Employment Insurance blind spot workers reached 4.7 million… “I need to know the income of all employed”

[이데일리 최정훈 기자] It was found that about 4.7 million workers are in the blind spot of employment insurance, the minimum social safety net for workers whose incomes have plummeted or lost their jobs. In particular, it is analyzed that in the case of self-employed persons, 3.29 million people can be subscribed if the minimum … Read more

Petroecuador reports irregularities in documents for insurance tender

The complaint was filed on January 26, 2021 by Hugo Tapia, attorney for Petroecuador’s manager, Gonzalo Maldonado. On January 26, 2021, Petroecuador filed a criminal complaint in the State Attorney General for alleged irregularities in the documents for the insurance tender for the assets of the state oil company. This information was allegedly presented by … Read more

Reduce – hours – release Adjust insurance premiums in the Corona crisis – theme week: The good advice

GDV. In the pandemic, many consumers have to accept significant financial losses. Insurers are offering different ways in which consumers can get their insurance coverage through the crisis. The corona crisis is also noticeable in the wallet. Anyone wondering where to save will sooner or later take a look at their current insurance contracts. Normally … Read more

Insurance in Brazil: licenses for Susep, new supplier, Tokio Marine and Apple

Brazil’s insurance regulator Susep authorized MAPS and I4PRO to operate the operations registry system (SRO), which became operational last November. The system gives the inspection body real-time access to insurance information, which facilitates risk control. The SRO also aims to accelerate the digitization of insurance contracts through a more agile, transparent and less expensive process, … Read more

Signature Financial Group | Insurance broker

In this specific case, you can insure your mortgage with permanent or term life insurance. You get insurance for an amount much greater than the balance without affecting the price of your mortgage. In addition, in the event of death, your heir is the beneficiary and not the lending financial institution. Usually, the life insurance … Read more

Buildings insurance: Canton Lucerne receives money, homeowners get nothing

building insurance Canton of Lucerne receives money, homeowners get nothing In recent years, the owners of the more than 122,000 buildings in the canton of Lucerne have received a premium discount. This year this is canceled because a regulation has been changed. The canton, however, continues to benefit from the insurance surpluses. Armin Hartmann is … Read more

Increase in the number of medical examinations related to health insurance

As of January 15, 2021, according to the Ho Chi Minh City Social Insurance Agency, medical facilities in the province have seen an increase of about 12.5% ​​in medical examinations and treatments covered by health insurance compared to in the same period of 2020. “Although this policy has only been in effect for a few … Read more

Insurance brokerage charges 100 francs – for missed advice

Zvg 1/10 Daniela Ngole Epie-Inauen did not keep an appointment with the insurance broker for a free, non-binding consultation. Zvg 2/10 The Graubünden woman became aware of the offer from the Biel-based company Life Solutions Sàrl. She was promised free baby products. Zvg 3/10 An employee of the company called and an appointment was made. … Read more

Traffic accident between car and moped in Heusweiler on Friday

January 24, 2021 at 10:17 am On the road without insurance and a driver’s license : Driver of a small motorcycle seriously injured after a traffic accident in Heusweiler <!– <!– <!– Photo: dpa / Karl-Josef Hildenbrand Heusweiler According to the police, on Friday there was a traffic accident between a moped and a car … Read more