Senator Menia from Trieste presents a bill on Italian: it is the official language, there is no need to teach Friulian in schools

the case The Trieste senator, elected in Liguria, wants to launch his battle in defense of national identity: “There are many places to speak Marilenghe, at home, in cultural associations, I don’t think it’s necessary even in the classroom” Elisa Coloni November 29, 2022Updated at 07:13 2 minute read

The declaration of “emergency” in the Italian “Ischia”.

Casamicola Terme (Agencies) Yesterday, the Italian government declared a state of emergency on the island of Ischia, opposite Naples (south), where heavy rains on Saturday caused a landslide that killed 7 people and left 5 missing, according to the latest toll.The governor of Naples, Claudio Palomba, said: “The death toll from the landslide in Casamicola … Read more

Italian Centauro II wheeled tanks for Brazil

Italian battleship Centauro II defeated in a short selection process American vehicle LAV 700 AG from General Dynamics Land Systems and China’s NORINCO ST1-BR. In the Brazilian army, the Centauro II will replace the 50-year-old EE-9 Cascavel – a 15-ton machine armed with a low-pressure 90mm cannon. The Italians were helped by the earlier massive … Read more

This organic egg brand was among the worst in the Italian test in terms of freshness

A new test conducted by the magazine Il Salvagente examined 22 brands of fresh eggs sold in supermarkets, including some organic products. Just one of them, Naturelle Bio, subjected to the water test, presented a “non-optimal” freshness Let’s start with the good news: all the egg brands sampled by the Lifesaver test come out well, … Read more

Rare car of the 1950s: Ferrari 195 Inter – Italian for intermediates

Rare car from the 1950s Ferrari 195 Inter – Intermediate Italians By Patrick Broich 11/26/2022, 5:09 p.m Collector’s items worth millions of the caliber of a Ferrari 195 Inter are more likely to be found in air-conditioned halls than on the street around the corner. But tracked down a copy north of The Hague … Read more

Bottega Veneta Partners with Italian Artist Gaetano Pesce for Limited Book Release

The Bottega Veneta 2023 Summer Collection show space design is artistically created by Italian architect, artist and designer Gaetano Pesce. The final show space was presented with a sculptural resin floor and 400 chairs titled “Come Stai?” And this week, an exhibition featuring the “Come Stai?” chair will also land in Design Miami. In addition, … Read more

Italian announcer’s test against South Korea – Sports

The announcer of a channel broadcasting the match on Italian television counted the squads before the match between South Korea and Uruguay. In the announcement, which especially drew attention to the defense line of South Korea, all of the names were “Kim” It was an interesting moment. Uruguay and South Korea share their trump cards … Read more

ITA Airways may be partially in the hands of the Italian state railway

The Italian government is investigating new possibilities for the sale of ITA Airways, which could involve Lufthansa and the national railway company Ferrovie dello Stato (FS). The information is from the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. Earlier this month, the government announced that it would reopen negotiations with Lufthansa after inconclusive negotiations with a consortium … Read more

Christian Dior takes over the Italian Art Lab, an expert in leather treatments

The race to buy out Made in Italy know-how continues. This time, it is Christian Dior who has set his sights on a renowned workshop in Santa Croce sull’Arno, a Tuscan tannery district, located between Pisa and Florence. The flagship house of the luxury group LVMH has taken over Art Lab, a company specializing in … Read more

The Italian town of Bresici offers 30,000 dollars as an incentive for those who wish to reside there.. Pictures

The town of Brezze, in the province of Lecce in the Italian region of Puglia, located in southeastern Italy, offers money to anyone who wants to move there and who wants to enjoy warm weather and a Mediterranean climate. According to Sky News, Prezichi is working to persuade visitors to try to welcome diversity and … Read more