Intelligence report: Putin is responsible for the attempted murder in Sweden

Abdurakhmanov has been watched by foreign services for a long time. His every step and the places he appeared were followed According to the Swedish security services, the operation against Abdurakmanov was planned in Moscow in 2019 and was ordered by the Chechen authorities The authors of the report point out that Russia “today has … Read more

State Intelligence Agency Wants to Grab WhatsApp

Thursday, December 2, 2021 – 09:02 WIB VIVA – A new document from the Federal Bureau of Investigation/FBI) The United States reveals the extent of the data they can collect from the most popular instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp belongs to Meta (formerly Facebook) and iMessage belongs to Apple. The document was written on … Read more

UK intelligence chief warns about China’s debt trap

Thursday, December 2, 2021 – 09:34 WIB The head of the UK’s Intelligence Service (MI6), Richard Moore, warns of the “trap” debt and data traps” by China, in his inaugural interview broadcast live on BBC Radio 4. Moore, known as “C”, said China’s trap threatened sovereignty so he proposed defensive measures. He continued, China has … Read more

The head of the British Intelligence Service warns about China’s ‘debt trap’, what about Indonesia?

December 2, 2021 To play this video, enable JavaScript or try another search engine video description, MI6 chief Richard Moore in an interview with BBC Radio 4. The head of Britain’s Intelligence Service (MI6), Richard Moore, warned of China’s “debt and data traps” in his inaugural interview broadcast live on BBC Radio 4. Moore, known … Read more

Artificial Intelligence Finds More Than 300 Exoplanets, Never Found in Telescope Data

JAKARTA, – Algorithm artificial intelligence (AI) new has found more than 300 exoplanet previously unknown in data collected by the hunting telescope, Kepler. Even though the telescope has observed hundreds of thousands of stars in the search for habitable worlds. The catalog of potential planets he had compiled continued to produce new discoveries even … Read more

Emirates News Agency – The Arab Parliament stresses the importance of artificial intelligence to advance the aspirations of Arab peoples

Sunday, November 28, 2021 – 8:28 PM CAIRO, 28 November/WAM/ His Excellency Mohamed Ahmed Al Yamahi, Deputy Speaker of the Arab Parliament, stressed the importance of artificial intelligence as it has entered many fields of life, industrial, agricultural, medical, engineering and trade, noting the interest of many Arab countries in providing young people with artificial … Read more

Nvidia artificial intelligence generates photorealistic images

Nvidia does not hide that the purpose of the artificial intelligence algorithms she develops is, among others quick build photorealistic image of the worldso that it reflects the space that surrounds us as much as possible. It sounds strange, but since many believe that we live in a simulation, we can close ourselves in an … Read more

Artificial intelligence finds more than 300 new planets in our galaxy

You’ve probably heard of the Kepler Space Telescope before. We owe him the discovery of thousands of exoplanets even if he is no longer among the active space telescopes since October 2018, due to lack of fuel. It has crisscrossed space for almost 10 years since it was put into orbit. Until recently, scientists counted … Read more

US intelligence has warned: Largest build-up of Russian troops since Afghanistan. A conference was convened at BBN | Policy

Watch the video 2,000 migrants in a Belarusian warehouse. Many children ran out of space. “It’s too cold …” Select a service Recently, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki participated in numerous diplomatic meetings on security. November 19 boss order talked with the director of US intelligence, and Poland received a warning against Russia’s actions. Sources Virtual … Read more

NASA discovers 301 new exoplanets with an artificial intelligence system

ExoMiner, NASA’s deep neural network, has validated the existence of another 301 new exoplanets in the observable Universe. The list of worlds beyond our Solar System grows suddenly. To the 4,569 exoplanets of which there is a record since 1992, when the first was detected, other 301 confirmed, the first validated by ExoMiner, a NASA … Read more