Quirinale, the Council has decided: on the Super Green pass no exception for parliamentarians arriving from the Islands

Parliamentarians will not be exempt from the obligation to Super Green pass. Not even if the election of the President of the Republic is at stake. This was established by the Constitutional Court, which declared inadmissible the appeal raised by five parliamentarians residing in Sardinia and Sicily. Led by Pine Goats, deputy of Alternativa there, … Read more

Distribution of 802 New RI COVID-19 Cases January 11, 2022: DKI 537, Riau Islands 66

Jakarta – Indonesia recorded 802 new cases of COVID-19, Tuesday (11/1/2022). The total active cases are now 6,659. DKI contributed the highest number of cases with a total of 537. Followed by Riau Islands with a total of 66 cases and West Java with a total of 62 cases. Details of the development of the … Read more

Canary Islands – Record infection in holiday paradise

On Saturday, a new infection record was registered in the Canary Islands. 5369 new cases of infection were registered within 24 hours, reports local authorities. This is the highest number of daily infections ever, the Norwegian newspaper writes Canariavisen. On Sunday, 480 were hospitalized, of which 65 in the intensive care unit. Most of the … Read more

Decrease in cases on all three islands, increase in hospital admissions

Photo – Hester Jonkhout On all three islands, Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire, the number of new infections is falling, but hospital admissions are rising as a result of Covid-19. Curaçao had 407 people tested positive yesterday. The limit of 9,000 infections was therefore passed. One patient in the CMC died. Five new covid-19 patients were … Read more

Unknown people lived in front of the Vikings in the Faroe Islands, as confirmed by sheep’s laurels

The Vikings reached the Faroe Islands – a small archipelago in the North Atlantic – after developing ships capable of long voyages. So around the year 850, while the islands began to settle in 874, writes CNN. Researchers have long believed that they were the first human inhabitants of the rugged islands. Mentions in medieval … Read more

Over-spread in the Faroe Islands: How the third dose of vaccine improves protection against covid-19

When the omicron variant first arose in South Africa In November 2021, there was great alarm at the exponential spread of the infection. That phenomenal speed of propagation surpasses what we have observed in previous variants. The trend has been replicated in other parts of the world, including United Kingdom where the number of infections … Read more

The islands in the Pacific Ocean do not sink, they rise

GUEST COMMENT: There are plenty of environmental issues to address, climate change for example – so let’s concentrate on them. According to the submitter, the island state of Tuvalu will not sink, although many make climate gimmicks out of this, as Tuvalu’s Minister of Communications and Foreign Affairs Simon Kofe did on November 5, 2021. … Read more

Canary Islands Government News Portal

Starting next Monday, January 3, these mobile devices will once again travel to Gran Canaria and Tenerife to administer without prior appointment booster doses of the vaccine to people 40 years of age or older and to those who were vaccinated with Janssen or AstraZeneca The vacuguaguas of the Canarian Health Service, launched in collaboration … Read more

COVID-19: 54 new cases and one new hospitalization in Gaspésie and the Islands

Faced with this sudden increase in the number of cases in the region, the Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS) of Gaspésie and the Integrated health and social services centerCISSS des Îles each held a press briefing on Wednesday afternoon. On Tuesday, the regional public health directorate reported 69 new cases, a record toll … Read more