The Prime Minister issues 5 new decisions.. Get to know them

issued Dr. Mostafa Madbouly president Council of Ministers Today, Thursday, 5 new decisions. The decisions were as follows: Resolution No. 2848 of 2022, approving a cordon Kafr Al-Batikh city b Damietta Governorate . And Resolution No. 3028 of 2022, considering the area around Hibis Temple – Kharga Center – New Valley Governorate The area is … Read more

Chicken cooked in medicine goes viral on TikTok and FDA issues alert

Fonte: Canaltech A dangerous trend is taking over TikTok: a chicken recipe with Vick’s flu medicine, more precisely NyQuil, sold in the United States. The case began to gain so many supporters that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had to publicly take a stand, issuing an alert. The idea of ​​cooking chicken marinated … Read more

BRMS Stocks Drop Again, Stung by Riot Issues, Isn’t it Right?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The share price of PT Bumi Resources Minerals Tbk (BRMS) has fallen again. This morning, at 10.26 to be exact, the stock price of BRMS fell 4.28% to a level of Rp. 179 per share. This decline coincided with issues circulating in the market related to the actions of demonstrators who … Read more

“Sun Finance”, founded in Latvia, issues bonds in the amount of 50 million

The financial technology company “Sun Finance” has launched the largest bond issue worth 50 million euros so far. The funds raised will be invested in the company’s development, as well as directed to the refinancing of the company’s second bond issue, the company informs the media. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The total … Read more

Returning to Portugal, Carlos Fortes confides his current condition and alludes to contract issues with PSIS Semarang

PSIS Semarang striker, Carlos Fortes. BOLASPORT.COM – Strikers PSIS Semarang, Carlos Fortesreported his condition after undergoing treatment in Portugal. As is known, Fortes suffered a hamstring injury during the first leg of the 2022 President’s Cup semifinal. However, the injury is said to be getting worse. In fact, the Portuguese player until the 10th week … Read more

China issues bizarre warning: don’t touch foreigners

A top Chinese epidemiologist advises his compatriots to “don’t touch foreigners” because of the monkeypox virus. This is reported by various international media, including Reuters and CNN. Door Belgian &nbsp- 19/09/2022 om 16:00 On Friday, the first infection with the virus was reported in China, which in recent months in Europe and the United States … Read more

Japan Issues Typhoon Nanmadol Warning, 2 Million Residents Evacuated

Jakarta – Meteorological Agency Japan issued a special typhoon warning Saturday for Kagoshima prefecture on Kyushu, the southernmost island Japan. This typhoon is considered strong and potentially destructive. The warning came after the weather agency earlier in the day urged residents to evacuate the Kyushu region. This typhoon is hurricane Nanmadol which is expected to … Read more

Marvel Studios issues statement on controversial casting

Marvel Studios’ Captain America: New World Order (2024) movie has sparked some controversy with its cast. During the Phase 4in Marvel Studios They have gone to great lengths to bring characters from all over the world. moon knight was from Egypt, Shang-Chi was of Asian descent Ms. Marvel has family from Pakistan, etc… Now, it … Read more

Regarding Brigadier J’s Case, JPHPKKS Issues 6 Recommendations

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Network for Defending the Rights of Women Victims of Sexual Violence (JPHPKKS) issued 6 recommendations to the National Police and other state institutions related to a series of murder cases Brigadier J alias Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat. Among them they asked the police not to discriminate against victims of sexual harassment. In … Read more