The music sector asks RTVE to invest 20 million and TV a percentage of profits in musical content

MADRID, 24 Nov. (EUROPA PRESS) – The Federation of Music of Spain (Es_Música) has released a document with fifteen essential and urgent measures for the revival of the music industry as consequence of the Covid-19 crisis. Among other measures, demands a minimum investment from Radio Televisión Española (RTVE) of 20 million euros for musical content … Read more

Crisis: employee loans, a still confidential option

The government does not speak “absolutely” of this tool which “could reduce the state bill” by reducing recourse to short-time working. (illustration) ( AFP / MYCHELE DANIAU ) It is a hidden device that lives in the massive shadow of recourse to partial unemployment. Yet facilitated by the government, the loan of labor between companies … Read more

Latin American companies are more resilient: 85% plan to invest more in their digital transformation after the pandemic

Microsoft held the digital event Reimagine Latin America where he shared the vision of the future with business leaders from across the region. The event had different talks on how companies can improve their resilience and reinvent themselves. The study was also presented: “The digital path to business resilience”Carried out by the consulting firm Boston … Read more

Barcelona will invest 10 million euros in entrepreneurial projects | Present

The Barcelona City Council will invest 10 million euros in six private venture capital funds with the aim of promoting the most innovative startups in the city and maintaining the competitiveness of the entrepreneurial and digital ecosystem that now has to face the effects of the coronavirus . According to a joint communication from the … Read more

Video – Daval’s discomfort: “his state of health is reassuring” (general counsel) – 11/18/2020 22:30:08

AFP Video•11/18/2020 at 10:30 PM Jonathann Daval, who appears before the assizes of Haute-Saône for the murder of his wife Alexia, made a “vagal discomfort” and “his state of health is reassuring”, according to Advocate General Emmanuel Dupic. Copyright © 2020 AFP. All rights of reproduction and representation reserved. All the information reproduced in this … Read more

Congress will invest more than 1 million pesos to BUY CHRISTMAS GIFTS

Lourdes Vazquez Guanajuato.- Despite calls for austerity in the use of resources, the State Congress They will spend almost 6 million pesos in the payment of Microsoft licenses for three years, although the payment is in dollars, and will allocate just over 1 million pesos to the purchase of Christmas gifts for the employees of … Read more

Microsoft: 85% of Latin American companies plan to invest more in their digital transformation after the pandemic

By As organizations in all parts of the world face the challenge of resilience during the Covid-19 pandemic and companies in all industries redefine themselves to survive, this lengthy crisis has taught us that no business is immune and that resilience , that is to say, the ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions … Read more

Invest in your professional future

A quality education is the best investment that anyone should make and take into account, especially in a world where tecology and the changing business model needs professionals with knowledge and tools that allow them to adapt to any situation. Therefore, in the face of the crisis that the world is going through, Insurgent Universitys … Read more

Barcelona City Council will invest 10 million in funds that finance ‘start-ups’

Barcelona City Council will invest 10 million euros in start-ups Barcelona and its metropolitan area with the aim of relaunching the local economy. The first lieutenant Jaume Collboni announced this morning that municipal resources will be channeled through a new fund, called Barcelona Accelerates, which will invest in six private venture capital funds that finance … Read more