Illegal immigration: SEF investigates three parish councils in Lisbon. There are addresses with more than 100 certificates issued

At least three parish councils in the municipality of Lisbon are in the sights of the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) due to fraudulent schemes to obtain a residence permit for immigrants. Expresso found that the issue is the issue of several hundred true residence certificates but with false data. These documents, issued by the … Read more

UK investigates ‘greenwashing’ of ‘fast fashion’ brands

These are brands regularly accused of being very polluting. The regulator British of competition, the CMA, will investigate these signs of ” fast fashion like Boohoo or Asos, to see if their environmental promises on certain products are misleading. The CMA warns that its investigation could be extended to other brands, according to a press … Read more

Avianca: why the Superindustry investigates it and what fine is exposed – Companies – Economy

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) initiated an investigation of the companies Aerovías del Continente Americano SA (Weather in Avianca) and Prices RES SAS for the alleged breach of the conditions imposed by the entity to a resolution that in 2018 authorized them, in a conditional manner, the integration operation to operate jointly in … Read more

The Nigerian Football Association investigates the penalty shootout scandal

The Nigeria Football Federation has opened an investigation into the Ogun State Cup final, which was played between Remo Stars and Ijibo United, after the penalty shootout scandal that spread on social media. The Secretary-General of the Federation, Mohamed Sanos, said that “the incident will not go unpunished” and what happened in the match “causes … Read more

Tanzania investigates mystery illness that killed 3

Tanzania has sent a team of doctors and health experts to the southeast of the country to investigate a mysterious illness that has claimed the lives of three people, Tanzanian authorities said on Wednesday. This sicknesswhose symptoms include nose bleeds, fever, headache et fatiguewas detected in the Lindi area, said Aifello Sichalwethe chief medical officer … Read more

Oaxaca Prosecutor investigates death of child after receiving vaccine

The Oaxaca Prosecutor’s Office started a research folder for the death of an 8 year old boy, five days after having received the Pfizer pediatric vaccine against covid-19. The relatives of the minor, who died this Sunday, July 10, in the municipality of Cuilapam de Guerreropointed out that it was as a result of being … Read more

Fire in northwest Rome, investigates the prosecutor. Assisted 93 people

The Rome prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation into the vast fire that broke out yesterday afternoon in the north-west area of ​​the capitalwhich has affected several areas from Pineta Sacchetti in Valle Aurelia and Balduina. In the investigation launched in piazzale Clodio, at the moment, the hypothesis of a negligent forest fire against unknown … Read more

The gold nugget of Zac Efron, the letters of soldier Jordan, Giallini writer – hermit, Clavier investigates in Saint-Tropez, Woody Harrelson the man from Toronto: films in cinemas, on Sky, Netflix and other platforms

He says: I’m looking for a man to take me to the border. Answer: Why are you going there, stranger? At the border they are being slaughtered. We will find out what happens in that distant hell as we go along. There is an apocalypse going on. Battles and climate change to face. The withered … Read more