Cars, from Europe and Italy doors open to the Chinese. Closer “invasion”

General evidence of invasion of the Chinese car in Europe. Quatti quatti the “big names” of Beijing stretch their tentacles on the Old Continent, strengthened by a paradoxically punitive EU policy against one of its leading industries, thus creating the ideal conditions for Asian manufacturers to sink their roots. Dominators of electricity (they are responsible … Read more

Mario Fiorentini died, he was the most decorated partisan in Italy: he was 103 years old

Giovanni, Dino, Gandi, Fringuello. Three silver medals, three war crosses, the medal for military valor of the city of Rome. He was the most decorated partisan in Italy Mario Fiorentini who died today at the age of 103. The announcement is made byAnpi From Rome. “With great sorrow we inform that a great man, a … Read more

Mario Fiorentini is dead, goodbye to the most decorated partisan in Italy –

from Paolo Conti Mario Fiorentini was 103 years old. He commanded the Patriotic Action Group Antonio Gramsci. The Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri: He leaves us a great example of courage and humanity. And Zingaretti: We are here today, free thanks to people like Mario Farewell to Mario Fiorentini, who died at 103, after a … Read more

Salvini says that if the center-right wins, we will have nuclear power plants in Italy in 7 years

Political elections of 2022 in Italy Nuclear energy is one of the points of the center-right program for the elections on 25 September. Salvini: “Italy is the only one of the great countries in the world that says No to nuclear power for ideology, not for science”. Turn on notifications to receive updates on Political … Read more

Mario Fiorentini, the most decorated partisan in Italy, died – Chronicle

Mario Fiorentini, the most decorated partisan in Italy, died at the age of 103. The announcement was made by the Anpi of Rome. “With great sorrow – he writes – we inform you that a great man, a great friend, a great example left us. Mario Fiorentini, the most decorated partisan in Italy, the great … Read more

When traditional pizza wins its fight over industrial pizza: Domino’s Pizza leaves Italy

The American chain Domino’s Pizza is withdrawing from Italy after seven years of presence in the country, the financial news agency Bloomberg announced on Tuesday. Pizza country doesn’t seem to appreciate the American version of the recipe any more than that. Domino’s Pizza originally aimed to open up to 880 points of sale in Italy … Read more

She passed out on the stairs and woke up downstairs. Seeman is not a model patient

The swimmer Barbora Seemanová, who cannot defend the European title in the 200-meter freestyle in Rome, returned to the pool after Lyme disease. After taking antibiotics, she successfully passed health tests, but trainer Petra Škábová urges her to be careful. It was the lack of rest and recovery after sixth place at the Olympic Games … Read more

Vietnamese Media Praise Indonesia To Be Comparable With Italy, Spain and Germany » Next Sport

NEXTSPOR.ID – Vietnamese media Praise Indonesia can be comparable to Italy, Spain and Germany. Vietnamese media, Soha Vn praised Garuda Muda after being able to beat Vietnam U-16, which had been left behind in the first half. Behind 0:1 in the second round, the Indonesian national team was able to beat Vietnam 2: 1. “Indonesia … Read more

the Nina phenomenon returns, there are bad news! Autumn turned upside down since September in Italy »

Weather: the Nina phenomenon is back, there are bad news! Autumn turned upside down since September in Italy The NINA phenomenon could upset the autumn Eyes on climatic anomalies in progress on the Pacific Oceanwhich suggest the imminent arrival of the Niña. But what is it about?We take stock of the situation by highlighting how … Read more