Everyone should invest in real estate, says Streblov from Penta

Real estate investments have always been and will always be the best. And this applies even today, says Pavel Streblov, head of commercial construction of the Penta group. The real estate market frozealthough the demand is still there. Investorsalso due to high interest rates, they are waiting. “Historically, real estate investments have been proven to … Read more

Wall Street ends lower, China and the Fed take its breath away – 11/28/2022 at 22:42

Operators of the New York Stock Exchange (GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/SPENCER PLATT) The New York Stock Exchange ended lower on Monday, concerned about the possible consequences for the Chinese economy of the protest movement underway in the country, as well as proactive statements by American central bankers. The Dow Jones lost 1.45%, the Nasdaq index … Read more

Why people with only yen assets may lose a lot | Investment | Toyo Keizai Online

Due to the uncertain international situation, investing in yen alone can be risky. (Photo: tsukat/Pixta) I don’t think there has ever been a time in recent years when the so-called “emergency” was more conscious than this year. Beginning with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, supply shortages such as oil and natural gas suddenly occurred, and energy … Read more

Stock market tips of the week – 11/26/2022 at 08:35

Stock market advice of the week. (© DR) Our advice on 18 Alstom actions Profitability remains low Sell We open Unsurprisingly, the stainless steel specialist is beginning to suffer from the economic downturn. Its operating profit for the third quarter reached 187 million euros, down 22% over one year and 47% compared to the previous … Read more

Dollar Yen “Possibility of Falling to 130 Yen” Mid-term Technical Analysis Shows Future US Dollar Outlook 2022/11/25 – Gaitame.com Money Education Channel

table of contents ▼Plummeted to the 139 yen level following the results of the November manufacturing/service industry PMI▼ Check the dollar-yen exchange rate with technical analysis▼Points to be aware of when trading USD/JPY Plunge to the 139 yen level in response to the results of the US manufacturing/services PMI in November The US dollar/yen pair … Read more

Nestlé to invest nearly $1.9 billion in Saudi Arabia over 10 years

Swiss food giant Nestlé will invest 7 billion Saudi riyals (nearly $1.9 billion) in Saudi Arabia over 10 years, including for the construction of a factory due to open in 2025, a- he announced yesterday in a press release. The factory will manufacture baby products and ready-to-drink coffee drinks for the local market as well … Read more

Darius Svidleras: Is it the best time to invest in a third-tier pension fund?

Recently, the situation in global financial markets has been characterized by high volatility. It goes without saying that this worries not only investors, but also residents saving in pension funds. However, despite fluctuations in fund values ​​and ever-changing market conditions, historical examples and long-term trends suggest that average returns can be expected over the long … Read more

D. Mockus: I am willing to invest next year

Darius Mockus, shareholder and manager of MG Grup. photo of Vladimir Ivanovs (V). Darius Mockus, president of MG Group, one of Lithuania’s largest production, trade, real estate (NT) and media groups, says that the war in Ukraine is slowing down sales of more expensive real estate. We are now facing a wait and because of … Read more

“I made a 10 percent profit this year, while the stock markets collapse.” In which stocks does Robbe (24) invest? And what does our money expert think of his strategy? | My Guide: Money

Even though he is only 24, Robbe Delaet from Buggenhout has been involved with the stock market for half of his life. He has so far invested around 35,000 euros and is now an independent stock market analyst. In recent years, his personal portfolio has also undergone a thorough metamorphosis. What choices and mistakes did … Read more

“Ignitis grupė” will invest the unplanned profit in the development of production in Lithuania

“Ignitis grupė” will allocate the unplanned profit earned this year to the development of a new energy infrastructure in Lithuania, there is no plan to allocate the profit to a higher than planned dividend growth; Due to the extreme situation in the energy markets, the net working capital of “Ignitis Group” increased to 1.068 billion. … Read more