said that after marrying his The … Read more

Left when it was more difficult, Jessica Iskandar satirized the socialite gang

Thursday, 24 November 2022 – 07:19 WIB VIVA Showbiz – Currently artis Jessica Iskandar or more familiarly called Jedar was in difficult times financially and was known to be in a lot of debt. As you know, Jessica Iskandar was recently deceived by her own co-workers, causing a loss of nearly IDR 10 billion. However, … Read more

Jennifer Lopez deletes her history on “Instagram” .. What is going on?

Surprisingly, the international singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez, deleted all posts from her Instagram account, which has 227 million followers, and the profile picture was replaced with a black image only. The American star’s social media accounts also turned black, without any explanation, which prompted her fans to ask why this happened. Glow’s accounts on … Read more