Suddenly, what happened to Jackie Chan’s withdrawal from Lin Fengjiao’s wholly-owned company? Earn 2 billion in 6 years to dig into Jackie Chan’s investment territory

  Introduction:In the six years from 2015 to 2020 alone, Jackie Chan’s cumulative income has reached 2 billion yuan, not including the appreciation of the real estate under Jackie Chan’s early efforts and the hidden benefits of investment. There is no doubt that in the 40 years of Jackie Chan’s fire, he has accumulated at least … Read more

The United States reported unemployment claims at 4.12 lakh, the highest in a month.

Bloomberg News Agency reported that the US Department of Labor. It revealed the number of applicants for unemployment benefits for the first time last week (6 June-12 June 21) at 412,000, up from the previous week (30 May – 5. July 21) at 375,000, the first increase in two months since April and the highest … Read more

Agribusiness giant makes a million dollar investment in SC

Group intends to invest R$442 million, generating more than 600 job openings O JBS Group, owner of several brands linked to agribusiness in Brazil, will make a millionaire investment in the Planalto Norte de Santa Catarina. With the release of environmental licenses by the state government, R$ 442 million will be invested in the modernization … Read more

millionaire investment by the EU, but it is only 47% effective

Tommaso Lecca June 17, 2021 2:15 pm The stock market crash of CureVac – due to the news that its anti-Covid vaccine is 47% effective – embarrasses the European Union, which had signed a maxi supply contract with the German company. The pharmaceutical company based in Tübingen (35 kilometers from Stuttgart), last November 17 had … Read more

Its investment in Turkey has exceeded 14 billion dollars, the second Petkim is on the table

AZERBAIJAN Chairman of the board of state oil giant Socar Rovnag Abdullayev, Deputy chairman Vagif Aliyev and Socar Turkey CEO Zaur GahramanovWe are in Baku for the Turkey-Wales match at the invitation of . Socar’s vice president of investments Vagif Aliyev and Socar Turkey CEO Zaur GahramanovWe chat with. Vagif Aliyev, mentioning its total investments … Read more

game to win cryptocurrencies receives investment of USD 4 million

Cryptocurrency gaming sensation Axie Infinity, based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum network, received $ 4 million in a funding round spearheaded by BITKRAFT Ventures, to expand its operations and add more players. The company that created the video game, Yield Guild Games, said in a post made on your blog, that he Financing … Read more

Chilean startup Betterfly raises US $ 60 million, more than that obtained by Cornershop and NotCo in the same investment stage

The Chilean startup Betterfly was valued at about US $ 300 million, thanks to a new investment round “Series B” that allowed him to raise US $ 60 million, thus making it the insurtech (technology companies for the insurance industry) with the highest appreciation in Latin America. In this way, the company founded by brothers … Read more

The digital alternative PIR is born – Highlights

Thanks to the recent Relaunch Decree, we often hear about alternative “do-it-yourself” PIRs. One of the fundamental supports for the Italian economy is undoubtedly the lever of savings and this is precisely the meaning of alternative pirates, which are aimed in particular at the most capitalized customers.The DIY alternative pir is a individual savings plan … Read more

Grammy joins YG investment in opening up YG ”MM audition for Thai artists to push the world

GRAMMY joins YG venture capital Korean giant music label under “Black Pink” spending 200 million to set up a company. YGMM Company Limited (YG ”MM) opens a mission to search for Thai artists to world-class idols. Preparing to form a girl group boy group team to create an iconic Thai group in 5 years On … Read more

Coronavirus-The death toll exceeds 17,000 in Russia

MOSCOW, August 29 – Russia on Saturday recorded 111 more deaths from the epidemic linked to the new coronavirus, bringing the toll in the country to 17,025. With 4,941 new cases, the number of infected people now stands at 985,346, making Russia the fourth country most affected in the world by the epidemic. (Gleb Stolyarov … Read more