London and Northern Ireland dispute over abortion

They entered into force in October 2019 the law liberalizes the abortion law. Abortion in Northern Ireland So far, it has allowed abortion only when the mother’s life is at risk or when her physical or mental health is seriously and irreversibly endangered. After the changes, abortion is allowed in the case of rape, incest, … Read more

Here you should go to survive global social collapse – Dagsavisen

It appears in a new study journal Sustainability has published. The study highlights the many dangerous developments in the world today. A collapse can take place either in the event of a major economic crisis, the effects of the climate crisis, natural disasters, an even worse pandemic than the corona, or a combination of these, … Read more

Employers are recovering – the largest employment plans are announced by the United Kingdom, Ireland and Poland

“New companies are being actively established and jobs are being created in Lithuania, so there is a great shortage of experienced IT and engineering, finance and accounting, automated production and specialists than ever before, and this need will only increase. We see that this year the interest of investors in our country has recovered – … Read more

Coronavirus around the world: Ireland eases wedding measures after bride protest – World

The number of new cases of coronavirus in Tokyo rose to a record level during the Olympic Games, DPA reported. For the last 24 hours the Japanese capital reported 2848 new cases of infection, which exceeded the previous record of 2520 cases on January 7, BTA writes. Before the games, experts warned that the number … Read more

From Monday, it will be necessary to isolate those returning from Ireland, Belgium, part of the Greek islands

It is these countries and territories that have found themselves in the red zone following the update of the list of affected countries, the Ministry of Health said. Travelers from the Czech Republic and Italy who have moved from the green and yellow zones will need to take the COVID-19 surveys before and after arrival, … Read more

Coronavirus. Ireland. For pub and restaurant only with covid certificate

In line with the government’s proposed amendment to the Epidemic Regulations Act, catering establishments will be able to resume receiving customers inside, but only those who are fully vaccinated or have already passed COVID-19. This restriction is expected to apply until October 9, although a review of the situation will be carried out in September. … Read more

Despite the loss of 1: 2 to the Slovan Bratislava footballers, they advanced to the 2nd preliminary round of the LM

Despite the 1: 2 loss on the Shamrock Rovers field, the Slovan Bratislava footballers advanced to the second preliminary round of the Champions League. In the opening match, they won 2: 0. They lost the same difference in retaliation, but in the 73rd minute Vladimír Weiss scored a difference goal. The Czech defender Jurij Medveděv … Read more

The UK and Ireland have a good chance of hosting the World Cup

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he hopes Britain and Ireland will win the 2030 soccer World Cup and believes they have a “good chance”. “This is a long and difficult process,” Johnson said at a news conference yesterday. England, which hosted and won the 1966 World Cup, failed to get the right to host … Read more

Orange marches in Northern Ireland: folk festival that is extra exciting this year

Today, the traditional Orange Marches in Northern Ireland reach a climax. Large groups of protesters take part in parades for the so-called Orangemen’s Day. A colorful march with bowler hats, drums and flutes. It looks cheerful, but the banners and banners are full of controversial symbols and political slogans. The parades are part of Northern … Read more

Northern Ireland, Bloody Sunday: no trial for Soldier F. The families of the victims: “We will not give in to the abuses of the law”

No trial for the only parah investigated in the Bloody Sunday massacre in Ulster. U2, the popular Irish rock band, are back in vogue thanks to the European football hit song; however, one of their hits destined to remain etched in history is undoubtedly Sunday Bloody Sunday. Dedicated to the ‘bloody’ events that took place … Read more