The CDC issued new guidelines for covid. this must be known

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) moderated several of their guidelines for COVID-19 and they drastically changed many of the measures that have characterized the pandemic, such as quarantines and social distancing. This change was fueled by the fact that many Americans now have immunity to the coronavirus—thanks to vaccination and … Read more

was issued by a check for the purchased whiskey left behind

A Lithuanian truck driver got caught with a load of strawberries for about 3 million. pounds worth of heroin. March 25 56-year-old Edmund Brujas from Ireland, County Wicklow, who arrived from Rotterdam to the port of Immingham, was stopped by the Border Service officers. E. Bružas denied that he knew about heroin until the check … Read more

Meteorologists have issued a warning for extremely hot weather on Sunday – Laika zina – TVNET

Forecasters predict that in the middle of the day and in the afternoon very hot weather is expected in Latvia – the air temperature will rise to +30…+32 degrees. The heat will remain until Tuesday. In such weather conditions, the risk of health disorders will especially increase for certain population groups. Older people, young children … Read more

Illegal immigration: SEF investigates three parish councils in Lisbon. There are addresses with more than 100 certificates issued

At least three parish councils in the municipality of Lisbon are in the sights of the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) due to fraudulent schemes to obtain a residence permit for immigrants. Expresso found that the issue is the issue of several hundred true residence certificates but with false data. These documents, issued by the … Read more

Headlines of Lebanese newspapers issued today, Tuesday 09-08-2022 – Al-Manar TV website – Lebanon

The main headlines of the Lebanese newspapers issued today, Tuesday 09-08-2022 newsPalestine: review and open accountBanks shake the country with their oaths: a return to the era of parallel powerThe American mediator returns to Israel: talk about an agreement that does not dispel the danger of escalation– 60% of the medicines are not available: subsidized … Read more

New details were leaked after the actress Sherine Abdel Wahab’s latest report against him..The Egyptian Public Prosecution issued its decisive decision against her ex-husband Hossam Habib..Here are the details of what happened

Today, the Egyptian Public Prosecution issued a new decision regarding the artist Sherine Abdel Wahab’s request to prevent her ex-hussam Habib from traveling, after she filed a complaint against him accusing him of stealing and beating her. The Public Prosecution rejected Sherine Abdel Wahab’s request in the complaint she submitted officially, and according to the … Read more

instability on the way, warning for severe thunderstorms issued

The decentralized functional center of the Civil Protection of Veneto has issued a new bulletin based on which, given the high temperatures in the lower layers and the presence of slightly colder air at high altitude close to the Alps today, Friday 5 August, instability is expected in the mountain areas, in particular in the … Read more

Scientists can make jet fuel and diesel from the sun, CO2 and water

The video report at the beginning of this article shows the first device in the world that can produce hydrocarbon fuels such as aviation kerosene, i.e. kerosene, but also diesel from only the sun, carbon dioxide and water. The so-called multifunctional solar tower is the result of an international collaboration of scientists from Europe, mainly … Read more

Bacteria in the water supply, the Sanepid issued a warning. Earlier there was a failure …

Events Coli bacteria were detected in the water supply that supplies water to several dozen towns in the Bełchatów commune. The inhabitants of Kaszewice and Żelichów also have a problem. Sanepid issued warnings. Is the water fit for consumption? Sanepid in Bełchatów informed that in the water samples taken from the Parzniewice waterworks after last … Read more

In the second quarter, the number of issued consumer loans increased significantly

The amount of consumer loans issued in the second quarter of this year has exceeded 150 million euros and is the highest amount of consumer loans issued during the quarter since the beginning of 2018, while the number of concluded contracts has reached the pre-pandemic level, according to the information collected by AS “Kredītinformacijas birojs” … Read more