An Olavarriense is admitted to intensive care after the crash on Route 51

after this monday there would be a strong shock on the Route 51 and Pueyrredón between a car and a truck, An Olavarriense was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Municipal Hospital. The incident occurred on the morning of this monday after an unfortunate maneuver that led to the impact by reach between … Read more

Anticipating Measles, Citeureup Health Center Intensive Child Immunization

CITEUREUP-BOGOR RADAR, The Citeureup Health Center is intensifying the immunization program and administering vitamin A to children. This is a step to prevent an increase in cases of measles infection in Citeureup District. “We are currently continuing our efforts sweeping immunization and giving vitamin A to children, to prevent measles,” said the Head of UPT … Read more

Saturated hospitals: ‘We almost have to put bunk beds in intensive care’

Despite several catch-ups between the different waves, 12 to 24% of operations are still postponed. This is particularly the case in vascular surgery or heart transplantation for example. Pneumology and geriatrics are also lagging behind. However, the report notes a significant catch-up rate in oncology and in cancer treatments. The audit particularly points to the … Read more

An emergency health crisis.. Egyptian musician Helmy Bakr is in intensive care

The Egyptian musician Helmy Bakr suffered an emergency health crisis, which necessitated his urgent transfer to the hospital and his admission to intensive care in the early hours of Friday morning. In the details, the Egyptian musician was a guest on one of the programs, but after completing the filming he felt tired and unable … Read more

Persecution of an alleged thief in the La Lata neighborhood ended with a policeman in intensive care

Last Sunday Maximiliano David E. was accused out loud by a woman of stealing his cell phone in a line bus. Upon arriving at Corrientes and Nora Lagos, the area of ​​the old village of La Lata, the suspect practically jumped off the bus and began to run. The woman sought help and troops patrolling … Read more

In the intensive care unit after birth

The Spain striker reveals his wife Alice Campello Morata is in intensive care in Madrid after suffering complications during the birth of their fourth child. Italian Campello will receive specialist treatment at the University Hospital in Madrid. It was Morata himself who told about the drama at Instagram when he shared photos of his newborn … Read more

A high number of children are in intensive care due to a weaker immune system

©  Shutterstock For weeks, many classroom seats have been empty and hospitals – including intensive care units – have been flooded with sick children. How did that happen? Has their immunity dropped after the corona period? And are they now making up for the damage? “Our immune system has indeed been less stimulated to produce … Read more

ANTWERP LIVE. Head of intensive care UZA: “More than ever rising number of streptococcal infections of the respiratory tract in children” (Antwerp)

The number of complex pneumonias in children has increased sharply in the past year, the children’s ward of the UZA in Edegem is almost full. “We are affected by a gathering of respiratory infections,” says Philippe Jorens, head of intensive care (UZA). Bron: ATV Today at 10:47 “An RSV epidemic that irritates the lungs of … Read more

“It’s been a long time since such a high number of children were in intensive care”: what is going on and how bad is the situation?

©  Shutterstock For weeks, many classroom seats have been empty and hospitals – including intensive care units – have been flooded with sick children. How did that happen? Which diseases are concerned? And are children longer and more seriously ill? Experts answer. Silke Remmery Today at 03:00

Emergency situation at the children’s intensive care unit at Karolinska

A transcript from Dagens Nyheter, 2022-12-18 01:22 Original address of the article: Updated 2022-12-16 Published 2022-12-16 The RS virus has made an already strained situation catastrophic in the children’s intensive care unit at Karolinska University Hospital in Solna, according to the nurses’ and doctors’ union. Photo: Lisa Mattisson The work situation in the children’s … Read more