Who are the unvaccinated with COVID-19 in intensive care?

Unvaccinated people, who account for half of patients with a severe form of COVID-19 in intensive care have a very different medical profile from that of patients who have complied with the vaccination schedule. As we previously stated in a January 19 article, all adequately immunized people who require intensive care suffer from a significant … Read more

Covid: 186,740 positive, 468 victims. The positive rate down to 13%, +9 le intensive – Health

There are 186,740 new infections from Covid in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Yesterday there were 77,696. The victims are 468, while yesterday there were 352. Of the 468 deaths recorded in the last 24 in the Covid bulletin of the Ministry of Health, 186 occurred in the … Read more

Why was Leonid Kuravlev transferred from intensive care to hospice? | Person | culture

People’s Artist of the RSFSR Leonid Kuravleva, who had previously been treated for pneumonia, was transferred from the intensive care unit of the hospital in Kommunarka to a hospice. According to media reports, this decision of doctors is associated with an incurable disease of the actor, from which he suffered even before hospitalization with a … Read more

No vax, in Ferrara the doctor who called virologists “pseudoscientists” died of Covid. He had been in intensive care for a month

The doctor Roberto Marescotti, originally from Copparo (in the Ferrara area) died on January 18 due to the Coronavirus. No vax convinced, he was not immunized and was among the protagonists of the “No fear day“, The demonstrations that brought together the local community opposed to the vaccine. He had been hospitalized in the intensive … Read more

No deaths in the last 24 hours in Trentino due to Covid, hospitalized patients rise: 23 in intensive care – Chronicle

TRENTO. Circa 10,000 swabs yesterday they identified another 1,675 infections from Covid in Trentino: this is reported in the daily bulletin of the Provincial Health Services Agency which confirms the absence of deaths linked to the virus in the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, Covid patients in hospital rise to 162 after 16 new admissions were registered … Read more

Mino Raiola, for Bild “is in intensive care at San Raffaele. His condition has worsened”. The prosecutor’s staff denies it

The German newspaper Bild is sure of this: Mino Raiola, already hospitalized on January 12 at the San Raffaele in Milan, is in the intensive care unit. According to the tabloid’s sources, the condition of the famous Italian-Dutch prosecutor has worsened, albeit Alberto Zangrillo, head physician at the Milanese hospital, had immediately clarified to the … Read more

Intensive preparations for the start of the World Mixed Martial Arts Championship

Abu Dhabi: Muhammad Mustafa The Abu Dhabi Sports Council revealed the latest developments and preparations for hosting the World Mixed Martial Arts Championship, which will be held at the Arena Jujitsu in Zayed Sports City, from January 24 to 29, in a move that confirms the prestigious position and reputation of the capital Abu Dhabi … Read more

What do we know about children hospitalized and admitted to intensive care for Covid-19? – Liberation

Question asked by Stéphanie on January 15, Hello, You ask us about the profile of children subject to serious cases of Covid-19. For several weeks, the increase in hospitalizations and intensive care admissions of the youngest has been widely reported in the media, and sometimes used by health authorities as argument in favor of vaccinating … Read more

Covid-19. For the moment, the number of patients in intensive care is not falling in Brittany

“We remain, for the moment in the West, on a plateau in terms of Covid hospitalizations in intensive care units”, explains Professor Pierre Tattevin, head of the infectiology department at the University Hospital of Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), in Brittany. “We are not yet observing, as is the case in Ile-de-France or in other regions, a drop … Read more

Covid: intensive care down, another 522 new positives – Valle d’Aosta

The number of intensive care admissions at the Parini hospital in Aosta is down to five out of 33 places available. Yellow zone numbers compared to the system introduced by the Government. In the last 24 hours in Valle d’Aosta – according to what was reported in the bulletin of the Valle d’Aosta Region on … Read more