The 2021 Fiorever collection: translates the Italian romance of Bvlgari

Rome has always been Bvlgari’s greatest source of inspiration BvlgariToday, the house evokes the charm of the ancient city through the Fiorever collection of fine jewelry, in which flowers are strongly present. 2021 Fiorever collection The new collection takes its name from the words forever, meaning “forever” in English and fiore, meaning “flower” in Italian, … Read more

Roberto Mancini-Antonio Conte Kolab Make Inter Milan Dominate the Italian National Team

TWITTER.COM/VIVO_AZZURRO The Italian national team coach, Roberto Mancini, during a press conference session. BOLASPORT.COM – Combination of trainer work Inter Milan in the past and present, Roberto Mancini and Antonio Conte, create a squad Italian national team currently controlled by the Nerazzurri players. Italian national team announced his newest squad on Thursday (27/8/2020) evening local … Read more

Egypt, lost track of a young Italian: he would have been stopped by the police

GELA – For two days a family from Gela has lost contact with the eldest of the two children, the 27-year-old Calogero Nicolas Valence, who works as a PR in Spain, which, according to what they learned, was stopped Sunday by the Egyptian police for checks at the Cairo airport where he had come from … Read more

Here is an American bond that beats Italian BTPs in yield and security. But pay attention to one particular

Is a Microsoft bond or an Italian BTP safer? The question is not provocative, it is well founded. Especially when an investor has to consider where to go to use his capital. Suppose we have 10 thousand euros and want to invest them over the long term, perhaps at 30 years, in a safe instrument. … Read more

Taxes at 7% for 10 years The European hunt for Italian pensioners starts

Now Greece, which has a similar climate and lifestyle, is starting to push Italian pensioners (but also German ones) to move across the border. They were already tempting Portugal, which has attracted them for years with special tax breaks. But also to Bulgaria, Tunisia, Romania. Now Greece has decided to compete with the others and … Read more

Ineos withdraws riders from Italian championship after positive corona test Basso | Cycling

The battle for the Italian champion jersey will take place tomorrow in Veneto. But that will be without the Italians of Ineos. Leonardo Basso tested negative for the corona virus on Tuesday, but today he took a positive test. “Basso started training this morning with the other Italians of the team, namely Filippo Ganna, Salvatore … Read more

We will return illegal migrants, the Italian minister warned

“The only result of the illegal arrival will be repatriation,” said the minister, who met with Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese with President Qais Said and Prime Minister-designate Hisham Mashi. According to Di Mai, Italy wants to fight illegal migration, among other things, by investing in job creation in Tunisia. Rome will also give Tunisia 11 … Read more

“Inter’s victory is invaluable for the whole of Italian football. It would be Suning’s first victory”

Guest in the Sky Sport studios during the post-match Lyon-Bayern Munich, Paolo Condò expressed his opinion on Inter’s eventual victory in the Europa League. “A victory for an Italian in a European cup, even in the Europa League, would be invaluable for the entire movement. Not only for the ranking but because we attract players. … Read more