Tom Lenaerts responds to the De Pauw case: “Everyone who is involved …

Tom Lenaerts has Saturday in the Canvas program Only Elvis survives reacted for the first time to the verdict in the trial of ex-colleague and friend Bart De Pauw. He called it a “tragic” and “sad” affair, in which it “should never have gone to trial”. “Everyone involved has been humiliated in recent years.” De … Read more

[EN IMAGES] A fourth video of a muscular intervention, even the police officer involved

Another video, same policeman involved. The images of a fourth violent intervention by SPVQ agents were given to investigators today by a couple whose man was manhandled during a party at the District Saint-Joseph, in October. • Read also: Controversial interventions by the SPVQ: a “shock wave” to the police • Read also: Legault and … Read more

Allegedly Involved in Sexual Relations with Women, Archbishop of Paris Resigns

Michel Aupetit has stepped down as Archbishop of Paris after French media reports suggested he had an intimate relationship with a woman. Photo/REUTERS PARIS – Archbishop of Paris Michel Aupetit resigns from office after reports emerged suggesting he was involved sexual intercourse with a woman. Vatican leader Pope Francis has accepted Aupetit’s resignation. The Vatican … Read more

Anderlecht: the municipal administration involved in the trafficking of false documents

The municipality of Anderlecht sells false driving licenses as well as several other official documents. Justice suspected officials of being the basis of trafficking. In total, 5 people were placed under arrest warrant. A vast traffic in false documents is dismantled within the municipality of Anderlecht. For a sum of money, counterfeiters received between 1,200 … Read more

The economically uneducated Nedvěd may have been involved in Juventus’s fraud

Pavel Nedvěd rejects financial machinations and signing dubious contracts at Juventus Turin. The former Czech football representative, who has held the position of vice-president of “Bianconeri” for six years, is facing an investigation into a recent raid on the headquarters of the Italian club. The Italian financial police are currently accounting for Juventus. Nedvěd is … Read more

Formula 1 | Hamilton: Russell to be as involved in 2022 F1 development as he is

Lewis Hamilton believes Mercedes F1 will rely heavily on feedback from both of its drivers as the team faces the new era of F1 regulation with a new duo in 2022. Mercedes will indeed field a new duo for the first time since 2017 next season. After a five-year partnership between Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, … Read more

the endocrine disruptors involved

The World Health Organization (WHO) describes endocrine disruptors as “chemicals of natural or artificial origin foreign to the body which can interfere with the functioning of the endocrine system and thus induce harmful effects on this organism or on his descendants ”. Their role attracted the attention of researchers in the 1950s. Since then, studies … Read more

Anita Okoye: “Never get involved in a problem which does not concern you …”, the wife of Paul Okoye makes revelations

The ice is finally broken between the Okoye twins! The duo well known as P-Square is united again after a long quarrel. On their anniversary, Peter and Paul Okoye surprised their fans with a beautiful atmosphere of reconciliation and loving messages from each other. Happy to see her husband and her brother-in-law come back to … Read more

Involved in fixing the score of Liga 3, PSSI Komdis Laws 5 Perpetrators and Reports 3 People, Including Narsum in Najwa’s Eyes

MUHAMMAD ALIF AZIZ MARDIANSYAH/BOLASPORT.COM Illustration of Liga 1 2021. BOLASPORT.COM – The PSSI East Java (East Java) Disciplinary Committee (Komdis) imposed severe sanctions on five people involved score setting in the League 3 Zone of East Java. The five people are perpetrators score setting which is within the scope of football. They are Yopy Perwira … Read more

Ugandan police killed five people accused of being involved in Tuesday’s attack in Kampala

Ugandan police on Thursday killed five people accused of being involved in theterroristic attack occurred on Tuesday in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, and arrested 21. Among the people killed there is also an Islamic cleric. The bombing, in which at least three people had been killed in two loud explosions, had been claimed from … Read more