Business calls on the Government to increase support for investments in food processing – farmers will also feel the benefits

The European support provided for Lithuanian agriculture and rural development in 2023-2027 amounts to almost 4 billion. euros. Of these, only 1.2 percent, or 50 million, is expected to be allocated to food processing. euros. Representatives of the food industry claim that the estimated amount of investment in processing is inadequately small, therefore they call … Read more

Is hydrogen the fuel of the future? Big oil companies are betting on it, announcing investments worth billions in the last month

Jan Boháč, 29. 6. 2022 Source: Depositphotos Oil companies are scrambling to adapt to demand for green energy and hope to stay in the game after oil cuts Many of them have therefore recently announced massive investments in new hydrogen factories worth tens of billions of dollars The hydrogen factories will be powered by solar … Read more

‘Maple Bear’ attracts 100 million euros in investments and plans to expand in Latvia as well

It has been four years since the bilingual preschool and Maple Bear network of secondary schools entered Central and Eastern Europe, and the company is now working with Vantage Capital on a € 100 million investment program in the region, the company said. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Vantage’s investment program for Maple … Read more

A. Anušauskas does not have enough salary for investments, J. Šiugždinienė – there is not enough time

Two conservatives, Arvydas Anušauskas, the Minister of National Defense, and Jurgita Šiugždinienė, the Minister of Education, Science and Sports, say they have invested before. Now the minister no longer has the funds and the minister has time. Two other ministers, Mr Landsbergis and Mr Kreivys, are “missing an opportunity” to answer questions from the My … Read more

What are the best mutual funds of the year

Mutual investment funds are the ideal instrument to add to fixed terms or investment in dollar bills. In this note all the details By Christian A. Buteler 21/06/2022 – 10,04hs Since this column we have already mentioned the importance of Mutual funds when it comes to broadening the horizons of the investor, they are the … Read more

Superbonus, investments of 1.4 billion. Now it is funds alarm: companies at risk

The uncertainty on the superbonus funds, the tax relief provided for by the 2020 Relaunch decree and which consists of a 110% deduction of the expenses incurred (from 1 July 2020 onwards) for energy efficiency and static consolidation of buildings, threatens to bring thousands of businesses to their knees. S According to the calculations of … Read more

9 billion dollars in potential Arab energy investments

The Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation (APICORP) expected that the total planned and committed investments in the energy sector in the region will exceed about $879 billion over the next five years, an increase of $74 billion over last year’s investment, which amounted to $805 billion. The report, “Forecasts of energy investments in the Middle East … Read more

Ignitis Group is preparing for the second stage of investments in energy start-ups | Business

Ignitis grupė announced an international competition for a newly established fund manager last week. The winner will have a 10-year fund management agreement with the option to extend it. As before, the fund will have to focus on investments in energy technology. The aim is for at least half of the newly established fund to … Read more

The researcher spoke about the potential profitability of investments in bitcoin at current levels

Analyst Matt Rowe compared the dynamics of the Mayer Multiple indicator with the historical profitability of investing in bitcoin. He came to the conclusion that buying cryptocurrencies from current levels can bring “X” to patient investors. #Bitcoin Mayer Multiple is: Price / 200 Day Simple Moving Average (SMA) of Price. It’s currently at levels we … Read more