Should the intention to carry out a takeover bid on a stock issuer be made public?

In the midst of the purchases presented and carried out by the Gilinski Group on Sura and Nutresa, both companies of the Antioquia Business Group (GEA) have alleged irregularities in the process of their authorization. Among the complaints that have been made known is the fact that each company had not been informed of the … Read more

Most Valuable Activision Video Games Now Under Microsoft Control

The acquisition by Bill Gates’s company of this giant, which cost US$68.7 billion, has caused an earthquake in the gamer industry. Do you know what video games belong to Microsoft now? An iconic purple dragon, loads of orcs, heavily armed soldiers, and garishly colored candy, that’s how Activision Blizzard’s ambitious video game catalog could be … Read more

Coke exports set a record by totaling 4.2 million tons in 2021

The National Federation of Coal Producers (Phenalcarbon) revealed that the exported volume of coke during 2021 was 4.2 million tons, a historical maximum recorded in the country’s history. This increase means an increase close to 26%. “According to our preliminary figures, in 2021 we will export 4.2 million tons of coke, equivalent to approximately US$1.4 … Read more

Condusef fails 6 insurers in life policy claims – El Financiero

At third quarter from last year, six out of 10 most representative insurers in life policies failed in the number of claims they received, exceeding the industry average of five complaints for each 100 thousand risks. According to information from the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef), the … Read more

Bancolombia’s stock felt the effect of the takeover bids and yesterday it appreciated 9.76% on the BVC

After a new Public Acquisition Offer (OPA) was announced by Nutresa, this Tuesday, January 18, Bancolombia’s common stock soared 9.76%, closing at $42,050 on the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC). This advance in the kind of Bancolombia is related to the latest movements of the Gilinski Group over the Grupo Empresarial Antioqueño (GEA), especially with the … Read more

Can we still take out 100% guaranteed life insurance today?

If insurers have massively closed the doors to their guaranteed euro funds, savers looking for security for their capital are not completely helpless. There are still, in fact, some companies – and especially mutuals – which do not limit access to this guaranteed compartment and continue to authorize investments in it, provided that they are … Read more

The housing loan insurance portfolio was acquired by Intrum | Business

The portfolio consists of both collateralised and non-performing loans and related liabilities to banks, as well as other outstanding debt liabilities – a total of about 3 thousand. reported, Intrum Lietuva reported. The portfolio of Būsto Loan Insurance was sold by the Bank of Lithuania in 2016 after the company was obliged to sell its … Read more

Discriminatory employment insurance: a judgment that helps a mother from Saguenay

The judgment of the Social Security Tribunal of Canada, which concluded last week that provisions of the law on employment insurance discriminate against women, comes at the right time for a mother from Saguenay. • Read also: Saguenay: a mother fights to receive employment insurance Jessica Soucy, a mother who had three children in five … Read more

EMA includes rare spinal condition as effect of AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine

A European medicines regulator safety panel on Friday recommended adding a rare spinal inflammation called transverse myelitis as a side effect to AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine. The vaccine has faced several setbacks, including production delays and probing from regulatory bodies after rare cases of serious side effects such as blood clots with low platelets, prompting several … Read more