Finland is the happiest country in the world 2023, kindness rises in Ukraine. Italy only 33rd, but rises by 5 places

Finland is the happiest country in the world for the sixth consecutive year. The World Happiness Report, the annual index of the United Nations General Assembly which takes into consideration social support, income, health, freedom, generosity and freedom from corruption in all the countries of the world, did not hold any great surprises. But there … Read more

it is the worst region of Italy

Less and less, but with an increase in annual deaths that far exceeds that of all the other Italian regions. In 2012, 15,887 deaths were recorded in Sardinia in the space of 12 months. Ten years later, in 2022, there were 20,524. The increase is 29.18%. A third more. Percentage to which other territories of … Read more

Not free anymore. Tourists pay to enter the most visited Italian monument

The entrance fee to the originally polytheistic temple dedicated to the ancient Roman gods will not be drastically high. Adults from the age of 26 will pay five euros (120 crowns), visitors under the age of 25 will pay two euros (48 crowns). Children, mass attendees and residents of Rome will continue to have free … Read more

Gas, can Italy do without the Piombino regasification ship?

Among those who dispute the presence of the ship there are those who argue that, instead of bringing a regasifier here, we could consume less gas. From the data, however, it emerges that this year in Italy less has already been consumed. In fact, in 2022, gas consumption in Italy was 10% lower compared to … Read more

Ukraine, training in Italy of 20 soldiers from Kiev with the Samp-T: what we know

WHAT WILL ITALY SEND – Italy, reported the premier Giorgia Meloni on the occasion of his visit to the Ukrainian capitalwill also send shorter range and older AA systems, Skyguard Aspide and Spada. However, the Samp-T remains the spearhead, with its Aster 30 missiles, capable of intercepting the target up to 120 km away and … Read more

Hydrogen cars, 36 stations arrive in Italy – Virgilio Motori

Italy tries to accelerate on the front hydrogenwhat can be considered the fuel of the future: a project is starting in our country that will lead to the expansion of roadside refueling stations. At the moment in Italy, throughout the national territory, there are only two stations intended for hydrogen refueling: a small number also … Read more