We hate you, get out! The fans attack Vaclík after the intervention on Ronaldo

Great criticism was directed at Czech goalkeeper Tomáš Vaclík after his tackle on Cristiano Ronaldo, in which he broke the famous Portuguese’s nose. Now the goalkeeper of Olympiakos has published photos on his Instagram account, under which fans of the famous football player are cursing him. The match against Portugal took place already on Saturday … Read more

“Working parents should not have priority for nurseries”: the intervention of Minister Bénédicte Linard goes wrong

It is not only on nuclear energy and mobility that opinions differ between ecologists and liberals. This Tuesday, Ecolo and MR opposed the Parliament of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation on the issue of the accessibility of crèches. In response to a question from MP MR Véronique Durenne, the Minister for Early Childhood Bénédicte Linard (Ecolo) indeed … Read more

Good news was given for 81 provinces one by one! Intervention came to gasoline, diesel and LPG: the record discount will be valid until the end of the month

Good news was given for 81 provinces one by one! Intervention came to gasoline, diesel and LPG: the record discount will be valid until the end of the month – After the increasing fuel prices in Turkey, new campaigns continue to be announced by state banks. Accordingly, the price tariff on the pump will change. … Read more

Gina Lollobrigida operated in Rome: ‘Intervention perfectly successful’ – Chronicle

Gina Lollobrigida underwent surgery today after the fracture of the femur sustained in a fall at home last Saturday. “The doctors assure us that the operation was perfectly successful”, announces the lawyer Antonio Ingroia, lawyer of the great actress from Ciociaria. Lollobrigida will remain under observation for a few hours then she will return to … Read more

Sepsis kills one person every 2.8 seconds! Early intervention saves lives

It kills one person every 2.8 seconds! prof. Dr. Sibel Temür said, “Sometimes the infection side and sometimes organ failure are at the forefront in patients. However, if the picture is suspicious and rapid diagnosis and emergency treatment cannot be started, the life risk reaches 70 percent.” Underlining that personal factors are also very important … Read more

immediate intervention by the firefighters and the men of the Guardia di Finanza who rescued a 62-year-old disabled person by taking him in their arms and avoiding making him take risks

Editorial board 11 September 2022 08:41 Share Moments of fear this morning at dawn in the historic center of Agrigento. In fact, a violent fire broke out in a house in via Formica, a road that connects via Empedocle with the upstream area. The initial spark – of an accidental nature – flared up, according … Read more

Naike Rivelli attacks Ferragni: Codacons’ intervention requested

Naike Rivelli is not there and with a post he focuses on Chiara Ferragni for a video: the intervention of Codacons is required. Here we go again one would say. After the video posted by Chiara Ferragni and the attack of Selvaggia LucarelliNaike’s determined thrust also arrives Rivelli. Chiara Ferragni (AnsaFoto) At the center of … Read more

Another intervention record on the crown – FAEI.cz

The central bank has been massively intervening since May, and its activity gradually gained strength. The CNB undoubtedly has room for intervention thanks to the high level of foreign exchange reserves, the greater part of which it accumulated during the exchange rate regime applied in 2013-2017. Given that the crown lacks strong economic fundamentals (mainly … Read more

Historical EU intervention in the energy market

The portal reached a document in which the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union warns that the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the continuous cuts in energy supplies by Moscow and the recent “complete and indefinite interruption of” gas supplies via the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline “are intensifying and have a serious … Read more

Energy crisis. What is the plan of the European Union? A historic EU intervention is underway

The European Union wants to curb the rise in energy prices this week – Politico informs about the historical intervention on the energy market in the face of the winter energy crisis. According to a document found by the portal, the EU is considering excess profit charges and gas price caps. Experts from the European … Read more