The current activity of Danuša Nerudová may increase the intensity of the second round, says political scientist Lenka Hrbková – A2larm

M.Sc. Lenka Hrbková, Ph.D. works as an assistant professor at the Department of Political Science of Masaryk University and at the SYRI National Institute. In her research she focuses on the issue of women in politics, she is currently working on the research project Women as Citizens and Politicians in Europe. We talked about Danuša … Read more

State of stress: what are the practices to follow to relax?

Understand a state of stress to better deal with it Stress: what is it? A natural reaction that manifests itself emotionally and physically, stress usually arises in the face of a particular situation. If it is chronic in nature, it can manifest itself differently, through different disorders. It is therefore triggered by a situation assimilated … Read more

Emirates News Agency – ADNOC Distribution pledges to reduce the carbon intensity of its operations by 25% by 2030

Friday, January 20, 2023 – 10:46 AM The company plans to reduce its carbon emissions through several initiatives, such as installing solar panels at its stations, and relying on biofuels to operate its fleet of vehicles. ADNOC Distribution becomes the first retail fuel distribution company in the UAE to obtain financing linked to specific sustainability … Read more

The intensity of the flu decreased in Latvia last week; 20 Covid-19 patients died / Article

The intensity of the flu has decreased In the past week, a total of 417.2 cases per 100,000 inhabitants were registered, while the week before – 744.8. Higher incidence of influenza from January 9 to 15 was registered in children in the age group of 0-4 years. The number of patients who went to outpatient … Read more

Strong gusts of wind, the firefighters “resize” the intensity of the Fòcara

NOVOLI – A Fòcara powered by the wind, so much so as to force 115 to intervene. The great bonfire of Novoli, in honor of Sant’Antonio Abate, was in fact reached by the firefighters of the provincial command because it was threatened by the violent gusts of wind that have been blowing over Salento in … Read more

Rain Intensity Increases, Dengue Cases Increase

KENDARINEWS.COM–The case of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) in Kolaka Regency continues to increase. According to the latest data from the local Health Office, the number of dengue cases in Bumi Mekongga in 2022 from January to November reached 193 cases. Of these, five people died. “For data for December this year the report has not … Read more

Medium intensity tremor is registered in the north of the country

At 01:46 this Friday, an earthquake was registered in the coquimbo region. According to information from the National Seismological Center, the movement had a magnitude of 4.2the epicenter was located 62.1 kilometers west of La Higuera. Local Time: 2022/12/16 01:46:34, Mag: 4.2, Lat: -29.61, Lon: -71.83, Prof: 38.0, Loc: 62.1 km W of La Higuera … Read more

Due to the intensity of competition.. “Skoda” is considering withdrawing from China

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" The weekly Automobil-Woche magazine quoted Klaus Zilmer, CEO of the company, as saying that the competition is very fierce in the field. China "So we will study with our Chinese joint venture partner how to proceed and if we want to focus our energy, it is worth considering all scenarios … Read more

Why high intensity training kills hunger –

from Christine Brown Scientists have discovered a new molecule produced in high quantities after strenuous physical activity (but not after walking). The hypothesis that it is capable of reducing appetite Those who train often ask themselves the question: why do you feel hungry after certain exercises and not at all after others? In particular after … Read more

The Institute of War predicts an increase in the intensity of hostilities in Ukraine in the coming weeks

US experts say that Ukrainian and Russian reports from the front lines in eastern and southern Ukraine, including from Svatove, Bakhmut and Vuhledar, indicate that operations on both sides are currently being hampered by heavy rain and mud. However, meteorologists predict that temperatures will drop and the ground will freeze in Ukraine next week, which … Read more