Conte’s “silent scene” against the government: «Ready? Yes, but to bring the Italians to their knees» – The video

The former Prime Minister and leader of the 5 Star Movement, Joseph Contecome back to attack hard Giorgia Meloni and his government for the 2023 budget maneuver that has just been launched, which he says is insufficient and unfair. He does it with an original format, reproducing the famous scene from the film on video … Read more

cigarettes, tax on 70 cents. Quota 103 concerns only 45,000 Italians and 1,000 Sardinians

Odds 103 is a bluff. It will affect an audience of just 45 thousand people in Italy, wanting to venture a calculation about a thousand Sardinians. The stakes set by the Meloni government allow for early retirement only to workers aged 62 and with 41 contributions, with a penalty of up to 67 years on … Read more

WC football | Mané, Salah, Haaland, the Italians… The unlucky ones who stay at home would make great lineups

Even the Czech national team did not pass through the qualification net, so Patrik Schick, for example, lost the opportunity to compete for the crown of the top scorer, which he was close to at last year’s EC. The national team was eliminated in the semi-finals of the play-off in Sweden. “It’s a difficult moment. … Read more

The Italians chose the Polish squad for Mexico. Quite abstract Poland’s national team

Czesław Michniewicz said at Friday’s press conference that he knows how we want to play against Mexico, what tactics to use against the rival. He has a vision of the starting lineup, but it’s not final. The Italian “La Gazzetta dello Sport” decided to try to select the starting eleven of the Polish national team. … Read more

Urso, Guerini, Battistini and Molinari among Zelensky’s honors to Italians – World

There are also many Italians among the new honors that Ukrainian President Vlodymyr Zelensky has awarded, with a decree, for the “significant personal contribution to strengthening interstate cooperation, supporting state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, disseminating of the Ukrainian state in the world”. In the long list that includes EU representatives, ministers, mayors, journalists, … Read more

“They think of me and I go abroad”. Tunisia and Portugal increasingly tax havens of Italians

ROMA – It’s not just young people who are leaving Italy for a better future. Among the almost six million registered in Aire, the register of Italians residing abroad, the over 65s have increased by 103.5% since 2006, according to the latest edition of the Report of the Migrantes Foundation. Retirees emigrate for reasons other … Read more

Migrantes report, more and more young Italians abroad: “They don’t feel welcome in their own country”

“It used to be said that over the years Italy has transformed from a country of emigration into a country of immigration: this phrase is not true”. Thus begins the report Italians in the World 2022 promoted by the Foundation migrants which confirms that the number of Italians residing abroad has exceeded that of foreigners … Read more

40% Italians risk a heart attack

The conscious use of salt is more frequent among women (61% versus 50% in men), in older people (reaches 64% among 50-69 years olds compared to 45% among 18-34 years olds), among residents with Italian citizenship (56% compared to 51% among foreigners). Also education plays a role: more educated individuals, especially graduates, pay more attention … Read more

The opponents of the Italians in the Champions League, Europe and the Conference League

Loading player The draws for the first knockout rounds of the European cups took place on Monday at UEFA’s headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland. They started at 12 with those of the Champions League, continued at 13 with the Europa League and at 14 with the Conference League, the third continental cup in its second edition. … Read more