Invisible danger in the Baltic. Swimming in the sea almost cost Jaroslav his life

A holiday by the Baltic Sea could have cost 45-year-old Jaroslav from the Polish village of Jarocin his life. While swimming in the sea, he contracted the flesh-eating bacteria Vibrio, which caused a serious infection in his leg. It eventually led to sepsis, and the man even spent two weeks in a coma. After almost … Read more

FTX in Africa: between aggressive marketing and invisible promises

FTX promises – When the twists and turns of the FTX affair cheerfully feed the legal chronicles of the crypto and financial press, we discover that the platform has sought to attract new users until the last moment. While all eyes have turned to the United States and Europe after the bankruptcy, it appears that … Read more

the ″invisible disease″ that affects more and more elderly people

Sitting at his desk, José Martins, 72, enjoys writing on the new computer he received for Christmas. In addition to having enrolled in computer classes, he does gymnastics, attends Senior University and still devours books. Anyone who sees him now is far from imagining that just two years ago, José couldn’t read or write and … Read more

The stars in the sky are becoming invisible, what’s wrong?

Jakarta – See the sights bintang scattered in heaven is an impressive sight. But over time, the stars in the sky are harder to see with the human eye. What is behind this phenomenon? According to a new study, worsening light pollution is to blame. From 2011 to 2022, a study entitled Globe at Night … Read more

The invisible danger that some red or pink foods have: they can cause serious illnesses | Health & Wellness

The study revealed that a specific dye, which you can quickly find in a search of your pantry, is the potential cause of inflammatory bowel diseases. Sweets, drinks, yogurt and many other red foods contain a particular synthetic colouring, Allura Red AC. Although that is not its only name, you may also recognize it as … Read more

Steps on how to send an ‘invisible’ message on iMessage | technology | Saraya News Agency

Saraya – Apple announced its latest update to the iOS 16 operating system with a set of new features, as the instant messaging application, iMessage, provides many fun features in addition to many useful features, as it enables iOS users to send notes and messages on iPhones and iPads. They have a slight effect. In … Read more

The “super power” of the glass frog that makes it almost invisible (and what it can mean for the development of medicine)

Writing BBC News World December 26, 2022 image source, Getty Images The mystery of how a particular type of frog has the ability to become practically invisible when sleeping could hold the keys to understanding the mechanisms of blood clotting in humans. It is the glass frog, of which there are about 150 species whose … Read more