Buya Arrazy’s son was shot by a Patwal member’s weapon, Propam must intervene

Thursday, 23 June 2022 – 16:34 WIB Commissioner of National Police, Poengky Indarti. Photo: ANTARA/Evarukdijati, JAKARTA – The National Police Commission (Kompolnas) asked the National Police Propam to intervene in the shooting incident of the son of the famous preacher Buya Arrazy Hasyim, HSW (3) on Wednesday (22/6) in Palang Village, Tuban, East Java. … Read more

Viral Unscrupulous Palak Community Organization Project Workers in West Jakarta, Police Intervene

Jakarta – A post on social media contains an action extortion what two men did to the project company workers. The perpetrator claimed to be member of social organization (organizations). The incident is said to have occurred in Cengkareng, West Jakarta, on Tuesday (21/6). The perpetrators are suspected of extorting residents amounting to Rp. 1.5 … Read more

When will the Central Bank intervene the dollar? Scotiabank makes the bets of the moment

The exchange rate has been hit by a strong depreciation against the dollar during June, climbing more than $60 so far this month and bringing it close to $890, a historical record. Faced with this scenario, Scotiabank prepared a report where it addresses the local situation of the US currency. The Canadian bank noted that … Read more

Vladimir Putin wants to be witched, Japanese police intervene

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAPAN – Russian President Vladimir Putin want to be shaved? Yes! The information emerged from Japan. There was an attempt at witchcraft on Putin in Japan after many cursed straw dolls were found using his face image. The dolls were found at a shrine in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture, nailed to the surrounding trees. The … Read more

NHL | The striker Kadri from Colorado was in the operation with his thumb, but he may intervene in the final

Kadri, a teammate of the Czech goalkeeper Pavel Francouz, has a basic part of the NHL with a balance of 28 goals and 59 passes in 71 matches. He added 14 points for six goals and eight assists in thirteen playoff games. The third semi-final duel for the Canadian center ended after 66 seconds, when … Read more

Conflict in Brazil training. Neymar had to intervene

Camera lenses captured the fuss among footballers. After a while, the mutual quarrel between the attacking aces grew into a push and even the biggest star of the South Americans, Neymar, had to intervene. What caused the exchange of views remains unclear, with Everton’s striker grabbing his White Ballet teammate by the jersey and explaining … Read more

Rat meatballs go viral in Karawang, police intervene, meatballs are brought to the laboratory, here are the results

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, KARAWANG — Upload videos on social media accounts @leogirl631, related rat meatball from Karawang long tail. The Indonesian Noodle and Meatball Traders Association (Papmiso) said: revenue meatball seller from Karawang fell by 30 to 40 percent. The accusation was not proven based on the laboratory test results of the Karawang Agriculture Service and the … Read more

The Czech National Bank has started to intervene for a strong koruna. He thus intervenes against his upcoming Governor Michel

Koruna she started to strengthen her sweat a little while ago esk nrodn banka in fact intervened against his enthusiast guvernrovi. I’m selling it foreign exchange reserves they are trying to reverse the trend of noticeable weakening crownwhich occurred in connection with the public name of the pigeon councilor Michla we will govern and speculation, … Read more

Former Ilva, M5s-Pd-Leu vote against the government on the money diverted from land reclamations. Iv abstains. Salvini: “Incorrect, Draghi must intervene”

A new split, plastic. This time onIlva of Taranto. M5s, Democratic party on the one hand, Lega e Come on Italy on the other and Italy Viva (come Brothers of Italy) in the middle. There majority splits on a amendment al by the decree of Ukraine twice proposed by Five Stars movementto which the government … Read more