Italy almost all orange, the changes start from Monday 12 April

Italy returns to predominantly orange, there will be only four regions that will remain in the red zone. The ordinance of the Minister of Health Speranza will come into force on Monday 12 April. Sardinia returns to the red zone and joins Campania, Valle d’Aosta and Puglia. They pass in the orange zone Emilia Romagna, … Read more

Why Draghi wants to cooperate with Erdogan even though he considers him a “dictator”

The words spoken by Mario Draghi towards the Turkish president Recep Erdogan created a diplomatic incident: in response to a question about the so-called “sofagate”, the Italian premier defined the leader of Ankara “a dictator”. But he also added, and the political debate has focused little on this, that “we must cooperate” with Erdogan. As … Read more

Corona in Italy – – Vaccinated the wrong people

– I can say that they have vaccinated the wrong people. They have vaccinated me. That’s what 37-year-old Mateo Villa, a researcher at the Italian Institute for International Political Studies, says The Washington Post. He is among those who are now sounding the alarm about the Italian vaccine program. The researcher estimates that the vaccination … Read more

Alarms in Italy: – Wrong people have been vaccinated

Italy’s first covid-19 patient was registered on 21 February 2020 in a small town near Milan. Shortly afterwards, the country was one of the hardest hit in Europe. The Italian health service was on the verge of collapse and seriously ill corona patients flooded into the hospitals. As the summer came, the pressure of infection … Read more

“What will happen to the Brothers of Italy” – Libero Quotidiano

Giorgia Meloni it’s not that different from Gianfranco Fini as well as Brothers of Italy it is not since National alliance. He is convinced of it Luigi Curini, political scientist at the University of Milan and visiting professor at the Waseda University School of Political Sciences in Tokyo, who in an interview with Italy today, … Read more

Marò: India Court, the case closes with compensation of 1 million – Asia

The case of the two marines, Salvatore Girone and Massimiliano Latorre, is also about to close before the Indian Supreme Court, after the final decision of international arbitration last July. According to Asia news, the High Court has ruled that the dossier will be closed when the Italian state has paid 100 million rupees (about … Read more

Draghi accelerates on reopening: here is the strategy to restart Italy

Rome, April 9, 2021 – There is no date, but there is a project. Mario Draghi in yesterday’s press conference he said clearly that more than the supports, the goal is to restart Italy as soon as possible Covid. It obviously means reopenings, always where the data (read infections and vaccination progress) allow it. Perhaps … Read more

Covid, new cases drop in Italy but Sicily and Sardinia are exceptions

The Gimbe Foundation monitoring: the increase exceeds 50%. “A reduction in new cases (-11.1%) overestimated by the collapse of the people tested.” This is what the monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation records in the week of March 31-April 6. Furthermore, according to the report, “deaths, currently positive cases and people in home isolation are slightly … Read more

Beach holidays in Italy and a few trips abroad: this is where we will go this summer

After months of restrictions, thanks to vaccines, you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel for travelers. Waiting for the green light at digital certificate for those who are immune to Covid, according to a research by, despite knowing that the pandemic is not over yet, seven out of ten … Read more