The Islamic Solidarity Games… revealed the reason for the absence of the Cameroon team from facing Algeria

The Cameroon national under-23 football team missed the match against its Algerian counterpart, which was supposed to take place today, Monday, in the first match of the Islamic Solidarity Games currently being held in Turkey. The Algerian team entered the stadium, accompanied by the referees, to play the match, but the Cameroonian team did not … Read more

Al-Habash squanders the opportunity for a table medal in the Islamic Solidarity Games – Al-Binaa Newspaper

I communicated competitions Expedition Lebanon in a ball Table in Course Toys Solidarity Islamic Fifth that hosted by city Konya Turkish During Period From 9 up to 18 Water current, And she was first competitions for singles, which fought it All From players Saad Religion hiccup and Muhammad diet Where a statement player hiccup About … Read more

Israel and the Palestinians of Islamic Jihad have suspended the attacks

Loading player Sunday evening has entered into force a ceasefire agreement between Israel and the radical Palestinian Islamic Jihad group afterwards days of violent Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip and Islamic Jihad rocket firing at Israeli border countries. The agreement was negotiated with the mediation of Egypt and has so far been respected by … Read more

The cease-fire between Israel and the Islamic Jihad of Gaza has entered into force / Day

The ceasefire officially entered into force on Sunday at 23.30 local time, which is equal to Latvian time. The Israeli army announced that it carried out the last strikes on “Islamic Jihad” targets in the Gaza Strip at 11:25 p.m. US President Joe Biden has welcomed the ceasefire and expressed his gratitude to Egypt, with … Read more

Emirates News Agency – The UAE mission continues its preparations for the “Islamic Solidarity” course

Friday, August 5, 2022 – 8:40 PM Konya, 5 August / WAM / Director of the UAE delegation participating in the fifth edition of the Islamic Solidarity Games in Konya, Turkey, confirmed the completion of all stages of registration of the sports delegation and the administrative and medical delegations accompanying it. The activities of this … Read more

Palestinian Islamic Jihad vows to bomb Israel center

loading… The Palestinian Islamic Jihad group boasted that it would bomb the center of the state of Israel after one of its commanders was captured by Zionist forces. Photo/REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa GAZA – Group Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) is proud to bomb the center of the country Israel with the most advanced weapons. The Israeli … Read more

Opened, Undergraduate Scholarships for 2,000 Madrasah, Islamic Boarding School, and PAI Teachers

Jakarta, NU OnlineTo improve the academic qualifications of madrasah teachers who have not graduated (S1), the government through the Directorate General of Islamic Education in collaboration with the Education Fund Management Institute (LPDP) has opened a scholarship program. This scholarship is intended for 2,000 madrasa teachers, Islamic boarding schools, and Islamic Religious Education (PAI) teachers … Read more

Islamic State’s Evil Intentions, Israel Succeeded in Inciting Bahrain

Wednesday, July 13 2022 – 19:10 WIB VIVA – Ambition Israel to oppose the hegemony of the Islamic Republic Iran in the Middle-East region with the support of Arab countries, seems to be running smoothly. The Intelligence Service, Mossad, and Counter-Intelligence Agency, Shin Bet, began operations in Bahrain. Reported VIVA Military from The Jerusalem Posta … Read more

The cancellation of the revocation of the permit for the Shiddiqiyyah Islamic Boarding School was warmly welcomed by the Guardians of the Santri

Jombang, East Java – The cancellation of the permit revocation of the Majma’ Al-Bahrain Islamic boarding school Shiddiqiyyah Ploso, Jombang, East Java was warmly welcomed by the guardians of the students. The guardian of the santri said that his children in Shiddiqiyyah had learned morals and love for the homeland. The cancellation of the revocation … Read more