Huawei P60 appearance and specifications exposed: there will be a dynamic island screen-

Text: Tony It has been rumored on the Internet that Huawei’s product launch cycle next year will return to normal, and will launch the flagship phones of the P series and Mate series within one year as usual. Recently, the design and some specifications of the Huawei P60 have been exposed. The most eye-catching thing … Read more

The Chinese version of “Island of the Dead 2” is released, this time Los Angeles will be closed | 4Gamers

The well-known zombie killing game “Island of the Dead 2” released information about the Chinese version yesterday (28th). Danger and fun. Dead Island 2 is a first-person action RPG that’s sleek, dynamic, and full of dead bodies. The story describes a deadly virus spreading in Los Angeles, turning local residents into hungry zombies. The government … Read more

4.8 magnitude earthquake rocks Vancouver Island

More than 250 people have reported to Earthquakes Canada that they felt the ground shake in Tofino, British Columbia, on Friday. • Read also: An intraplate earthquake on the North Shore • Read also: A 3.7 magnitude earthquake shakes the North Shore of Montreal The 4.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Vancouver Island on Friday night … Read more

Chinese Ship with the Largest Cannon Enters the Waters of an Uninhabited Island Occupied by Japan

Saturday, November 26 2022 – 08:33 WIB VIVA World – A boat coast guard China equipped with cannon the largest ever seen in such a vessel entering the waters Japan near Island Senkaku in the East China Sea, on Friday, November 25, 2022, said the Japanese coast guard. The Japanese coast guard said that four … Read more

Auguste Boxy from ‘Latem Leven’ left everything behind for an island in the Caribbean: “Believe me, money doesn’t help anything here” | TV

TVHe had a very busy job in dad Stefan’s catering company, but Auguste Boxy (31) left all that behind five years ago. He went to the paradise island of Bequia in the Caribbean, found his own home and renovated it all by himself. “People think I have a lot of money because I come from … Read more

There is an island in the Atlantic that receives garbage from all over the world by sea

Alice Chamberlain/ZSL Pollution on Ascension Island Thousands of pieces of plastic from all over the world are polluting the coast of a remote island in the South Atlantic, according to environmentalists and researchers. Trash found on the southwest coast of ascension island comes from countries like China, Japan and South Africa, said the activists, quoted … Read more

The remote island in the South Atlantic that receives garbage from around the world by sea

November 21, 2022 Credit, ZSL, Alice Chamberlain photo caption, “Plastic is a great material, but it never goes away,” says Fiona Llewellyn Thousands of pieces of plastic from around the world are polluting the coastline of a remote South Atlantic island, according to environmentalists and researchers. Trash found on the southwest coast of Ascension Island … Read more

Drunk, Ruben takes the E25… in the opposite direction before turning around and hitting a traffic island in Embourg!

Last Saturday, at 5:20 a.m., a driver was arrested after a rodeo on the E25. According to police findings, the man got on the highway in the opposite direction, at the exit of 18 Arcades. Along the way, he notably meets a policeman from the Liège area who was about to take up his service. … Read more

Dead Island 2 delayed by 12 weeks

Dead Island 2 has a history of being delayed, but following its re-announcement earlier this year, development is really picking up steam now. Unfortunately, the game will be delayed again, developer Dambuster Studios says via Twitter know. The game was initially set to release on February 3, 2022, but has been pushed back to April … Read more