Skid: Alfredo Casero insulted a boy who makes cakes to pay for his operation

Alfredo Casero became the focus of the most unified anger that has been seen on social media. It is that the comedian insulted a boy who makes cakes in order to pay for the operation in which he can rebuild 25% of the body that was burned in a domestic accident. Joaquín Nahuel has become … Read more

Lucy Bacigalupo and her daughter insult Peluchín for revealing his heavy debt and he responds: “Current and vulgar” | Farándula | Love and fire | Willax | SHOWS

HE WENT AGAINST TEDDY. Lucy Bacigalupo could not bear that Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter’s program, ‘Amor y fuego’ (Willax TV), exposed the complaint of Ramón López, brother of the owner of the property where he lives in La Punta, who accuses her of owing him more than $ 16,000 in rent. The comic actress … Read more

Lucy Bacigalupo and her daughter insult Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter | EYE-SHOW

Updated on 09/28/2021 07:11 am Comic actress Lucy Bacigalupo nothing was silent and showed her total annoyance with the program “Amor y Fuego” and with its host, Rodrigo González, after being accused of owe more than $ 16,000 in rent. As it is remembered, it was ‘Peluchín’ who exposed the complaint of Ramón López, brother … Read more

A 40-year-old lady insults, spits and hits security guards at Médiacité in Liège

Posted on Wednesday, September 8, 2021 at 12:20 p.m. Through Emilie Depoorter A 40-year-old lady, well known to the police and the judiciary, was caught in the act of shoplifting on Tuesday afternoon at the Médiacité. A request for an arrest warrant is filed against him. This Tuesday, during the afternoon, two security agents arrested … Read more

The injury and the insult: the old woman robbed of the scratch card changes house for safety

Naples – In addition to the damage, the insult. Yes, why now the old woman from which the Neapolitan “tobacconist” had stolen the winning coupon of half a million euros, once back in possession she no longer feels safe even at home. With the result he decided to go to a quieter place, leave the … Read more

These Australian ducks learn to insult humans

Some species of animals, especially birds, are capable of reproducing some words spoken by humans. Some are even capable of insulting people. Now research indicates that musk ducks, a natural wild waterfowl from AustraliaThey are also capable of imitating sounds. In fact, in a video published by New Scientist magazine, one of these specimens can … Read more

They ask that José Joel be removed from MasterChef Celebrity for this “insult”

Since its inception two weeks ago, MasterChef Celebrity became one of the favorite shows of Mexican viewers, so it is no surprise that week after week it is trending on Twitter. And this time Jose Joel He became the protagonist of the memes of the edition of Friday, September 3, after making a typical Mexican … Read more

Jake Paul: “I’ll retire Woodley and make him a meme.” The press conference ended in a rift over his mother’s insult

The expected boxing duel between youtuber Jake Paul and former champion weight champion Tyron Woodley is just around the corner. The match will take place on the night from Sunday to Monday. It took place classically on Thursday pre-match press conference and ended in a rift after someone on Jake Paul’s team insulted Woodley’s mother. … Read more

Macron as Hitler. France is testing the line between satire and insult

The owner of the advertising agency Michel-Ange Flori decided to use several of his billboards for what he calls an exercise in political satire – he published a modified image of French President Emmanuel Macron with a mustache, heel and in the uniform of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. The controversial act was reported by Reuters … Read more

The CCP incites the little pink to insult the Japanese champion to alarm the Japanese government | Olympic Games | Table tennis mixed doubles | Hashimoto Daiki

[Epoch Times News on July 30, 2021](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter Xu Jian) ​​JapanTable Tennis Mixed DoublesDefeated the Chinese team to win the championship, Japan’s gymnastics starHashimoto DaikiBeat the Chinese playersXiao RuotengAfter winning the gold medal, the Chinese Communist Party’s official media incited netizens to insult Japanese players and shocked the Japanese society. The … Read more