Ukraine’s counterattack will accelerate at the beginning of winter, the intelligence service estimates

As winter sets in, circumstances Ukrainian in the east will become more favorable to the pace of military operations and the Ukrainian counteroffensive will intensify, according to the latest analysis of of Russia invasion of Ukraine is predicted ASV Institute of War Studies (ISW). Content will continue after the ad Advertising Institute experts cited a … Read more

Iran executes four men for Israel intelligence service

AFP NOS News•Sunday, 10:55 Iran has executed four men accused of collaborating with Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency, Iranian state media report. The Supreme Court handed down the four men’s death sentences on Wednesday. According to the verdict, the men stole and destroyed private and public property and kidnapped and interrogated individuals for the Mossad. Three … Read more

Ukrainian soldiers disappear from the front. They are supposed to prepare a black scenario for Putin

The Ukrainians may be preparing to launch another offensive and, after Kherson, also liberate Melitopol in the Zaporozhye region. This is evidenced by the sudden disappearance of tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers from the front. According to experts, if successful, this would mean a major breakthrough and a black scenario for Vladimir Putin. Tens … Read more

Artificial intelligence in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 defeats all players

Computer controlled enemies have practically only two types of difficulty. While some won’t find you even if you march right behind them, others will spot you 200 meters away if you sneak in a crouch. Balancing artificial intelligence is thus sometimes very difficult. At the moment, this is a task that is giving Warzone 2.0 … Read more

Analysts said what is preventing peace in Ukraine. The Kremlin wants to exploit the West, they warned

Russia is trying to exploit the fact that the West wants peace negotiations. This was pointed out by analysts from the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW). According to them, the Kremlin hopes that Western leaders will offer concessions to Moscow under pressure. Russia is not interested in peace. But the West is … Read more

The presidential election has three favorites. Experts urge others to resign

The last pre-election survey clearly showed that the election of the president has three favorites who will probably fight for two seats in the second round – Andrej Babiš, Petr Pavel and Danuša Nerudová. This is also why opinions are beginning to appear that some candidates lagging behind in the polls should give up their … Read more

Advanced artificial intelligence to triumph at Diplomacy

A group of researchers from the Meta Fundamental AI Research Diplomacy Team (FAIR), affiliated with several American scientific institutions, has added a trading module to its artificial intelligence system to play the game Diplomacy. And the results, in the opinion of the researchers, are not only particularly impressive, but also helped to conceal the true … Read more

She cut the patient off the oxygen. The woman was disturbed by the sound of the pulmonary ventilator, so she turned it off

A patient at a clinic in Mannheim, Germany, committed an act that is difficult to understand on Tuesday. The woman was disturbed by the sound of her roommate’s pulmonary ventilator, so she simply turned off the device. And that twice. Doctors had to revive the elderly woman who was disconnected from oxygen. The second woman … Read more

An actor (56) from popular series has died. No one can explain his death

America’s favorite actor Brad William Henke is dead. He starred in countless popular series, including Miami or Law and Order. But he is most famous for his role as Desi Piscatella in Girls Behind Bars. He was 56 years old. The unexpected death of Brad William Henke has shocked the American entertainment industry. The serial … Read more

Arctic air will hit Europe. Meteorologists have made the winter forecast more precise

Meteorologists already have a clearer idea of ​​the winter weather in Europe. It will be affected by changes in the high pressure system that will push freezing arctic air towards the old continent. The effect of the polar vortex is also reflected in the temperatures. They will fall below zero in the Czech Republic even … Read more