Investidea. How to collect a profitable investment portfolio from cryptocurrencies :: RBC.Crypto

Senior Analyst Nikita Zuborev on how to distribute your investments in digital money in order to get a higher probability of earning than the market average, but at the same time to protect yourself from a possible drop in quotations The opinions of experts may not coincide with the position of the editorial board. … Read more

31 percent safety buffer: Thyssenkrupp with 16 percent chance

Saturday April 10th 2021 31 percent safety buffer Thyssenkrupp with a 16 percent chance With the recovery of the cyclical values, the Thyssenkrupp share also rises strongly. With Discount Certificates, investors can achieve high returns over the next few months even if the share cannot maintain its current upward trend. The Thyssenkrupp share, which was … Read more

KSP Responds to the Issue of Cabinet Reshuffle After the Investment Ministry’s Proposal is approved by the DPR

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Expert Staff of the Presidential Staff Office (KSP) Donny Gahral responded to the issue of a cabinet reshuffle that arose after the DPR approved the proposed formation Ministry of Investment. Donny said there are a number of criteria a figure must have to lead the Ministry of Investment. “Network (network) first. Investation … Read more

Aramco concludes $ 12.4 billion infrastructure investment deal with consortium led by EIG

“Saudi Aramco” logo Concluded Aramco Saudi Arabia A deal with a consortium led by EIG Global Energy Partners (EIG), one of the leading global investors in infrastructure in the energy sector, to optimize the value of its assets through a lease and leaseback agreement related to Saudi Aramco’s concentrated crude oil pipeline network. “Aramco” said … Read more

Happy Entrepreneurs BKPM Will Become Ministry of Investment

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Entrepreneurs have positively welcomed the government’s plan to raise the class of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Becomes Ministry of Investment. This will make the licensing process simpler. Deputy Chairman for Trade Benny Soetrisno said that currently the licensing process is still quite long. This is because entrepreneurs still have to … Read more

Bambang Pamit as Minister of Research and Technology, Jokowi Forms Ministry of Investment, Reshuffle Issues Echo

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Bambang Brodjonegoro said goodbye as Minister of Research and Technology (Menristek) after the House of Representatives (DPR) of the Republic of Indonesia approved the government’s proposal to merge the Ministry of Research and Technology (Kemenristek) with the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud). Bambang said his goodbye during a speech at the … Read more

What happened to the Shanghai Men’s Basketball team that couldn’t get a place in the playoffs with huge investment? -Mobile phone Xinmin

What happened to the Shanghai Men’s Basketball team that couldn’t get a place in the playoffs with huge investment?Fly into the homes of ordinary people Caption: Shanghai Men’s Basketball (yellow) lost to Shanxi 93 to 102, last night Hai Jiushi men’s basketball team lost to the Shanxi team, suffered a four-game losing streak. Speaking of … Read more

Jokowi Forms the Ministry of Investment and Combines the Ministry of Education and Culture and Research and Technology, DPR Agrees

Jakarta – The DPR in a plenary session for the closing of the IV session period 2020-2021 approved the proposal of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) regarding the formation of Ministry of Investment. In addition, the DPR agreed to merge the Ministry of Education and Culture with the Ministry of Research and Technology. “And according to … Read more

This means Polaris’ investment for

Thursday morning we went out with the news that Polaris Media has invested in the company behind, Good Game AS through a private placement. This is something the company – including us in – has been working on for some time, and we are excited to bring in fresh funds to build on. … Read more

Can air purifiers help reopen the catering industry? “Whole investment, but can be useful”

There are different types of air purifiers. According to Laverge, you should take into account the “Clean Air Delivery Rate” when making your choice. This indicates how many cubic meters the air purifier purifies per hour. An air purifier that can purify a large space therefore comes at a cost. “For restaurants of average size, … Read more