Sky Post Medical Office|Small Intestinal Gas is not a patent for children, long-term neglect, fear of intestinal perforation, belly rot, dismantling the symptoms of the tummy tuck + 2 types of surgery respectively – Sky Post – Health – Gastrointestinal Health

Intestinal gas, also known as hernia, is often misunderstood as a disease of children. In fact, it is very common for adults to suffer from small intestinal gas. Intestinal gas actually means that organs or tissues of the body pass through some pores and move to an unusual position. If these tissues cannot pass through … Read more

the intestinal balance changes during the day and the seasons

It would be much more dynamic than we thought. The intestinal microbiota exhibits daily and seasonal fluctuations. This was revealed by researchers from the University of California in San Diego (USA) during the congress Digestive Disease Week (DDW). To reach this conclusion, they performed a studyin which they used data from about 20,000 stool samples … Read more

Foods that destroy intestinal flora

Intestinal flora refers to the set of bacteria, viruses and fungi that populate the digestive tract. A poor balance of this microbiota (due to a poor diet) would be responsible for various diseases. Discover the foods that are harmful to the intestinal flora. What is intestinal flora? The digestive tract contains millions of microorganisms. This … Read more

New research: Broccoli can protect the intestines or is a good product for thrombolysis | Small intestinal lining | Reverse stroke | Lower blood pressure

Cooking broccoli in the air fryer concentrates the natural sweetness of the stalks and adds a caramelized texture. ((Joe Lingeman/TNS)) A recent study conducted by researchers at Penn State University found that in experimental animal models, certain molecular components contained in broccoli can help protect the small intestinal lining of animals, thereby preventing disease. effect. … Read more

Intestinal diseases are linked to increased cancer risk –

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis involve a chronic inflammation of the intestine. The condition is also called inflammatory bowel disease, IBD. A study now shows that IBD can increase the risk of developing lymph node cancer, lymphoma, which is a form of cancer that affects the immune system. – Previous studies of lymphoma risk in … Read more

Intestinal Cancer Can Attack at a Young Age, Beware of Stool Characteristics Like This

Jakarta – Cancer is a disease caused by the growth of malignant abnormal cells in the body. This cell growth can occur in all organs of the body. Because the growth is uncontrolled, as a result these abnormal cells damage the normal cells around them. One of the cancers with the highest cases in the … Read more

The diet has a greater influence on the intestinal flora than the intestinal defense molecules

the effect of defensins in shaping the composition of the adult microbiota is quite small compared to the diet The results have been published in the scientific journal Microbiology Spectrum. – While the effect of defensins in shaping the composition of the adult microbiota is quite small compared to the diet, defensins still have a … Read more