“A battle won by Sardinians and Sicilians”

“The Republic recognizes the peculiarities of the Islands and promotes the measures necessary to remove the disadvantages deriving from insularity”, from today Article 119 of the Constitution has a new paragraph, which the Chamber – with 412 votes in favor and no one against – has approved in second and final reading, after a process … Read more

New telescope in the Canary Islands – Detects collisions of neutron stars

The new telescope at La Palma in the Canary Islands is a collaborative project from various observatories and universities, writes the University of Sheffield in a press release. The telescope “the Gravitational-wave Optical Transient Observer” (GOTO) will look for optical traces from violent cosmic events, which create ripples or waves in space. OBSERVATORY: The GOTO … Read more

Why are we not talking about the Faroe Islands? – Dagsavisen

Despite the fact that we are writing 2022, women’s right to decide over their own bodies is still under debate. Both in Europe and across the Atlantic, in the United States, the right to self-determined abortion is being discussed, and after the change in the law in Poland, we are waiting nervously for the result … Read more

The day: Aldi Nord opens its first branches in the Canary Islands

The day Aldi Nord opens its first branches in the Canary Islands 7/15/2022, 4:32 p.m Who needs papas arrugadas and chorizo ​​when there’s bratwurst and potato salad? On the Canary Islands you can now “shopping as easy as at home” – namely at Aldi Nord. The discounter has opened a total of four branches in … Read more

The latest prices for LPG, 5.5 Kg and 12 Kg throughout Indonesia, in Riau Islands at this price

TRIBUNBATAM.id – The price of non-subsidized LPG continues to increase in 2022. Previously, the price of LPG increased in February 2022. Recently, Pertamina re-released the price list for LPG gas, 5.5 kg and 12 kg. The latest price for non-subsidized LPG will take effect on Sunday, July 10, 2022. For the Riau Islands Province (Kepri), … Read more

Here’s who lives in your city’s worst heat islands

Each point represents 700 inhabitants on average and the color indicates the most hot and the most fresh. You can change metropolis at any time with the arrows, your keyboard or the menu at the top right. We have grouped these zones into ten groups, from the hottest to the coolest. Their temperature is estimated … Read more

Satellite images reveal Prague’s heat islands

An unusually early and intense heat wave spread from North Africa across Europe before the summer solstice, bringing temperatures more typical of July and August. “In parts of Spain and France, temperatures are more than 10°C above average for this time of year, breaking records. This is combined with drought in many parts of Europe,” … Read more