BTP Italia, here’s how much and how to invest: the expert speaks

Italians have always had a “controversial” relationship with money, especially when the need to save and invest arises, as the local population, unlike other countries, is not yet fully convinced of the concept of investment of money that is still perceived as something that is not necessary for ordinary citizens. Despite this, for several years … Read more

Mazda joins with Kuang Tai Group to invest more than 300 million baht to open a new showroom and service center in Bangna Km. 29 area.

Monday 08 August 2022, 10.33 a.m. Mazda joins with the Kuang Tai Group to spend more than 300 million baht. Opened a new showroom and a fully integrated service center in Bangna km. 29 area. Mazda Sales Thailand joins hands with the Kuang Tai Group to invest more than 300 million baht in the opening … Read more

Life insurance: can you be prevented from withdrawing your money?

(Crédits photo: © Andrii Yalanskyi – Faced with 2% of the Livret A, the euro life insurance funds pale in comparison. To prevent savers from selling off their assets, a blocking of redemptions is possible. But in what case? Par MoneyVox, In 2021, the average yield of euro funds of life insurance contracts was … Read more

Mobile Homes: Why Invest?

At a time when moments spent in the fresh air are valued more than ever before, mobile homes on your own plot can become a real luxury that is hard to give up. Modern mobile homes, also known as camping POD cabins, are a great choice for just a small family or group vacation of … Read more

VMG Group will install a 3.23 megawatt solar power plant in Klaipėda: it will invest 2 million. euros

According to the company’s general director Egidijus Mockaus, all the energy that the VMG group purchases on the market is currently produced from renewable resources. However, in the long term, the volume of sustainable energy produced by the company itself will be consistently increased. “Solar and wind energy are our priority areas. We have already … Read more

Investing in crypto? Here are top tips from an expert

Is it the right time to invest in cryptocurrencies? The answer will be cautious… While the question remains sulphurous. Diving into investments of a new era which remain frowned upon by our authorities. ******* **** *** ******************** **** ***** ***** ******* *** ******* *********** ******* ** ********* **** ** ******* ************ *************** *** ** ****** … Read more

Scammed of €30,000 by wanting to invest in cryptocurrency in Eupen!

Posted on Sunday, July 31, 2022 at 11:06 a.m. A resident of the Eupen region who wishes to acquire cryptocurrency was scammed and lost around 30,000 euros! Bad surprise for a resident of the Eupen region who wanted to invest his money in cryptocurrency. When she realized that it was a scam, the person quickly … Read more

For Egyptians abroad.. How to invest your money in Egypt in dollars and what is the price

03:31 PM Saturday 30 July 2022 I wrote – Manal Al-Masry: Egyptian banks offer various savings pots in foreign currency to Egyptian clients working abroad who wish to invest their money or part of it in dollars, euros or sterling, in addition to the products offered in Egyptian pounds. Three banks, namely Al-Ahly, Egypt and … Read more

Barclays: Brokerage error weighs on first-half earnings – 7/28/2022 at 11:28 a.m.

BARCLAYS: BROKERAGE MISTAKE TOUCH FIRST HALF PROFITS par Lawrence White LONDON (Reuters) – Barclays’ half-year profit fell more than expected due to a charge of 1.9 billion pounds (2.27 billion euros), mainly to cover the costs of buying back structured products from the states States sold by mistake. The bank reported first-half profit before tax … Read more

The Bank of Thailand revealed that the baht continued to depreciate. From the strong dollar | World Economic Summary 27 Jul 65

#Economic #Economic #Economic #BOT #Depreciation #Baht #Fed #Interest #Invest #Hard Dollar #Early Rise #Thai Economy #Bank of Thailand #US Dollar The Bank of Thailand revealed that the baht continued to depreciate. from a strong dollar and expected after the Fed raised interest rates Investors will shift their money out of the country of risky assets … Read more