After inflation rose to 19%, is the central bank heading to raise the interest rate in December?

Amid expectations of interest rate fixation, the Monetary Policy Committee meets with Egyptian Central Bank In the last meetings of the current year, Thursday, December 22, to discuss the fate of interest rate Where the local and international arena witnessed several developments following the last meeting of the “extraordinary” committee, on October 27, during which … Read more

13 banks raise interest rates on certificates.. How much has the return become?

04:34 PM Friday, November 18, 2022 Tibet – Manal Al-Masry: Thirteen banks modified interest rates on certificates after the central bank’s decision to liberalize the exchange rate last October, while other banks are working on settling for raising their interest rates after measuring the impact of competition on their liquidity and customer movements. And the … Read more

Leaving money in the bank yields less and less. Savings Certificates are (even more) attractive

On average, Portuguese banks offer an interest rate on deposits eleven times lower than that offered by European banks. Savings Certificates are more attractive products, but the Portuguese still have a lot of money stopped in deposits The European Central Bank (ECB) signaled for the first time, in December last year, that the first rise … Read more

Families have 180 billion euros to be devalued in banks

Deposit rates are far below inflation. And that is a disincentive to saving. The analysis in the weekly section “People Are Not Numbers”. Yesterday was World Savings Day and there were repeated warnings and calls for savings. The problem is that the preferred destination for the Portuguese to put their savings are banks – and … Read more

After the Central Bank’s decision… 4 private banks raise the interest rate on certificates and deposits (details)

4 of Banks for taking a decision to raise interest rates On 3-year savings certificates or short-term deposit, this decision will be implemented from this time Banks To raise the interest rate, starting from the month of October, with the aim of providing a high rate of return on customers’ savings. Raising interest rates in … Read more

Millionaire’s certificate.. 5 banks compete to offer high interest rates

12:54 PM Friday October 21 2022 I wrote – Manal Al-Masry: Competition has increased among banks to offer savings certificates at a high interest rate, to attract the savings of “millionaire” customers. The Commercial International Bank, CIB, and QNB Al Ahli Egypt joined to offer this certificate, along with the Housing and Development Banks, Al … Read more

Is your home loan agreement reviewed in November? Get ready. The increase in the installment can exceed 200 euros

Euribor rates continue to rise at great speed in October and only with data from the first half of the month it is already certain that the average will be well above the value of September. Revised housing loan contracts next month will increase (a lot). Find your situation in 12 simulations inflation [na zona … Read more

The National Bank raises interest rates on dollar savings certificates

01:52 PM Saturday 08 October 2022 I wrote – Manal Al-Masry: The National Bank of Egypt announced the amendment of the fixed interest rates for the new gold certificate in US dollars issued by the bank for a period of 3 years, as well as the dollar certificates of the people of Egypt with terms … Read more

Do you believe that ECB interest rates will reach 4% as early as 2023? The OECD believes. If you’re right, the house payment will go up brutally

If the OECD forecast is confirmed, Euribor rates could reach the level of 5%, as has happened in the past. The monthly installment of those who have housing credit can double. See the simulations The president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Christine Lagarde, made a point of reaffirming this week what her main mission … Read more