this crypto dollar allows you to protect your pesos from inflation

In Argentina and other Latin American countries, many people bet on the cryptocurrencies as investment or savings because it finds in them a haven of value in the face of economic instability, monetary restrictions and the inflationwhich have marked the economy throughout its history. Bitcoin It was the gateway to crypto world for manybut given … Read more

7 tips to avoid losing money with cryptocurrencies

The investment in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is rage among several savers with some exposure to risk, so it is important to know some tips to avoid losing money. In fact, according to market analysts, it is estimated that only 10% of investors make money on these investments, and the rest lose. One concrete fact is … Read more

This is how the purchasing power of the 1000 peso bill will collapse

Inflation wreaks havoc, and one of the most notorious impacts is on the purchasing power of the highest denomination banknotes issued by the Central Bank, which steadily and staggeringly lose value. Something that happens today in a more exposed way with those of $1,000, compared to its predecessors. In fact, since this paper with the … Read more

Why was the Volkswagen Bora car baptized with that name?

the of the Volkswagen Bora it’s a recent story, whose cessation of production has not yet been digested by many fans. Is a auto which was sold for 15 years in the country, with great success and, above all, with a multitude of followers who found in him an option “accessible”, of a massive brand, … Read more

this is the forecast of 40 experts

The recent conclusion of the agreement with the IMF, after a lengthy negotiation, generates a new economic scenario and, therefore, creates new expectations for dollar price in 2022. Achieving exchange rate peace is one of the objectives of the program agreed with the Fund, but the inflationary flashes of recent months, fueled in part by … Read more

the professional profile for which companies fight the most

Companies complain of not finding the talent they need. And this happens worldwide. Why? It is that today they are looking for a professional profile that combines skills and abilities in an almost perfect balance between soft skills and technical knowledge, but with the experience to know how to move in a crisis scenario and … Read more

how is the business and how much money must be invested

Among the industries most affected by the pandemic by coronavirus is he tourisma sector that after two years of crisis seems to come out on top and, therefore, generates expectations. This is why many people, with the aim of reviving their economy and in search of profit, try to enter the business to to invest. … Read more

the signals to know when to buy or sell

Bitcoin (BTC)the cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalizationhas a variable price, which makes it a risky investment as it cannot accurately predict what will happen to its value. But this feature does not stop the thousands of users who bet on it in the Argentina when considering it a way to dollarize their pesos and … Read more

There are no dollars to import and all these products are missing

Whether as a consequence of the war in Ukraine -which sent raw material prices skyrocketing- or because of the local inflationary spiral, one thing is certain: different key sectors of the economy suffer from missing products, which is often linked to the shortage of dollars to import. Any reader who visits a supermarket or a … Read more

Elsztain continues to reduce its office business

As part of his plan to fundraising that allow you to continue reducing the negative results that you have been accumulating in your latest balances, Eduardo Elsztain once again shed several floors of one of its most emblematic towers. It is the building known as “261 Della Paolera” that it manages through IRSA Commercial Properties … Read more