Kiev, torture room in the police station in Izyum – World

(ANSA) – ROME, SEPTEMBER 19 – In the Izyum police department, which the Russian army had transformed into its headquarters while controlling the city of the Kharkiv region, Ukrainian forces have found a torture room. This was reported on Facebook by Sergey Bolvinov, head of the investigative department of the regional police. Investigators are now … Read more

The difference between the South Jakarta Police Investigator and the Penjaringan Police Investigator

Jakarta – In these two days, the Narcotics Head of the South Jakarta Metro Police AKBP Achmad Akbar and the Head of the Penjaringan Police AKP M Fajar examined by Propam for ethical violations. However, the two have unrelated problems. Here are the things that entangle the two: AKBP Achmad Akbar Dismissed Due to Case … Read more

Not Detaining, Criminal Investigation Police Investigator Claims To Take Several Steps To Block Princess Candrawati from Escape

Jakarta – Investigator Police Criminal Investigation not make arrests against Princess Candrawathi (PC) after undergoing examination for the first time as a suspect in a suspected premeditated murder case against Brigadier J. Head of Public Relations Division of Police Headquarters, Inspector General Said Prasteyo said a number of reasons became the basis for investigators not … Read more

Metro Jaya Police Investigator with the rank of AKBP Detained at the Mobile Brigade Headquarters

Friday, 12 August 2022 – 09:20 WIB National VIVA – Special Team (Timsus) investigating death cases Brigadier J re-appoint a middle rank Police officer AKBP suspected of violating the code of ethics. The Head of the Public Relations Division of the National Police Inspector General Pol Dedi Prasetyo said the officer was an investigator at … Read more

South Africa, 19 victims between the ages of 19 and 35 in two shootings – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, JULY 10 – The death toll from two shootings that took place around midnight last night in South Africa has risen to 19. In Soweto, near Johannesburg, 15 young men, including two women, were killed by several assailants who fired large-caliber weapons into the “fun-loving” crowd in a bar. The victims were … Read more

Man dies overwhelmed by train in Camogli – Liguria

The most accredited hypothesis is that of a suicide (ANSA) – GENOA, 02 JUN – A 48-year-old man, born in Milan, died this afternoon after being run over by an Intercity station at Camogli station, in the Genoese Levant. The railway traffic on the La Spezia-Genoa line was initially interrupted and has now been reactivated … Read more

SUBANG CASE FIRE, SHOCKING, YOSEF Subang Confessed That This Person Was Pressured More Than Investigators

DESKJABAR – Subang case or case mother and child killer in Subang burning! Surprising! Yosef Subang | confess more pressed this person is more than investigator. case witness mother and child killer in SubangYosef Hidayah or Yosef Subang | confess pressed by someone. This was conveyed by Yosef Subang | witness Subang case after playing … Read more

SUBANG CASE EXPOSED: It turns out that the footprints at the crime scene belonged to this witness!!!

PRIANGANTIMURNEWS – Development case from Subang which has taken the life Sure and Action from Subang It’s been almost eight months. However, the perpetrators of brain executions and others are still a public concern and it is certain that many really hope that this case will be revealed quickly. The reason is that we have … Read more

Chiara Frugoni, investigator of the Middle Ages, dies –

from ANTONIO CARIOTI was one of the most cultured and important voices in Italian historiography, author of fundamental books translated all over the world on St. Francis of Assisi The Middle Ages, with its spirituality and its materiality, was the field of investigation of the historian Chiara Frugoni, a scholar of great international prestige who … Read more

Former Investigator: Firli Bahuri for once to make Perkom 57 employees are prohibited from returning to the KPK Reporter, Ilham Rian Pratama TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Chairman IM57+ Institute Mochamad Praswad Nugraha evaluate Commission Regulation (Perkom) Number 1 of 2022 signed by the Chief Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Firli Bahuri similar to when drafting rules regarding National Insight Test (TWK). Underlying rules Firli Bahuri cs fired 57 officers on the grounds of not … Read more