Why Investors Think The Market Will Hit New Lows In 2023

In just over 70 trading days, the S&P 500considered “the whole market”, recovered about 17% and reached values ​​not seen since September 2022. However, investors are still pessimistic about its future and visualize new minimums. Specifically, the latest survey conducted by MLIV Pulse indicated that close to 70% of the 383 respondents believe that equities … Read more

The majority of Lithuanian investors intend to increase their investments this year

Photo of Judita Grigelytė (VŽ). More than half of Lithuanian investors intend to increase their portfolios this year, the largest part will choose shares, aiming for an 8% return. 57.3% of Lithuanian investors plan to increase their investment portfolio in 2023, according to a survey of the company’s investors conducted by FMĮ “Orion Securities” at … Read more

Saudi Arabia to Immediately Open Casino, Attract Israeli Tourists and Investors

Jakarta – Arab Saudi said to have begun to open its doors to tourists and investors from Israel. One of the collaborations that was made was to build a casino. Currently, Saudi Arabia does not have diplomatic relations with Israel. However, the cooperation that will be developed has been initiated since 2016. Regarding tourism, Saudi … Read more

Four sectors offer huge opportunities for investors interested in Zlecaf, according to the World Economic Forum

(Agence Ecofin) – The African Continental Free Trade Area offers local and foreign businesses access to a large consumer base whose spending will reach 6.7 trillion dollars by 2030. But some sectors are expected to benefit more than others of African trade integration. The automotive industry, agriculture & agro-industry, pharmaceutical industry and transport & logistics … Read more

The first Lithuanian women investors: from the beginnings of the free market to their own businesses

Investing is still more of a male ‘playground’. Even in the US, only a third of women consider themselves to be real investors, according to a 2021 American survey conducted by one of the world’s largest investment funds, Fidelity Investments. After Lithuania regained its independence, Lithuanians who started investing grew their businesses, tried different investment … Read more

investors happy, analysts mainly see cosmetic adjustment

Chinese people dressed as rabbits in Hangzhou, eastern China, celebrate Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rabbit according to the Chinese zodiac.Beeld Future Publishing via Getty When Chinese party leader Xi Jinping was elected to a third term surrounded by loyal vassals three months ago, it was seen as an endorsement of his policies. … Read more

MRV (MRVE3): possible breach of covenants is on investors’ radar; what to expect for stocks?

MRV’s action (MRVE3) has accumulated losses of approximately 35% in the last three months and has been drawing the attention of investors due to its discounted valuation (multiple of 0.55 times the P/VPA – Price on Book Value. However, Itaú BBA says that it is not yet possible whether the stock bottomed out, given the … Read more

“4 gurus” support trading stocks without commissions, launching the Liberator platform, a new alternative for investors.

“4 Guru” joins the platform “Liberator” is a good new choice for investors to help reduce costs during the time when the government collects sales tax on shares. As a result, the cost does not skyrocket. Ready to oppose collecting sales tax on shares It’s not the right time. because the capital market has just … Read more

The threat of reaching the debt ceiling in the US is starting to worry investors. The US is likely to reach its borrowing limit of $31.4 trillion on Thursday

Ve United States is opting to debt ceilingwhich gave investors worries about the markets. USA they will probably reach their set limit on Thursday grill 31.4 trillion already dollarwhat to force the Ministry of Finance eccentric abbot for the management of cash, which probably can include unpaid debt and up to the arrest of the … Read more