Netflix: what 50 movies and series leave the platform? Dragon Ball Z, Iron Man and more

As with all VOD services and other similar digital content services, Netflix’s streaming platform adds new series, movies and documentaries every month. But just as they add, they also take away, and This is the content that we will no longer see on the VOD platform from this month. Some are gone and others are … Read more

The price of iron today, Sunday 28-11-2021 in Egypt

Rebar prices witnessed today, Sunday, 28-11-2021, price stability, as Ezz Steel recorded on the factory land a price of 15,600 pounds per ton, Beshai 15,400 pounds per ton, and the porter 15,500 pounds per ton. The Egyptian iron ton amounted to 15,300 pounds, Al-Koumi 15,500 pounds, Al-Juyoushi 15000 pounds, Al-Ashry 15,200 pounds, and Maadi 15,100 … Read more

The next big expansion for Hearts of Iron IV is available

The long-awaited Eastern Front expansion for Hearts of Iron IV is available now. The Grand Strategy game by Paradox Interactive lets players relive the bitter battles between Berlin and Moscow with new alternative history paths for numerous participating nations. In addition, the add-on brings major changes in army command and updates in the area of … Read more

The prospect of iron ore is bright, spot price rebounds by 5% and approaches US$100, BDI has four reds in a row | Anue Juheng-Index

The market reports that Chinese steel mills are expected to increase production next month, encouraging the spot price of iron ore to rebound again by 5%, approaching 100 DollarMark. The prospects for iron ore demand also led to an overall increase in bulk shipping rates, driving the Baltic Composite Index (BDI) to rise by 70 … Read more

Site of Ampat Island, the Iron Civilization Drowning at the Bottom of Lake Matano – All Pages—Sulawesi with its name meaning ‘island iron‘, is known for its iron production for a long time in the archipelago. Based on the 14th century Majapahit manuscript Nagarakertagama, Luwu area, is suspected to be a producer of iron which is exported to Java because of its high quality. Recently, archaeologists reported on the site iron … Read more

A decline in cement prices.. Iron and cement prices today, Tuesday, November 23, 2021 in Egypt

The latest prices of iron and cement today, Tuesday, November 23, 2021, in the Egyptian markets, after the price of iron and cement reached unprecedented levels, due to the high prices of raw materials globally. The prices of building materials witnessed a significant increase during the last few period, and the price of Ezz Steel … Read more

Take note! 10 Supplements and Vitamins You Don’t Need to Buy, JAKARTA – The Covid-19 pandemic has made people buy and consume a lot supplement and vitamin. However, there are 10 supplements and vitamins that you don’t really need to buy. Most of the important nutrients that the body needs for health have actually been obtained from a balanced diet or diet. Here’s a list … Read more

Iron Heart or Brad Pitt will help you understand how tanks were fought

In 2014, Brad Pitt starred in David Ayer’s Iron Heart. The plot of the film revolves around a seasoned tank commander who makes difficult decisions when, at the end of World War II, he and his crew fight their way across Germany. The film met with words of praise not only from the audience but … Read more

Kim Hye-sun. “Three divorces, my parents are heartbroken…” The story of ‘Kwang Sisters’ appearing on an iron plate

Actress Kim Hye-sun shared her honest feelings about the three divorces. On the 19th, TV Chosun’s ‘Baekban Journey of Heo Young-man’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Baekban Journey’) aired on the 19th showed Heo Young-man and Kim Hye-sun exploring the taste of Suwon, Gyeonggi-do. On this day, Heo Young-man asked about the romance between Kim Hye-sun … Read more

Egypt stops preventive measures on imports of billet, iron and aluminum products

The Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry, Nevin Gamea, decided to stop decisions to impose preventive measures on imports of billet, rebar and aluminum products. And she said in a statement, today, Sunday, that the implementation of these two decisions It starts from the day following the date of its publication in the Official Gazette. … Read more