How to transfer a video from iPhone to computer

Many people want to transfer the videos they shoot on their mobile phone to their computer to make appropriate adjustments and then publish them on various social networking sites. But how do you transfer a video from an iPhone to a computer? How to transfer a video from an iPhone to a computer using Microsoft … Read more

Only Dariush could defeat Islam

Former sparring partner Islam Makhachev Josh Thomson named a fighter who would be capable of defeating Makhachev. “The only one who could beat him would be Dariush – that’s all,” Thomson said on his Weighing In podcast. – He is the only one whom I consider capable of defeating Makhachev. He’s so unorthodox. He doesn’t … Read more

“The left refuses to see the plight of homosexuals in Islamized neighborhoods”

Par Paul Melun Published on 01/11/2023 at 11:43, Update on 01/11/2023 at 2:33 p.m. “Today, the situation is such that young homosexuals living in the suburbs are fleeing these neighborhoods” LP/ Jean Nicholas Guillo/PHOTOPQR/LE PARISIEN/MAXPPP FIGAROVOX/TRIBUNE – After the resignation of elected socialist Boris Venon who said he had suffered “homophobic and racist attacks”, France … Read more

Saudi desert turns green, sign of Judgment Day?

NOS News•Tuesday, 6:19 PM Soehayla Halouchi editor online Soehayla Halouchi editor online Heavy rainfall, green mountain tops and even flooding: the normally dry Saudi Arabia has had to deal with a lot of wetness in recent months. According to experts, this is not unrelated to climate change. Because where the mountains around the holy places … Read more

Qatar Requests ‘Decisive’ Action to Stop Israeli Provocations at Al Aqsa Mosque

Thursday, January 5 2023 – 09:39 WIB VIVA World – Qataron Wednesday 4 January 2023, called on the international community to take “decisive” action against provocations Israel in complex Masjid Al-Aqsa in occupied territory Jerusalem Timur. In a statement, the Qatari Cabinet reiterated its Doha call to the international community “to take decisive and urgent … Read more

Steady on converting and changing religions, Gading Marten begins to study Islam, checks the facts

Denpasar Sound – Ganding Marten caused a public uproar because it was announced that it was official change religion the Islam and become convert for marry with Luna Maya. A number of media and channels on YouTube have also uploaded videos with the same narrative rhythm, although they are not 100 percent similar, namely Ivory … Read more

Credit and debit cards expire in 2023. Islam Memis explained

“I can say that a year awaits us in which credit and debit cards will be history in the world.” Memiş said, “Are you ready for digital money?” The caption reads: “We will be surprised by the most digital system changes in 2023. Because it will be in our lives very quickly. A process such … Read more

Ronaldo receives good news before (Gulf 25)

Tell me – Portuguese Roy Pinto, coach of the Kuwait national team, excluded his veteran star Badr Al-Mutawa from the “Blue” list to participate in the “Gulf 25”, which is scheduled to start in Iraq, starting from January 6, 2023. The decision to exclude Badr Al-Mutawa is in the interest of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, … Read more

(Syrian artists) respond to the news of the death of Salloum Haddad

Tell me – Raj This evening, there was news about the death of the Syrian artist Salloum Haddad, and many pages circulated this news. For its part, the Syrian Artists Syndicate denied what was being circulated. And the Syndicate said on one of its pages: The distinguished artist colleague Salloum Haddad is a thousand good, … Read more

The Law of Saying Merry Christmas in Islam, Here’s the Explanation of Buya Yahya Must Be Good at This

SRIPOKU.COM – Here’s an explanation Buya Yahya about law wish Merry Christmas in Islam. Buya Yahya explains about law wish Merry Christmas which is complete in this article. Questions about law wish Merry Christmas return heated discussion. As Christmas approaches on December 25, many are still confused about it law for Muslims say Christmas. So … Read more