Investing isn’t free…but that’s why 20% of investors think so

Death and taxes are two certainties of life, said Benjamin Franklin, one of the founders of the United States. Investment fees may be an important addition to that list in modern times – although not all investors are aware of this near-universal fact. The fees charged by financial services companies can be opaque: a fifth … Read more

How much is it now worth investing $1,000 in Nike 10 years ago?

Nike generated $12.4 billion in revenue in the most recent fiscal third quarter, exceeding Wall Street expectations. The company also achieved earnings per share that exceeded expectations by $0.79. Over many years, Nike has increased its ability to sell direct to the consumer rather than to retailers. The sportswear and shoe company has been able … Read more

List of the 11 most fashionable things worth investing in in March 2023. All aesthetes dream of these hit clothes, shoes and handbags

Pinterest 12 See the gallery GettyImages 12 See the gallery At the beginning of spring, we already dream about airy fabrics, an extended palette of colors and eccentric accessories that will attract attention on the streets. What are we sighing for in March? Here are the clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories that we plan to … Read more

Investing “SVB” in US bonds… a safe bet that has turned into a nightmare

The roots of the Silicon Valley bank collapse began a year ago when the Fed started raising interest rates Dubai – Samar Al-Masha Published in: March 20, 2023: 01:50 PM GST Last updated: Mar 20, 2023: 02:12 PM GST Not many people outside the banking sector and start-ups had heard of Silicon Valley Bank before … Read more

Investing means saving money wisely

By investing wisely, you can not only accumulate your money, but also make it earn for you. Different methods will be suitable for different savings goals. If security savings are recommended to be stable and affordable, then investment solutions will be more suitable for the purpose of long-term savings. Keep in mind that money that … Read more

Investing in individual stocks is when risk comes on the heels of high returns

Fifteen years of investing, Jonas Lalo, head of the construction company “Malagris”, currently has risky single shares of small capitalization companies in his portfolio. “It is possible that the investment will never pay off and that money will simply burn, but if the decision was right, it can have a tenfold return,” he says. Listen … Read more

True or false, the owner of the team “Liverpool” cleared the knot to strengthen the army. that is seen as not investing enough

On March 9, 2023, John W. Henry, owner of the “Reds” Liverpool team, the famous English Premier League team, came out to clear the issue of strengthening the army. that was seen as not investing enough budget Saying that it is an investment that is based on rational and prudent considerations. Previously, the board of … Read more

on the Baltic Exchange 20 years ago. T. Krakauskas, who started investing, does not leave it

Very often, the first steps in investing are taken on the local stock exchange. 20 years ago, Tomas Krakauskas, director of investment management at ME Investicija, manager of the Girteka Logistics group of logistics companies, did the same. Today, he continues to invest here and says that it is a great exchange for beginners. The … Read more

“The largest in the world”… Tesla is investing $5 billion in a factory on the border

The Mexican government announced on Tuesday that Tesla, a leading manufacturer of electric cars, will invest in Mexico about “5 billion dollars” to build its “largest factory” in the world. “We have attracted nearly $5 billion in investments to Mexico to create the world’s largest electric car factory,” Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Martha … Read more