Migrants, new clash between France and Italy: “Unresolved issue, we are waiting for Meloni in Paris”. Palazzo Chigi denies the invitation

The relationships between the France e Italy on the reception of migrants rescued at sea are anything but normalized. And now they are in danger of cooling down further, at least to remain with the question and answer broadcast on the eve of the Alicante summit. The debate was inflamed by sources from the Elysée … Read more

The Hankook Ilbo : The balance of seeing the world

Lee Ji-sun (pseudonym), the mother of severe autistic Yun Na-yeong (22, pseudonym), has been living a dual-income life with her husband for 10 years, unlike other parents with developmental disabilities who are solely responsible for caring for them. She said, “The cost of special education or developmental rehabilitation is still high in Korea, and since … Read more

The German chancellor shed new light on the issue of Hungarian EU funds

In response to a question at the press conference following the meeting of the heads of state and government of the EU member states and the Western Balkan countries in Tirana, Scholz said: we should not ignore the fact that decisions regarding EU expectations are still being made in Hungary. And it is the job … Read more

The Issue of Jokowi’s ‘Serious Steps’ Generates Various Speculations

Jakarta – The current power map of the presidential candidates in 2024 has sparked speculation. Name of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) carried around. Jokowi is believed to be taking serious steps. Serious step issue Jokowi was first conveyed by the Chairman of the DPP PKB Faisol Riza via his official Instagram, Monday (5/12/2022). Faisol Riza … Read more

Emergency services are dealing with the issue of the increase in respiratory diseases, flu and Covid

New York (WABC) — Emergency rooms are filling up fast, and health officials have seen adults with the flu and COVID, as well as young children with RSV. The annual winter flu season doesn’t usually start until December or January, but this year it started early, complicated by other circulating viruses and still-ongoing COVID. Last … Read more

The Issue Jokowi Will Act If the Presidential Candidate Votes Don’t Reach 30%, Here’s the Survey

Jakarta – PKB DPP chairman Faisol Riza is sure President Jokowi will take serious steps after seeing that the presidential candidate’s votes did not reach 30% in the survey. Here’s the latest survey update for presidential candidates. Previously, Faisol revealed this through an upload via his personal Instagram account @faisol8418. He expressed confidence that Jokowi … Read more

First patch for The Callisto Protocol is out on PC, fixing a single issue

Striking Distance Studio has released the first patch for the PC version of The Callisto Protocol, aimed at fixing the problem with shader compilation brakes. The problem was that the game started compiling shaders on startup, without any indicator. As a result, all clips worked with slowdown until the end of the compilation. Now this … Read more

Dudung on the Issue of 3rd Rotation of the TNI Chief of Staff: Effendi Simbolon Heard

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Army Chief of Staff (KSAD) Dudung Abdurachman spoke out about the news about the planned rotation of the chief of staff for the Air Force, Navy and Land Forces, which was conveyed by a member of Commission I of the DPR Effendi Simbolon. “Well, Effendi Simbolon be heard. What does he … Read more